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Girlfriends Daughter

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Default Girlfriends Daughter

I had been divorced for a couple of years and had pretty much devoted all my time to my law practice. One day a very sexy lady, Marie, about my age, 41, came into my office and wanted to retain my services in a settlement of her parents estate.
Things were a mess and it took me months to finally sort things out and settle the estate. We spent a lot of time together and became quite friendly. Since I had not had any female companionship for quite awhile Marie was really stimulating and making my life interesting again.Our first moment of intimacy occured roughly 4 months after our first meeting. We had returned from a dinner date and as I walked her to the door we were met by her 19 year old daughter Stacey. Stacey was in a pair of gym shorts and a cutoff tshirt with no bra.
After the usual pleasantries and small talk Stacey went up to her bed room and left Marie and I alone. Stacey was a beautiful young lady with a fabulous body and mother must have noticed how I had been undressing her my eyes. After some small talk with mom and a couple of drinks she walked up to me and put her arms around my neck and kissed me. I offered no resistance and it wasn't long before our tongues were probing each other. Marie then inquired if Stacie had turned me on. Trying to be discreit, I told her that she was turning me on. She then suggested that we go back to my house and carry on our evening.
We no sooner walked in the door and she was tearing at my clothes. The forplay was very brief before we both found ourselves in a 69 sucking each other. Marie came very quickly and begged me to come in her mouth. Quite frankly I never had come in someones mouth and was more interested in coming in her cunt. With no objections from her I filled her pussy with the most incredible orgasm and cum job that I had ever experienced.
Marie was a talker and it was her sexy/suggestive talk that really turned me on. After telling me all the things she wanted me to do to her I was so horney that i suggested that we both take a shower and resume our love making.
Marie was passionate in her kissing and forplay and continued with her sexy talk. She suggested that we divulge to the other what we liked the best. It was obvious that we both loved oral sex but she took it a little further when she said that she wanted me to eat her pussy and also lick her ass. I was also a lover of ass licking but had hesitated to say so in fear that she might be turned off.
Once again we sucked and fucked our brains out with the most sensual ass licking I had ever experienced. All the while Marie is keeping up a constant chatter of sexual talk. What came next was totally out of the blue and hit me like a thunder bolt. Marie asked me again if i was turned on by her daughter Stacey and had I fantisized about fucking her. I fumbled and mumbled to try and find the right words to say and hoping I didn't put my foot in my mouth.
Over the next year our relationship became much more comfortable and Stacey and I actually became quite friendly. I maintained my own home and Marie maintained her own home and we had a pretty good working relationship while still maintaining our independence.
On Stacey's 20th birthday Marie and I took her out to dinner and the theater. It was really a great evening and since I had never had any children of my own, I was starting to feel like I was part of a family. When I took them home after the theater Marie broke the news to me that she and her long time friend Linda were going to fly out to Washington state do some hiking and mountain climbing in the Cascades. Marie was an outdoors girl who like to bike and push herself to test her endurance. I had met Linda on a number of occassions and she was really a terrific girl. She was very athletic, well read, well traveled, and a very stimulating talker. I actually thought that the trip sounded great and would have loved to join them, but my law practice was very busy and I had a new associate just out of law school who had to be mentored.
Marie said that they would be gone for approximately 2 weeksand waqnted to know if it would be okay for Stacey to stay at my place while they were gone. I could understand why she might be a little uncomfortable to have Stacey at home all alone for two weeks, but I was also a little uncomfortable in light of the fact that Marie had on a number of occasions inquired about did Stacey turn me on and did I ever fantasize about having sex with her. It had been a while since Marie had brought up the subject so, all though I was a little uncomfortable, I did agree that she could stay at my house.
Stacey was a student at the local community college and I figured that with her activities we probably would not be seeing very much of each other. Much to my surprise Stacey seemed to want to spend time at home with me and we engaged in some length conversations that proved quite stimulating and interesting. We were having a great time together and I was glad that Marie had suggested that she stay at my house.
One night Stacey and I went to dinner at a local restaurant that she liked and upon our return she asked if we could have a serious discussion of something that had been on her mind for some time. Figuring that it probable had something to do with school and her future, I said, "what ever is on your mind, shoot,". Stacey then said, "Mom has indicated to me that you have mentioned on a number of occassions that you have had sexuall thoughts about me."I was completely blown away at the suggestion and after regaining my composure, I told Stacey that it was her mother who had made inquiries as to whether I was turned on by her. Stacy was quiet for a few minutes as we kind of stood there looking at each other and not knowing what to say.
