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San Diego with my Bi Roommate

Lesbian / Bi / Curiosity / Gay Sex Stories

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Smile San Diego with my Bi Roommate

This hapend a long time ago when my Roommate and i shared a place in San Diego in the Navy , We were both BI and had lady friends over sometimes for some naked fun in our apt usualy drinking and verry drunk
It was my first truely Gay Bi with a friend , We suckd one another and fuckd one another some nights and had a great time ..Had to be carefull as we were in the Navy when that was Taboo , We were alwayse thinking our neighbors suspected we were having sex together..But kept it quiet
We took several trips to Tijuana together and would get a nice Hotell rm. There realy are a few down there ..But we thaught it was great fun to get a young girl and get her Naked and hot to fuck and then go down on one another in front of her ..It was funny to see there reactions , never thinking we were gay and geting the surprise of there night , we usualy ended up fucking her though ..So she wasnt totaly left out of our partying .
We actualy had a Navy Girl we took out on several ocasions , She knew about us , and we had great nights together fucking her and one another ..
I still see my Old roommate but hes a long way away and we seldome have any contact Hes maried with family But we talk sometimes and He tells me he still has several Friends and the family has no idea about ...
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