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Me and my step sister

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Default Me and my step sister

Background knowledge:
1) my dad married a lady with a daughter when I was 19 was 16.

2) I'm a very party guy. She was antisocial and mor the nerdy type

So. When I was 19 I always was attracted to my step sister in a way. She had an amazing body but always didn't like the idea of a boyfriend. I am pretty fit now but back then I was ripped and 6 packed. There was no doubt she was crushin on me also. So when I was 20, I went back to home town to celebrate her 18 bday and everyone was excited. Most people got drunk and my step sister, call her Elizabeth (lizzy for short) took me away from the crowd. She got evem sexier from the time I left.

We were alone in my friends condo I was renting for a while while he was away and we started talking. She was still a virgin and I told her there's no shame in that. She went to the car to go back to the party while I stayed and worked out and jacked off. After finishing jacking off I spotted lizzy watching every stroke. I though I scarred her for life but in reality I just surprised her with my size.

After she told me what she wanted for her bday from me: my cock jizzing inside her. Reluctant at first, she started stripping and showing her perfect 10 body. Right then I shoved my cock inside as she let out a scream. She was extremely tight. I felt bad. But her curvy waist and hanging tits let me power through her. I went hardcore on her hot ass. She was red from yelling and cumming. We wnt at it for about 5 times. 20 mins or so each. Each time she wanted jizz on her pretty face. I was making one of the hottest teens in the world cream and scream.

After that. We went home always horny for more but making ourselves resist. Every once in a while, especially when she's having bf troubles, I fuck her brains out senseless. Still making her sexy body cream as she moans how's it's the biggest and best cock for her still
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