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Good fuck

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Default Good fuck

A couple of years ago I met a girl online. She was petite, blond hair, nice figure. I new immediately that we weren't really boyfriend/girlfriend suited, but she was sexy. On the second date we went back to hers and fucked. Because I was a bit drunk I wasn't able to finish, which was disappointing. However, the next date things were better. I kinda had the same problem at first. I had a condom on, and she said "is ok, just take it off, I'm on the pill". So I took it off and went back into her naturally. God her wet pussy felt so nice on my cock. After a few minutes of quick fucking, her on her back with her legs wrapped around my waist, I finally came inside her. A bit irresponsible of both of us, I know.

So I met her just a few more times, and for some reason I just found her a really good fuck. She was nice looking but not amazing. But she made really sexy noises while we were doing it, and a couple of times she came just from me fucking her, and she would tell me "oh God I'm gonna come". And she was tight as well. Coming into her from behind was the best feeling. I often fantasise about her when I'm masturbating.
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