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My little Brothers High School Friend

Lesbian / Bi / Curiosity / Gay Sex Stories

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Default My little Brothers High School Friend

This was last year, I am 19 and my brothers friens is 16, he usto sneak to our house when he was skipping school. My brother was at school so me and his friend decided to hang out we were sorta just talking laying on a futon in the basement, he took his phone and put on some porn pictures, i watched with him as we laid both on our bellys he was with wise and i was width, i took the phone and showed him a better sight a motioned one. We started to joke around and i asked him to stand on my back, he did and he said you know a guy would feel weird about this, i just stood quiet and played along. Well i moved away for a little bit after that, i came back to visit my family and they have a porch in their back yard, it is dark, my brother and i as well as his friend were talking and me and his friend decided to go to the porch, i guess my brother got in the shower, i sat on a chair that was on the porch and he was facing me and squated down by the stairs infront of me, we talked for a little then he randomly asked, if you was drunk, and someone asked you do do something would you do it? I said it depends what it is, i said when i am drunk i hardley remember some things i did, he continued to detail if someone asked you to do something discreet and you was drunk would you do it? I said would you? I have my answer but i want to hear yours first i said, he said yea i would i am drunk ill do whatever, i said well i would do what ever too, i am not gay but he is young and looks good and we are like 3 months apart.. Well i said i did drink earlyer and i am kind of tipsy just testing him to see what he says... I said what was you trying to imply or like ask? When you asked me would i do something if i was drunk.. He wouldnt answer but i said i think i may have an idea.. He said what is it? I said i want you to tell me first then i will let you know what it is that i guess you was thinking.. He kept pushing for me to make my statement so i said.. I think you are looking for a blow job. And he said yes, and i said and you want me to give it to you..? and he agreed, and i said alright come here, he got up quick and put his body infront of me as i was on the chair, he is skinny andpuertorican, so am I but i have a little meat on me i am not fat tho, i put my hand on his pant and tryed pulling his dick out i actually felt it it was hard and warm, outside was dark i was afraid the neighbors would watch, and my brother could come down at any second.. I said your going to have to get it out, he reached in and grabbed it, pulled it out i took a quick look and so i grabbed it and opened my mouth, suddenly my mouth began real wet my throught was slimy, i went and put his cock in my mouth and began sucking it in and blowing it out faster and then slower and slamming it in the back of my throat, he grabbed aholt of my head as i was performind oral sex and he began doing a fuck movement he began to move my head or hold it still as he fucked me in my mouth, then quickly his head would go back as he is being pleased and he felt my mouth on his dick and my touch on the bottom of his shaft i put his shirt over my head while i sucked i could feel his skinny body sexy shape on my face, he suddenly moved to the side and said can you let me sit there? I moved and he sat on the chair he said do it right here, he had his hat down foward hiding his eyes, and body just half laying off the seat i got on my knees and began to suck away! I grabbed his hand and put it on the back of my head so he can work me like he wanted it, i would hear him make sounds as if he was being pleased. My brother began coming down the stairs.. I got up and he quickly put his dick back in his pants, i was just actually begining to get into it and i liked it.. My dick was fully erected, by the time my brother got downstairs we was just talking, i asked his friend to help me get something in my moms car so he did i was talking to him and i said you want to go to the basement? I can really show you what i can do, i was planning on maybe going all the way, but anyways this expirience was crazy, at the end we both agreed to not talk about it it was a one time thing. We saw eachother shortly after it wasnt akward but we became good friends, i admit i sorta wanted him to cum in my mouth, at times he still gives me hints and i even caught him masterbating.. I just play cool, im thinking about visiting my family again soon

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