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A Masturbator in his Window

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Smile A Masturbator in his Window

I was doing an inspection of the basement of an unoccupied building on a hillside. There were houses very near with wide picture windows to view the city, and I looked up as a man entered his flat and stood by the window for a bit, before disappearing.

When he returned, he was totally naked, and masturbating. He stood in front of the window jerking off, like it was his daily routine. I immediately crouched down and hid, watching him gleefully wank his cock. The view was clear--his hairy chest, good sized member--it was a full, unobstructed view that only I, from my abandoned location, could have enjoyed.

I was too nervous and surprised to be aroused, but when I got home I masturbated twice thinking about him. The next day I returned at about the same time, made a comfortable spot, and stroked myself gently as I waited.... Sure enough, he came home, stripped--this time in front of the window--and jacked off for about fifteen minutes. I was right there jacking with him, and had a major orgasm as soon as he left the window.

I went back a couple of times more, but didn't see him. The memory has stayed with me, and I've often masturbated thinking of his glorious cock, stiff in his hand, in masturbatory abandonment!
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