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Drunken Gangbang With Strangers!!

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Talking Drunken Gangbang With Strangers!!

I once went to a club with my boyfriend and we had a great time dancing and drinking. when he wanted to leave i was totally hammered and wanted to stay. he said he was going to wait outside for me for half an hour and then leave. i said fine and started dancing again. after grinding with loads of guys for an hour, i went to get another drink. at the bar this guy said "Hey. your fucking hot."
i was like "thanks! wanna dance?" he said "sure" and we danced. then a few of his mates came along and i danced with all of them. then the first guy, louis, said we're going now, you coming?
i was very drunk so i went with them and text my boyf dont wait up. im with a group of girlfriends and we're gonna keep partying.
we all got in this minibus cab and were driving back to this guy called jons apartment. the cab was full cus there was 8 of us, me the only girl! i had to sit on louis lap and i could feel a bulge in his pants. i climbed onto the floor and started rubbing his crotch. i undid his fly and his 12' dick popped out. he smiled at me and i started stroking his cock. I was soo drunk i forgot to be worried that they were strangers i had met only a few hours before!
his dick kept throbbing so i put it in my mouth and sucked it hard. he groaned and pushing my head onto his dick. all his mates were just shocked and one started undoing my top. before long i was sitting sucking cock and some other guy was squeezing my tits. too soon the journey was over and we got to jons. i kept my hand on louis dick and i had the other 6 guys touching me all over. in the elevator, simon started making out with me and two others sucked my tits. the other three guys were rubbing their dicks. my pussy was burning and i couldnt wait to get inside...
we all fell into jons place and went into the living room. all the guys had their cocks out and i was being rubbed with seven huge hard dicks. i stood up and slowly pulled my skirt down until i was standing there in heels, stockings, suspenders and a thong. paul came over and hooked his thumbs into my thong. he pulled and ripped it off. i moaned in pleasure as he fucked my pussy wit his tongue. suddenly, jon grabbed me and put me on the sofa. he stared to rub my dripping pussy with his swollen member. it was throbbing against me and sending waves of pleasure through my body. he stopped and i thought he was going to get a condom. i screamed out for more, saying "fuck the condom! Who gives a shit about safe sex?". then he thrust his cock deep into me. it was soooo nice. he pulled out and then rammed all 11' of his fat dick into me. i pushed my hips back into his groin faster and faster. then, pauls dick was in my mouth and i hungrily deepthroated it. louis climed under me and put his foot long dick into my tight ass. it hurt but i screamed with pleaseure as he slowly moved in and out. jon took his cock out of me and it was replaced with another long hard pole. i ground my pussy and ass on the two huge dicks and then grabbed a dick wit each hand. i was now touching 5 dicks at once. the other two guys were masturbating so i pulled my mouth off pauls cock and said to them "both of you, in my mouth" they both put their cocks in my mouth and i licked and sucked them roughly. paul went under me and titfucked me. i could feel his pulsating dick wet with my saliva. i was over come with pleasure and i reached orgasm at least 10 times in 6 minutes. then i felt a dick come in my pussy, ass and 2 in my mouth. the cocks were still hard, even after coming. i swallowed the cum and sucked those dicks dry. i could feel the come squirting from my pussy and running down mhy legs and the guys dicks.
we carried on like this, the guys taking turns at each hole, for 5 hours. then, i fucked the guys one by one in all their rooms- bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, dining room, living room, shower and then louis the most in all! my holes were sore, but we did it again 3 days later. my boyf never found out, and he never will, cuz i loved the gangbang so much, i will never stop fucking other guys. xx
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Holy crap, thats a heck of a night you had there!! Hot story Banghard... can you walk now?
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You certainly were very busy
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That's so hot!
I'd love my wife to be like that and let me gangbang her with some of my mates, and better still with their wives too!
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