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My wifes sister

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Default My wifes sister

My wifes sister came to stay with us a lot when she was younger. She is 14 years younger than us. When I was in my early 30's I was walking by the room she was staying in when I noticed she was changing her clothes. I walked by as her shirt came off. Her back was to me so I turned around and walked back. Her head was down and she was facing forward with her bra on and her pants coming off. I turned and walked back and now the bra was off and she was just in her panties. Her tits were nice and perky and her nipples were rock hard. I turned and went by again as her panties came off. Her head was still down and I saw her sweet, soft, nice little muff. I couldn' believe she hadn't caught me so I went back again. This time she was standing there staring at me. Fully nude and fully aware as she had been the whole time. She said "do you like what you see? I said yes I do. She said do you want to touch me? I said yes I do. I walked in the room and put my hand on her tit. I began to caress it and just as I put my mouth on it the front door opened and my wife came home. I scrambled out of the room. I got out just in time. We play this game still to this day 12 years later but I have never touched her again.
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Kool story! Wish you had a picture of her.
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