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my first threesome/the day I lost my virginity

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Hi, I'm new here
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Default my first threesome/the day I lost my virginity

Well , this story started out as me being a lonely bloke. Chubby, inexperienced and unpopular. My age, irrelevant. But I was not under-age.

Well , whilst browsing the internet I found a site for discreet people to meet and fuck. I inboxed one of the only women near me. Turned out she was married, and they were swingers.
We arranged a "meating" and one night, after a few beers I met with them.

Her husband, a large silent man. This woman, for stories sake we'll call her Jane. This woman was short, I am 1.75 metres in length. Anyway, she had a sweet body. Pale white skin, dark highlighted blonde hair, gorgeous green piercing eyes.

Eventually we all stopped at an abandoned field, not I was a virgin. I'd not so much as touched a woman in my life. So I thought that it would be 1-on-1 , Jane and myself. Later that night, after a few more beers things got intimate. Jane came over to me, standing with her back to me, grinding up and down against me. My cock slowly hardened, my cock-head hardened . She worked gently, dominated me completely.

She pushed me to the floor, where there was a soft blanket. We kissed, she removed her hooded jersey to expose her soft, perky tits. her dark brown orioles poked at my lips. I slipped one nipple into my mouth, sucking gently on it whilst grinding it between my teeth ever so softly. My hand found her ass as I fondled it, she was dry-humping me hard. This went on for a good 10 minutes, I could feel my cum through my jeans, it made her stomach so slippery.

Eventually I rolled her over, removing her short black skirt to reveal her bare, smooth pussy. Her lips so swollen, her wetness leaking from within. I removed my jeans, now I'm not the biggest guy in length; probably about 5 inches. But right now, erect it was about 5.5 inches. Hard, my cock-head shining from the pre-cum .

I laid her down on the blanket, my kisses lowering to her stomach. Sucking gently on her plump flesh, I lowered, still to her pussy. My lips entered her , feeling her hard clit on my lips. Her wetness filling my mouth. My cock was so hard, my balls felt like they were going to explode. I got up, rubbing my cock on her lips , rubbing her clit. Her body writhed wildly.

I gently entered her pussy, she was warm, wet. I thrusted slowly into her. She however forced me to slam into her, she was loose, my cock barely fit into her.

With every thrust though, she screamed wildly. I compensated for my size with toying at her clit, sucking her soft tits and placing my free hand in her ass. I slipped a finger into it every chance I got.

Eventually, I looked back and saw her husband standing behind me. His cock in his hand, I noticed some cum on my feet and noticed he had been jerking off against my knowledge. I again turned to her face, in dismay of her husband pleasuring himself behind me. I thrust hard and deeply into her, my cock starting to throb. I knew I was close to orgasm.

I was nearer to my orgasm now, when I felt wetness on my ass. I felt something quickly enter my tight virgin ass. It was his firm fingers, her husband was penetrating and probing me whilst I fucked his gorgeous wife!

This feeling pushed me over the edge, I creamed into her sweet pussy, got up and splattered the remained of my cum all over her face, turned around and brought her husband to orgasm by sucking his cock. He nutted in my mouth, I swallowed it.

This was my first threesome, and the day I lost my virginity. I am rock hard as I think back to this. I never saw these people again.

P.S - this is my first story, EVER. So please comment. Good or bad feedback, I can handle criticism.
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I think its really fuckin hot how you didn't know he was there. I really love how you finished him off! Such a pro for your first time! I wonder if you've experimented any more since then?
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It is so hot sucking cock as u are fucking pussy.
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