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My Latina wife's first black cock

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Default My Latina wife's first black cock

Last night me and my wife had the most amazing experience and I wanted to share it. Just to give a little bit of a background my wife is a thick latina with juicy tits and a huge nice ass. She was a bit of a slut before we got married but I have been trying to bring that back out of her. She had never been with a black guy before, not that she didn't want to just that it never happened. She had always told me how sexy she found black men and heard they were great lovers. So one day after a few sharing adventures I finally suggested her being with a black guy. She was so excited she made a list of requirements that night. A few weeks of looking through the Internet and posting on various websites we found many matches for her list. Muscular, great looker, respectful, high confidence, and Ofcourse a huge cock. We talked to various men and found the perfect match for her. He was tall and very big and muscular. He was very cocky and had a huge 9 inch uncut cock. They texted eachother for a few weeks exchanging photos and fantasies. She excitedly told me about everything about him. He really liked the innocent little school girl look and had a foot fetish which my wife already knew all about because of one of her ex boyfriends. So the day came and my wife was wearing a short plaid white and red skirt with a short white button up top. Her hair was in two pony tails and she wore her reading glasses. She had a very tiny g string under and wore platform flip flops(his favorite). The doorbell raang and she ran to the door and swung it open. She jumped into his arms and he lifted up kissing her passionately. She turned around and ran to my side as he slapped her ass. We shook hands and sat down on the couch. We talked for a while and my wife laid against me while she put her feet on his lap. He complimented her feet and slowly slipped off her shoes. Massaging them slowly I could see my wife enjoying it. They stood up and we made our way to our bedroom. I sat in a chair next to the bed while they sat on the edge of the bed. She played the innocent part perfect driving him wild. They kissed eachother passionately as he slipped off her top he began sucking on her nipples and reached under her skirt rubbing her clit through the g string. She was dripping wet and moaning as she stared straight at me. He then lifted her up and layed her down with her ass in the air. Pulling her g string to the side he began licking her like crazy from her pussy to her asshole. She screamed in pleasure for him to keep going gripping onto the sheets of the bed. She then quickly turned around and pulled down his pants. His huge cock swung out as stiff as a board. She stared at it for moment then shoved him into her mouth sucking his cock nice and hard. He moaned in pleasure as she took him in and out of her throat sucking the tip of his uncut cock each time. He leaned over and slapped her ass calling her a little slut. She hopped up and jumped on the bed spreading her legs wide. He then slipped in between her legs and rubbed her pussy with his huge black cock teasing her. *He slowly shoved his dick inside her as she cummed and orgasmed almost immediately. He started pounding her pussy real hard as he grabbed her feet and started to suck on her toes. She screamed at him to fuck her like a dirty little slut. She flipped around and he entered her from behind pounding her pussy even harder while pulling her two pony tails like handlebars. He then slowed down for a while as they both caught their breathe. He started to rub her asshole as he shoved his cock slowly in and out of her pussy. She then layed him down and started to ride him hard taking every inch of him inside her. He *asked for lube and I quickly passed him a bottle of some we had by the bed. He slipped his cock out of her and covered his cock with the lube. Putting some on his finger he slowly rubbed it on my wife's asshole and slipped his fingers inside. He aimed his cock this time against her asshole as she tried to sit down. They struggled for a few mins and finally the head of his cock entered her ass as she screamed out loud. She started to ride him but after a while couldn't take it so they stopped and she layed on her back and threw her legs on his shoulders. He began pounding her pussy hard once again and she grabbed his ass and pulled him deeper inside her. After a few mins he said he was about to cum and asked her where she wanted it. She immediately pushed him back and sat up. She gripped his cock with her two feet and started to jerk him off hard and fast. He moaned in pleasure as she begged him to cum. He finally released with a loud grunt as his cum shot across his stomach and covered her toes. Hopefully we will see him again soon.*
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