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Naked sex in a field

Flashing / Public Nudity / Exhibitionism Stories

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Default Naked sex in a field

My husband and i love to fuck outdoors and as the weather was good yesterday we headed off for some fun.

I never ever wear a bra or underwear and yesterday all i had on was a button fronted short summer dress. We took our bikes to a country park and headed off. It was exciting to know that we were enjoying the weather, the countryside and the cycling but both knowing that our ultimate goal was to find somewhere to stop and fuck in the sunshine

As I had nothing on underneath my dress and the dress was short it kept flapping open at the bottom as we rode along giving my husband a quick flash of my smooth pierced cunt as my legs went up and down on the pedals

After about 15 mins or so of cycling along tracks where there were lots of people we came to a large open meadow with the track running through the middle and the grass just under knee high. We walked our bikes now and I unbuttoned my dress completely to feel the sun on my skin and to let my husband see my naked body and my firm little tits jiggling along as we walked along

We went off the track about 50 yards or so into the grass and laid the bikes down. I shrugged the dress off my shoulders and stood naked before putting the dress on the grass and lying on it. We were in a natural bowl with a low rise all around us and paths leading off in many directions

Mike unfastened my sandals and took them off and all i could see as i looked up was the lovely blue sky and his smiling face as he looked at me

He knelt down between my legs and started to stroke my feet, moving up towards my cunt, my belly and my tits. I didnt want any foreplay just his prick inside me. He pulled his T shirt over his head and took off his shorts. He was commando so as the shorts came down his prick sprang up into view

He knelt down again between my legs and keeping an eye out for anyone coming along the path raised them up so that he could enter me. We fucked like this for a while, talking, enjoying the warmth on our skin and being naked outdoors before changing positions so that he was on his back and i was straddling him before sinking down on his prick to get it all inside me

When we go on holiday we go the south of france and fuck on the beach every day with people watching us and this position of me on top if Mike's favourite, he can look at me moving and he knows that lots of other people on the beach are looking at me too

As I sank down on Mike's hard prick i started to come and had several orgasms back to back as i rode up and down. If you have read any of my other threads you will know how multi orgasmic i am

It was very exciting to be fucking like this in the sunshine knowing that we were both totally naked but also knowing although I was keeping an eye out for walkers or cyclists coming along the path we had been on anyone higher up on the rise could see us through the bushes and we wouldnt be able to see them

We fucked like this for about 15 minutes, me sitting on top having regular and intense orgasms and Mike feeling every one of them before he suggested taking it up a notch or two and fucking me from behind

I love this position so got off moved onto my hands and knees with my face down and my bum up in the air

Mike knelt up and pushed his prick deep inside me, instant orgasm for me, before starting to fuck me,

He was holding on to my hips the meadow was wide and open and we both knew that this was a very public fuck but the excitement was fantastic. He fucked me like this for some time with me coming and coming over and over before telling me he was going to come. I said i wanted him to come in me so he fucked me harder and I could feel him squirt as he came inside me

We relaxed in the sun for a while before putting our clothes on which for me was to put my dress on and fasten a few of the buttons. As we walked and cycled along our combined juices were running down my leg as a reminder of such a fabulous fuck outdoors. We are definitely going back there!!
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