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My first Time

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Hi, I'm new here
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Unhappy My first Time

I had always been bi curious and was traveling on business in February (2013). I had traveled all day had had just came back to my hotel after having dinner and a few drinks and was horny so I decide to post a note on Craigslist for a guy. Well to my surprise I got a response immediately and exchanged a few emails. The next thing I know is that I met him at the door and we walked quietly to my room. When we entered the room he asked to take a shower, walked in the bathroom and closed the door. I went in stripped and sat on the couch waiting for him. After about 15 minutes he came out and was I surprised he had long black hair, was about 40 with an athletic build. He was wearing red nylons, heels and lace panties. He asked what I thought as he looked at my now growing cock. I'm 5"8" 220# with a 7" cut cock. I got p went over to him and dropped to me knees and started rubbing his cock through his panties and felt him starting to grow after a few minutes I removed his panties to find a 8" very thick uncut hard cock. He then grabbed my hands and lead me to the bed where he laid down on his back spread his legs and told me to do what ever I wanted to him. So I got between his legs laying on my stomach and began rubbing his cock and balls he was obviously enjoying this as he began to moan and move his small hard ass around. I than began to lick his cock from his head to his balls taking them into my mouth. The more I did to him the hotter and harder I was getting. Finally I took him into my mouth and slowly began sucking him and taking him deeper into my mouth as my head went up and down on him. To my surprise I was very relaxed and was enjoying the pleasure I was giving him, I stopped for a minute and looked up at him asking if he liked this and I was surprised that he said it was the best he has had in a very long time. This really surprised me because this was the first cock I've ever suck. I really enjoy getting blow jobs from the woman I've had and what I liked. I then went back down on him again slowly taking him deeper with each stroke of my head until I had him in my throat and wow not gagging!! After a few more minutes he stopped me and told me to change spots with him and he began to suck my hard thick cock and rubbing my balls. Then he took his finger and slowly entered me finger fucking me while he sucking my cock, I was just about to cum when he stopped changed positions to 69 and we both began suck each other again. As I took him into my throat with each stroke he began to moan, stopped sucking me and told me he was about to cum. I could feel his cock getting harder and bigger and then I was surprised. As I had him deep in my mouth he began to shoot his load into my throat squirt after squirt. It was warm salty and thick I was drinking it and loving every drop of it and was able to take all of it without loosing any. Just after my last swallow I shot my load into his mouth and he swallowed it all and then milked my cock for more. We then laid side by side for a while talking. I was surprised it was his first time to and was a cross dresser. We then began to rub and stroke each others dicks again until we were each hard again. We continued jerking each other off until we got close to cumming again then I stopped and watched he work on me until I shot another load all over his hand and my stomach which he cleaned up with his tongue then I returned the favor. We laughed told each other that this was a great night and kissed for the first time. He then got dressed and left. I laid there on my bed replaying the night and again got aroused and jerked off and feel asleep.

I can't wait for another encounter like this and wish I had his name and address!
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