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Default watching mom

My sister and I both watched mom Masturbate and we masturbated with her. This was normal for us. When it came time for us to leave moms nest we swore to remain eachothers source of that xtra spice we knew we might need at times. She is married and I was married for a long time. True to our words we have shared tales, ideas for sexual situations and gave advice often. We meet from time to time and make use of every minuite.
As for her marriage and the naughty things she does to get off I won't tel. l I hope to get her to post some details on her own.
As for me I married a girl I thought might really find her nasty side, I was sure she was a potential super fuck. She dressed for me in such a hot manner with an innocence about her. She also mentioned watching porn with her brother and sister on some weekends. Perfect I thought.....
It wasn't long before I realized she had no adventure. She worried. About her friends coming around and wanting my dick , that she at first bragged about.
The sex was all me on top for a long time. No porn... no dirty talk. We had kids during this time and I was not gonna quit
At this time sis hadn't yet married and was wondering why I wasn't the brother she knew. She gave me some ideas and I began working on her. I managed to inject some porn and I started feeling her out for a possible fantasy. No matter the fantasy I would run with it. I suggested some girl on girl action..... nope. Some masturbating possibly ...... not for her. An encounter with a stranger. Nope. Then one night a video of two guys in a woman seemed to excite her. For 6 months or so we found videos a real enjoyment. Late one night she asked me to tell her how I might make her fantasy come true.
I had some ideas that made her hotter than ever but they weren't very likely to happen. Over the next few months she began to wear very short night shirts during the day with out her panties. WOW.....SUDDENLY SHE WAS SHOWING HER MOM BODY IN A WAY I HADN'T NOTICED BEFORE.
She began asking me when I was gonna find her a willing boy and bring him home. I began to insert real people into her fantasies. She was curious weather she could turn on one of them and had me invite him over. She found she had an ability to make him hard and was very turned on by it. She wasn't into any of them enough to do it but it made her fuck me more and more.
I came in one evening and she was sleeping on the couch with her ass exposed. When she woke she asked me if this boy we knew was still there since he was ther when she fell asleep. Immediately I. Flashed to my life at home and realized she probably spread herself out for the boy just like mom would for me. I was so turned on I didn't mind a bit. And this boy seemed to hang out for a few weeks when I was gone. I phoned my sister and she wanted to visit us but couldn't.
Over the next few years she became a mom that could Fuck. She still wanted a 3 some but wanted specific qualities. She didn't want a long cock like mine.....she wanted thick. She wanted a long toungue and a large load of cum with every climax. Oh and she will let me know when she sees him.
It was some time and id quit looking since she didn't seem as interested as she once was. I had this guy working for me for a while but he was a loner of sorts and she never met him. He came to my house for work one sat morning and I hired him for the following few days. He left and immediately she wanted to know how long I knew him. she asked if id let him work at the house one day so she could meet him. On wensday around noon she called me and informed me she thought he was our man.
She asked if he liked a mommy type? I don't know I said. Its up to her to see. By the time I got home she was sure it was him.
He was soon at our house constantly. And when the kids were gone she was keeping him entertained with her panties no where to be found.
After work one night we all had drinks and she was teasing him and he was trying hard to hide it from me. He left that evening and she proposed a time. She had a plan already. She didn't want me to ask if he wants a 3 way. I was puzzled. She said in two week there's a four day weekend and she has the kids going to her moms. She already asked him ( nick ) to hang with us and get tore up. Awesome I said. Well......she replied. what if I told you I don't want a 3 way , but I want to fuck you both all weekend? Huh? I said. Well I'm not sure nick is gonna just want to have a 3 way. But I know if I start slow I can get him to keep fucking me and I can fuck you too. Over and over.that's my fantasy baby........... well. If I'm in the room or next room I think that's pretty hot.
The night arrived and we drank.....I didn't drink much but was to act drunk. We got into the pool for a bit and our shorts were wet. Her idea.... she sent me for shorts for nick. Of coarse she picked cotton easy access for her pleasure. At this point she said I looked wasted and should lay on our bed. I went in and she followed soon after. Showered and put on a short slinky cight shirt and panties. She wbispered to me. Take off my panties so I know your good. I slipped them off and out she went. ( cont)
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