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My girlfriends mother

Mature Women / Cougars / MILF Stories (Written By MEN)

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Exclamation My girlfriends mother

My girlfriend’s mother

I had been going with my girlfriend for over a year and when we meet she was horny and hell. It was on her 16th birthday when I meet her in a shop buying an ice-cream. I was about 10.00 am and Judy came up to me and said it was her birthday to-day and wanted before the day finish to have a memorable day. She asked me where did I live and I said I am renting a flat at a back of a house by my self. Straight away Judy said she wanted to look at my flat.

As we enter she gave me a massive kiss as I only meet her thirty minuets before I was surprised that this girl was so straight forward. She said had I ever fucked and as I was a virgin I told her so and she replied so am I. She said I want you to fuck me before my party this afternoon as al my girlfriends at school have been fuck many times and they say that I a prude and the girls bet that I could not get laid before my birthday. So you must fuck me.

I had never done this before so we both striped off and she said that some of the girls said they sucked a boy’s cock to make it hard before they would sit on him so he could fuck them. So let try. She made me so hard and asked me to play with her. I finger her and as she sucking she was regaling her pussy and was leaking juice from her pussy. As I was getting excited I broke her hymen as blood leaked on my fingers. As I was know entering her pussy and it was making her more excited. Judy then got on top of me and directing my cock into want I had broken, sitting on me and I could see the pain on her face until she had in inside of her. To me it felt good and she said thanks as she hesitated excepting my cock into her. As the pain went away she started to move up and down as she closed her eyes with pleasure.

I asked had did she know what to do and she said was watch one off her girlfriends fuck her boyfriends and after she told me she had his load up inside of her she asked if I want her boyfriend to fuck me and I said no so she called me a chicken. That’s why I had to be fucked before my party so I can tell her that I not a virgin any more.

It was after noon when we finish and she told me the party was at two and did I want to come.

We arrived and she introduced me as her boyfriend and had been going with me for six months but never told any body. This ruff type of girl came up to as and said I bet you have fuck goody too shoes yet. I held Judy arm and said I been fucking her for month and I bet she fuck better that you can. Judy turns to me and gave me a French kiss and whisper thanks that put her in her place. From that time on we were as one.

I was visiting her place just over twelve month as I had done many times but this time she was sick in bed. Her mother had idea’s that we where having sex and till now never said anything until this day. Over the time Judy had made me a horny cock. Judy was horny any time and any how. It was never hallow how are you It was where can I get a fuck.

Judy was lying under the bedclothes and I was lying on top but could not help my self as I had a stiff bulging under my jeans. In walk Judy mother as was stunning even after having eight kids. She had had two before she married when she was eighteen. The first was Judy when she was sixteen and the second was seventeen and after that she popped one out about ever eighteen month until her had her tube tired at thirty.

Know she thirty-three she got two beautiful tits like her daughter and a body like a teenager. As she walk in asking how her daughter was and then looked at me and said I see you uncomfortable you need to relive it as she looked down at my cock. Judy mother started to undo my belt and said to her daughter we can’t have that unused cock and as your to sick to enjoy looks like I’ll have to help. My girlfriend took a big breath and said do what you can mum. By now with my belt loosen Molly (that’s my girlfriend mother name) was unzipping my jeans and moving my undies. Molly did not waste time as she dived on my eight inch stiff cock. To me it’s like she had been starved of cocks for years. I thought Judy was good but her mother was sensational. As she deep-throated I could feel my cock riding the length of her windpipe as I was holding and squeezing my girlfriend hand and kissing her as her mother was feed her desires on my cock. With my other hand I started grope under the mother’s dress and as I did she was opening her legs so I could feel her sloppy wed cunt. There was no resistance as my fingers enter her cunt. I said to my girlfriend your mother cunt is dripping wed and she said thank you for pleasing her.

I call out I’m going to blow and Molly head went faster and deeper as she was getting excited in what she about to received. Next thing Judy younger sister walk in as she watch her mother was at the peak of her sexually experience and said it my turn next as she watch her mother take all my sperm down her throat not spilling a drop. Judy young sister Jill was fifteen and half and she was well educated in sex. With sperm running from her mouth Molly kissed me then kissed her daughter and said thanking I wanted that since you meet him.

As Molly was kissing us Jill was down sucking on my limp cock trying to bring it to life.

What a seen mother, daughter, and sister all are having fun with my body as Judy was working to get me stiff again. It was a good fifteen minuets when my body was ready for the next episode. “O” shit said Jill Christ it fucking big I doubt that my cunt will not fit in. Molly said you can have it another day as Molly was in front of her daughters was dropping her nickers and taking off her dress. For a joke and as the atmosphere was electrifying with sex I said to Molly your tits need to be sucked. Jill had already to unbutton her mother bar and as she did she exposed a naked body as her tits blossomed as they where large but was hard of sexual desirers. Leaning over the bed and saying would you like to suck them like you was a baby to her daughter. So there we were Judy sucking on one and I was sucking on the other.

Young Jill was fingering her mother cunt until she was fisting her mother and Molly was enjoying it unbelievable twisting her buttocks and accepting Jill small fist pumping her cunt.

This when on for another ten munities until Molly was orgasming continuously as her Jill was working mum up to make her body quiver. I want you to fuck me Max (that was my name) I need that cock in me. As I climbed off the bed my girlfriend said fuck hell out of her for me. “O” Yes am going to get him to fuck hell out of me said her mother.

As I was pulling Jill fist out of her mother cunt I bent her over the bed so she could kiss her daughter while I was fuck the mother. As I slipped my cock in to Molly she was so wet and large I had not feeling and I told her so then she replied I want you to fuck my ass it nice and tight it’s waiting for you.

I did not hesitate and she was right it was heaven as this was the first ass I had ever fuck tight and the mussels in her ass was working to hold me in. Molly certainly knows how to please a cock. As I was in as far as I could penetrate my eight inch in her bowls’ Jill the young sister was working my balls and she had two fingers in my ass that was making me excited.

Jill was calling out fuck her fuck my mother ass, as she was trying to fit more fingers up my ass.
I was so high; I thought my body was going to explode when Jill move her fingers that was playing with my balls and deposit her fist up in her mother cunt once more as this is when I could feel her fist thought the wall membranes’ rubbing my cock. Her mother was screaming with pleasure as I deposited my load deep in side of her ass.

I stayed in her ass as Molly were pulsating her mussels making me feel unbelievable. I just wanted to stay in this forever. I could feel Jill pumping her fist in and out of her mother cunt. My body was being shaking with this new feeling.

With Jill fisting madly and Molly body pulsating I was again coming alive for the third time as Molly was calling out thank you my ass is at your pleasure at any time Max.

Yes I stayed in her ass and once again was pumping my cock in and out.

It was a good half hour later I pulled out and as soon as I did Jill was sucking it. Asking when am I going to get fucked her mother said you could not handle a cock this big. Jill replied I been having cocks up cunt and ass since I’ve been thirteen and I know I can handle this one.

Molly asked how many Jill replied about 100 and your friend that come in when dads out on Saturday he fucks me as well. Yes mum I know he is 40 but I love him after he fucks you he tells me.

Remember when the bikes pick me up for steeling some of there items and was not harmed because I let them all fuck me.

Kissing my girlfriend when we finish I understand that the whole family fucks who they like.

After that day thing changed and Judy wanted to find other cock to fuck her but I was free to fuck her mother any time and her younger sister. Before I left the area I fucked two more of her sister as young as ten and I was not the first. Once I could Jill a dog and the knot was stuck up her when I walk in on her.

I left the area and got married to a church girl but later I found out her fantasies was to be a lesbian.
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