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my dick sucking jack pot

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Hi, I'm new here
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Smile my dick sucking jack pot

I was at a stag party and we were whatcing porn there were 23 of us guys we were drinking and getting rule horny.One guy said i wish i could get blowjob ,since i'm bi and horny myself i offerd to suck him off.At 1st he was a little shy. i went and sat next to him and took his cock out of his pants \.It was huge i started to jerk him off,he got hard right away he was huge 11 inches. My eyes got got big.I got on my knees and grabed hold of his huge throbing dick and started suckig the big head he moaned i started down the shaft i got half of it in my mouth then i opened my throat and took it all the way down my throat um my dick got har. i pulled back a little and started rubinf his balls and jerking it and sucking at the same time.he moaned and said he was going to cum i sucked haeder and faster he then new i wanted his cum and he started to cum it was hot and sweet he stated shooting load after load i could barly keep up swallowing he shot 10 maybe 15 times it must have been a pint i'm not kidding i luved evry drop.he said it was the best bj he ever had he had'nt jacked off for 2 weeks thats wy he had so much cum.then another guy sat in front of me and pulled out his dick and i sucked him off more good cum.than one after the other isucked off all 23 trhee guyes most off them 2 or 3 times i must have eat a gallen of cum um i was actualy full of cum i went home and regergated it in a bowl eat again injoying it again. My best neght ever i would like to do it again sometime but with more guys!
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hahahah good luck!!!
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I'd love to suck off twenty guys.....
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