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Nude Massage

CFNM Stories (Clothed Female Naked Male)

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Default Nude Massage

Reading Welsh-Dragon's story about his Thai oil massage reminded me of my last massage. It was about five years ago and was a birthday gift from my wife. While she was receiving a chiropractic treatment I was given a thirty minute massage. The massage therapist told me to strip to a point that I am comfortable. I told her that I am not modest and I didn't want to go too far for her comfort to which she replied that it would be OK with her if I was naked. She left me alone, seems like people think that if you strip you are more comfy doing it in private even though you are going to be seen naked anyways, and came back a few minutes later asking whether I was ready for her which I was.

She came back in and I was laying face down on the table as per her instructions. She started at my shoulders and worked her way down my back including my ass cheeks and thighs. Working on my thighs, I kept wondering whether she was going to make any contact with my ball sac but she didn't. Unlike Welsh-Dragon's massage, she didn't have me roll over onto my back to do any part of my frontside. I also never got hard. Being on my stomach with my dick underneath between my thighs and pointed towards my feet would have been very physically uncomfortable if it had gotten hard.

When the thirty minutes was up she told me to go ahead and get dressed for which she stayed in the room as she was putting her oils and stuff back so she did get a look at my stuff. Sorry all, still no hard-on as it was a very professional setting, kinda like a doctor's office.

Now I've been given massages by both men and women in the privacy of one of our homes in which I've been massaged both front and back and at those times gotten hard as they were meant to do that. Granted they don't fall under CFNM so I won't cover them here.
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