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Real estate agent

Job Related: Co-workers / Masseuse / Nurse / Pool Boy / Maid Stories

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Default Real estate agent

I am in the market to buy my first home since the market cant get any better right now. Ive been dealing with this real estate agent, Jane, for a couple weeks now. Jane is a couple years older than me, no older than 32, and is a very good looking, smart girl. She and i have spent some time together looking at houses and we've actually become pretty good friends. Shes a real estate agent, shes pretty, so she obviously knows how to flirt and how to make the customer feel good. All along, i had thought that was all she was doing anytime she'd flirt with me while on visits or something, until yesterday. We visited this house that was fully furnished, empty, and gorgeous. A little out of my price range but i could make it work. Anyway, we're walking around and she was particularly flirty yesterday to the point where it was kind of strange. She kept mentioning things like "and this is where your girlfriend can snuggle with you" or "this is the master bedroom, theres plenty of room for you and your gf to spread out together." Well, we sat down on the couch in the living room and she scooched over to me, leaned against me and said, "lets pretend im your girlfriend. cant you just see us sitting here after a long day at work..." and with that she looked up at me and we engaged in a deep, passionate kiss. She pulled away, pulled my shirt out of my pants, undid my pants and got between my legs and started giving me a blowjob. Her lips felt so good on my dick and staring down at her between my legs watching her head bob up and down on my dick was so hot. I was turned on by this that i didnt last nearly as long as i should have and came very hard and a lot earlier than either of us wanted. I thought, given how aggressive she had been, that a lot more was going to happen but maybe she got nervous or something because after i came, she stood up and went to the bathroom to freshen up. She came out of the bathroom and said "any interest in the house?" I said, "its a little pricey but we could make it work. lets talk to the homeowner." she said, "ok, ill talk to him. lets get out of here though." I just said ok and off we went. We walked, in silence, to our cars, said good bye and she told me she'd be in touch, and that was that. Im very curious to see whether she contacts me soon or not.
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Hot experience man! Yeah I think she was expecting to get some action too
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i bet there'd be more just wait and see..
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Fila, you were right! There was more, a lot more! Jane (the agent) helped me close on that very house Saturday afternoon. After the meeting, i asked her if she wanted to go out for a drink to celebrate. She said, "i think we can be honest. we're both looking for the same thing. here are the directions to my house, i'll see you around 8pm." she was all business, it was such a turn on. I showed up at her house at 8 and she answered the door with a glass of wine in her hand and said, "come on in." i walked in, looked around, and took a seat on the couch next to where she was sitting. We made small talk for a while, enjoyed some wine and knowing that it was getting increasingly awkward, i just made a move. I grabbed her hand and directed it to the table so she could put down her wine and as she put the glass down i gently put her hands behind head and started kissing her neck. Last time, she was the aggressor, i knew i had to step up this time. She enjoyed the necking, but i could feel her hands, now on my shoulders, applying some downward pressure to my shoulders. i slid my hands up to her tits and shirt buttons and began undoing her shirt. i was still kissing her neck as i was doing this. once i got the last button undone, i sat up so we could slide that shirt off. she reached back, undid her bra and i went right back to her neck. i was kissing her neck, and feeling her up. at this point, her sighs got longer and she was really starting to enjoy herself. i moved my hand down to her pants and got my hand inside her pants. now, i was fingering her and moved from her neck to her lips and we were deep frenching. She started to undo her own pants while i was fingering her. once her pants were off, she went to push back, to get on top, but i wouldnt let her. i went down on her. i got between her legs, she slouched on the couch to make it easier for me and i began eating her out. Normally, i dont enjoy that very much, but she was so wet and so cleanly shaven that it was an incredible experience. im the first one to admit that im not very good at doing that either, but she really seemed to enjoy herself. she was moaning, playing with my hair, and moving with my head. i did taht for a couple minutes before pulling my head back and looking up at her and saying, "i really wanted to return the favor." she said, "get up here." i stood up and rather than sit back down next to her, i stood in front of her, grabbed her hand and put it by my belt buckle. when i did that, she knew what i wanted and didnt even look up at me as she undid my pants. at this point, i was fully erect, pretty much pointing at the ceiling. she reached behind me, grabbed my butt and pulled me closer to her. as she did that, she opened her mouth and took my cock in her mouth. unlike last time, she didnt start slow. she was so incredibly horny, she jammed the whole thing in her mouth from the start. Im not saying im huge or anything (avg size) but ive never seen that. she sucked me for a couple minutes and brought me very close to cumming. She pulled away though once she heard my moans get louder and said, "i dont want you to cum yet. lets go to my bedroom." she stood up and lead me to her bedroom. I hate blueballs but i was so turned on by her that i gladly followed. we walked in her room, she put me on her bed, and put my cock back in her mouth. this time, there was no stopping me. i came almost immediately. she took it in her mouth and swallowed without any drama. after that, since i was already laying down on her bed, she climbed on top of me. we fucked like that for a while and had the most amazing simultaneous orgasm ever. after that, we were both spent. Normally, i could go another time or two, but given teh buildup and how much we were both into it, we both were spent. we laid there together for a couple mins before i said, "well, i think i should clean up and go." she looked over at me said, "yep, you're probably right. Well, congratulations on the house. if there's anything else i can do for you, let me know." with that, i went to the bathroom, wet a towel and rubbed down real quick. i came out of the bathroom and she was sleeping on her bed so i went to the living room, gathered up my clothes and left. I wonder, how many of her clients have had that same experience...
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Give her a call if you have her number and go back for more. Maybe stay and relax for a bit after, and then give her one again once you've both recovered. Or make a night of it!!

I think I need to move to PA! And look to buy a house
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Question confused ?

Your stories are very good, but why are always two in each post??
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