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My First Swinging With A White Couple

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Hi, I'm new here
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Default My First Swinging With A White Couple

I was a bored young, single black man with nothing to do on a Saturday but go to an adult theater for the fun of it. I saw something on the magazine wall that caught my eye. A sign read "SWINGERS", what was a swinger? I picked up one and payed for it. I got to the car and headed home to read it and do some research on the subject. The cover had two men and one woman having sex in a bedroom. They were not porn stars but ordinary looking amateurs. I couldn't believe that there were married couples looking for single men and other couples to join them for sex. They wanted to swap partners. I decided to put myself in an add in the magazine and wait to see if anyone answered it. There were alot of people in it in my state but none in my city or towns near me. A week later, I go to my post office box and find a letter from a city on the other side of the state. This is the letter:
"Dear Cleel, we are your average couple who have been in the lifestyle for a few years. We are both white and we are looking for new ways to keep the flame alive in our marriage. We are secure in our love for each other and only want to please each other in every way possible. Your advertisement said you wanted a nice couple to introduce you to what it means to be a swinger and see if it is for you. The wife loves your pictures and wants to take your swinger cherry. We like a few couples are realist. We realize that sex for decades with the same partner would get boring fast. We married for love and know that having sex with others is purely physical and not emotional. Would you like to meet us in a hotel in a town between our two cities?"
I sent my reply by mail as I looked at the two pictures of the wife. She was older than me but her face was perfect and her body was like that of a woman half her age. The letter I got a day later told the restaurant address they wanted meet at and time. They would pay for the room because I was new to this and if there was another meeting, we would split the room. I got ready and drove the 60 miles to a small town and went to the bar and grill restaurant they wnted to meet. They waved me over to a corner booth where the THREE of them had picked out for privacy. They had a female friend with them and asked if it was alright if she joined us. She was hot, so I told them it was no problem. The wife,Deb, had reddish blond hair, large firm breast and a juicy ass.The other girl,Ann, had long black hair, a skinny frame. The husband, Chris, told me Ann was a friend that lived next door to them and had had sex with the both of them before. We ate and talked about the clubs, and house parties that they had been to. I learned alot and decided this was something I wanted to do from this point on. It was time to go to the hotel room for.
Deb could no longer wait as she took my pants off as soon as we got into the room. Ann started tongue kissing me deep. Chris went to a portable radio they had brought with them and asked if he could use his camera. I wanted to say no until he told me that it would only be seen by him and his wife. Deb deep throated me with very sloppy soaking of a blow job. She slid her tongue up and down th lenght of my shaft while she looked up at me with her blue eyes.
"I love sucking black cock into my mouth, I can't wait for you to part my other lips baby. How do you like swinging so far?" Deb asked.
"I love it alot" I told her. It was the best blow I had in a long time. Ann told Deb to get up and move to the bed. I took off the rest of what I was wearing, as the girls undressed and Chris set up his camera. Ann started undressing Chris as Deb layed back on one of the two king size beds. Chris smiled and looked at me and said
"Fuck my wifes tight wet pussy any way you want to."
I couldn't believe what he just said. I ooked over and Ann was giving him a hand job, stroking him fast and hard. I got myself between her smooth thighs and sucked her clit. Deb moaned and sighed as I started licking her pussy. I reached up and caressed her tits. I suddenly felt Ann slurping my cock into her mouth. The feeling was amazing. I ran my hand through her long black hair and guided her up and down on me as I heard Chris move to the other side of the room with his camera.
"I'M CUMMING !! " Deb cried out as I licked her twat to orgasm.
"Shove your black dick in her cunt and fuck that white pussy baby." Ann whispered as she pulled me out of her mouth. I mounted Deb as she sighed and groaned. Deb was tight and so warm. The moistness of her pussy helped my girth glide into her love hole in one swift move. I pumped this sexy white wife and mother with my ebony member, she told me it felt so good. I moved her from the missionary position and told her to get on all fours so I could see her ass. As I fuck her from behind, I grabbed her perfect tits and pinched her nipples. Deb moaned and turned around so I could suck her breast. She turned back around and I kept doing her doggy style Ann came up behind me and cupped my balls in her hand. Anns body pressed up close to my back. Her mouth was nibbling my neck and ear as she whispered and talked dirty to me to get me off.
"I can feel you seed wanting to jet up inside his wifes womb. Cum into that yummy little belly of hers and I'll let you put your seed up in me when you take me next. I want you between my legs and deep inside of my body. Cum in my pussy and I'll suck your manhood clean baby."
That was all it took as I shot my load into Debs spasming snatch. I was still as hard as titanium somehow and now I wanted Ann. I layed down and Ann mounted my rod. Guiding me into herself as she screeched out in pain. Whereas Deb was a moaner during our session, Ann was a screamer and shouter, hence the radio Chris had playing. Ann buried her face in the pillow next to my head as she screamed while driving her pussy up and down the lenght of me. I felt like my skin was going to be ripped off as I fucked the tightest pussy I ever had. Chris came over to the bed just as he finished cumming inside his wife Deb and put his dick into Anns mouth. It barely muffled the screaming as I kept banging her deep and hard. I had given Deb three orgasms that night and her husband gave her two more. Anns body felt like she was going through one after another, like a machine gun. I came deep into Ann and she whispered "Thankyou" into my ear. I watched as she moved down and sucked me clean of our juices. We al got dressed and went wo the hot tubs and talked for awhile. I got a letter a week later and Deb told me I was Anns first cock that big and her first black. She told me Ann was married and her husband didn't know what she was doing. Deb had told him they were going shopping and would be back late. I had lost my swinger cherry an wanted more, and there would be more.
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Awesome story! Wish you had gotten pictures ... lol. Hope to hear more soon.
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Hi, I'm new here
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Thanks misfit46. I wish I could get that video Chris shot.
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You hit the jackpot on your first try. There are other hot white women out there that love BBC, so you will be a busy boy. There are also married couples out there that will keep you from getting hard. Who knows what they are thinking trying to have sex with other fit and good looking couples.
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Default Hot

Very Hot story.
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