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Naughty Nurse

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Default Naughty Nurse

Went to Visit my grandmother in the hospital a few weeks ago. She went in for a procedure and was resting when I stopped in.

I immediately met a nice nurse named Rebecca who was 23, 5'2 and about 130 pounds. She had Brown hair and blue eyes. She introduced herself to me and said my grandmother was doing well but would be out for a while

After my visit, I stopped at a friends house and decided I would stay in town for the night.....I'm in the Army, but stationed close to home.
I went out to the local bar and I immediately hi noticed Rebecca was there...she smiled at me and i ordered a drink.

I notice Rebecca smiling at me again and she eventually sat next to me. She told me She had just broke up with her boy friend and was just hanging out. She introduced her other friends to me, but quickly told me they were leaving for the night.

I asked Rebecca is she wanted a beer and she said I"I rather suck your cock" and then smiled at me. I put my e drink down , paid the tab and told Rebecca lets go".

We decided to use ye house and the drive was very short. We entered the house and she immediately said "lets head up stairs". I went up stairs and as we entered the room, I grabbed her large tits from behind and felt her bra....and her nipples were hard as rocks.

We started kissing and we slowly moved on the bed....making out and Rebecca was grinding real hard on my crotch. I was pissed hard and ready to go. Rebecca asked me if I was ready and I said yes. we both undressed as we layed on our backs...she was moving real fast and she jumped on top of me and slowly placed my cock inside her pussy....bareback

We started fucking hard and i grabbed her large tits and sucked on them....she moaned a lot.

We rolled over on to missionary and her pussy felt so good....she then started moaning and saying"fuck me" as I slammed my hard dick into her. Rebecca then asked if i would cum on her stomach and i said yes....I'm not going to lie, I was cumming a lot faster than I usually do on a first date.

I think because I didn't jerk off before I went out, but when I pulled out....I blew my load all over her chest and I grunted I heard Rebecca yell "God damn". I then rubbed my cock on her clit as she layed back with her arms streched back against the head board. Rebecca said "that was a big load" and all I could o was smile and say "sorry". Rebecca then laughed and said "I never got to suck ur cock" and i said "maybe next time".
Rebecca then grabbed me by the back of my head and asked me to stay the night....which of course I said yes.

Rebecca did give me a blow job about an hour later....but to be honest,she wasn't good at it. I haven't seen her since
My grandmother left the hospital a few days later so I didn't need to see Rebecca anymore.
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