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A Masturbator in his Window

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Smile A Masturbator in his Window

I was doing an inspection of the basement of an unoccupied building on a hillside. There were houses very near with wide picture windows to view the city, and I looked up as a man entered his flat and stood by the window for a bit, before disappearing.

When he returned, he was totally naked, and masturbating. He stood in front of the window jerking off, like it was his daily routine. I immediately crouched down and hid, watching him gleefully wank his cock. The view was clear--his hairy chest, good sized member--it was a full, unobstructed view that only I, from my abandoned location, could have enjoyed.

I was too nervous and surprised to be aroused, but when I got home I masturbated twice thinking about him. The next day I returned at about the same time, made a comfortable spot, and stroked myself gently as I waited.... Sure enough, he came home, stripped--this time in front of the window--and jacked off for about fifteen minutes. I was right there jacking with him, and had a major orgasm as soon as he left the window.

I went back a couple of times more, but didn't see him. The memory has stayed with me, and I've often masturbated thinking of his glorious cock, stiff in his hand, in masturbatory abandonment!
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I'd love to seen that. I love the thought of bein seen. Once when I was about 12 I came home early and I heard the tv playing in my stepbrothers room. It sounded like a dirty movie and I one if I went in there he'd me mad. I went outside and was gonna look in his window and noticed two of his friends bikes on the patio. So I snuck around the side of the house in the bushes. I slowly raised up and peeked. I was floored by what I saw! On the tv was one of our parents porno movies! I knew it was theirs because we'd snuck it out before. What really was surprising tho was my stepbrother
On his bed with his pants around his ankles stroking himself and his two friends side by side on the couch doing the same! I just couldn't stop watching them, the tv too. My little dick started to rise. I knew id be in trouble if I got caught so I went back to my room to listen. My brother must have heard the door because before I knew it the tv had been shut off nd he was at my door breathless asking why I was home so early. I couldn't help but notice his pulsing hard on thru his jeans. "what'd u see?"
Nothin I told him." I just heard the tv and didn't wanna bother u so I was comin to my room" I could see his buddies tryin to hide their bulges. "I know what u were watching, its ok, I won't tell."
He walked back to the room and I heard him talking to them.
His friend Chris told me to come in there.
"you've gotta watch with us so if you do te you're tellin on yourself too. " he stood up and made me sit down. He pushed play and the redhead with the huge tits came back on. "what do u think Donnie?" Chris asked. "I think they're nice, bust why is she sucking on their weiners?"
"it feels good I bet."
I felt my lil guy twitch as the started unzipping. I'd only seen dicks hard a few times, my brother's when we had watched this before, dads a few times when I died or walked in on him and mom, and the 18 year old babysitter when he was in the living room once and he thought we were asleep. I was amazed by theirs. So big I couldn't help but stare. I looked away and watched the busty redhead bent over getting plowed from behind and moaning on the other bog dick. "take off your pants" Chris said. I did as I was told and I started massaging myself, the movie and them stroking was gettin. Me horny. Before long I was hard and gasping. Before long I heard my brother moan and saw him cum all over his chest and stomach. About 5 seconds later Chris and the other guy were too and then my toes curled and I came amazingly hard. Awkward feeing as I got up and left. That ended up happenin a few more times.
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