Stacey then asked me if I found her attractive. Of course I did and let her know that she was a lovely girl. She then asked if I had ever thought about her in a sexual way. I told her that I was getting uncomfortablewith the conversation and maybe we should end it.
Out of the blue Stacey said, "you know mom is bi-sexual". "What," I said! Stacey then said that her mom and Linda had been having sex for years and that the trip to Washington state was an opportunity for them to get away and do their thing.
Stacey then said that the reason her mother wanted her to stay with me is to find out if something sexual existed between us. She said that her mother constantly talked about our sex life and wanted to know if Stacey was ever turned on by me. Stacey then said, "what do you think I told her?" I don't know I said. Stacey said, "I told her, yes, that I was turned on by you." I was so at a loss for words that I slowly turned around and left the room. After fussing around in the kitchen for awhile I went up to my room and took a shower and turned in for the night.
i heard Stacey taking a shower in the hall bathroom and figured that she would also be turning in for the night.
I was lying in bed and could not get the conversation we had had out of my mind. I heard a knock on my door and heard Stacey ask if she could come in. I have to admit that by now I was sporting a big hardon and my fantasies of Stacey was getting the best of me.
When Stacey walked in she tried to reassure me that anything that had been said by us would stay with us and nobody would know. She then asked, matter of factly, do you want to have sex with me? I asked her what she thought. She then pulled the covers of my bed back and crawled in next to me. She was breathing hard and was obviously excited. "I've wanted you for so long and nothing is off limits as far as I'm concerned." At that moment she took my face in her hands and gently kissed me on the lips. It was so erotic and soon our tongues were intertwined. As our hands groped each other it soon became clear that she had the same sexual appetite that her mother had and she liked to verbalize her fantasies. As we stripped each others night clothes off I broke from our kisses and worked my lips around her beautiful nipples. Stacey obviously loved her nipples sucked but, just like her mother she wanted me to eat her pussy. As I slipped down kissing her tummy as I searched out her pussy she kept up with the sexual chatter, just like her mother. She kept up with "eat my cunt, eat my cunt, oh god, eat my cunt. As I sucked on her clit and buried my tongue deep in her cunt, she said, "lick my ass, like you do moms". I was more than happy to suck and like her cunt and ass, but it also became very aware to me that she and her mother had done quite abit of talking about what we did in bed.
For the remainder of our time together, Stacey and I fucked and sucked virtually every free minute we could find together.
The day before Marie was to return home Stacey told me that her mother wanted me to fuck her as it really turned her on to think about it. The the whole experience had all been planned and that her mother would not be mad. As a matter of fact Marie wanted to hear every detail of our sexual encounter.
Marie immediately wanted to hear every detail of our sex and I had never seen her so horney. She couldn't get enough sucking and fucking. W
When I finally brought up the subject of her relationship with Linda she suggested that Linda become a part of our sex life. Linda was just as erotic as Marie and I have never had such intense sex in my whole life. To watch Marie and Linda doing a 69 and sucking each other was the most erotic thing I have ever seen. While they would be sucking each others clits I would work my tongue into the crack of their asses, which would usually send them over the edge as they would orgasm and squirt cum into each others mouths. I really was turned on by Linda and since Marie always had a steady diet of my cock, I would usually end the session by fucking Linda and shooting my load in her cunt.
After about a year of fucking my brains out, Marie and I seemed to hit a funk and started seeing less and less of each other. It was obvious that Linda and Marie could more than satisfy each other and it became quite apparent that our relationship was on the skids. Stacey had wanted more of me than was humanly possible, with the sexual appetite that Linda and Marie had. Stacey had enrolled in a four wyear college in Florida and had was moving out. Before she left for Florida, she came to my house to say goodbye. We spent about 3 hours of sucking and fucking and knowing that this could be the last sexual encounter between us, we gave it our best. In 3 hours Stacey had 5 orgasms and we were both left in an exhausted heap. Stacey told me that she loved me and knew that if we pursued a life together, that it would be very awkward for her mother.I felt so very close to Stacey and felt like I had fallen in love with her, as well.
Stacey has a boyfriend in college and according to Marie she is quite happy and doing well. Periodically Marie and Linda and I get together, but for the most part we are moving on in different directions.
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excellent story man. very lucky that you had all 3 of them. so why did you and marie slow down? was it her being more interested in linda than it was you being less interested in marie?

did you and stacey keep having sex while you and marie's relationship was slowing down?

either way, it's a good sex period of your life. it'd be difficult if not impossible to match that period ever again.
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Default Awesome

You're a lucky man to have had all that pussy.
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Default luck by chance

you are too much lucky for that......but after sometime not lucky to everyone
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