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My husband lost me in a golf bet

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Default My husband lost me in a golf bet

My husband has just started wanting to watch me fuck other men. This morning my husbands boss came by our house to pick my husband up to play golf. He came in to have coffee and he and my husband started talking about who would win. My husband said if I win you will give me a promotion. His boss ask what do I get if I win I am already the boss. My husband said you are not going to beat me so don't worry about that. No, what do I get if I win he said. My husband shocked him with his answer. If you beat me I will give you my wife for the rest of the day to do with her what ever you want. I was standing right beside him when he said this and I said you better win dear. His boss said thats a bet and they left to play golf. My husband is a good golfer but I know what is on his mind. If he loses and his boss gets me he will still get a promotion. His boss is an older man and I have caught him giving me the eye more than once.
My husband called me from the gold course and told me that they were on the final hole and he was winning by 2 strokes. I was shocked to hear this, I thought he wanted to see his boss fuck me. The next call I received was that he had hit his drive in the water and took a double bogey and lost by one. He told me that he was on his way home. I waited and soon saw his bosses car pulling in the drive way. I watched out the window and only saw his boss walking up the sidewalk. The door bell rang and I answered the door and ask where my husband was and he informed me that he was going to play another round. He told your husband lost the bet and you know what he said. I told him I don't really think he was serious do you. He then told me that my husband told him to come to the house and tell me to get naked and suck his dick. I told him I don't believe you and he told me to call him and ask. So I did, I called and ask him and he said that is what he said, and I said are you sure you want me to do this and he said yes. I hung up and look his boss in the face and said that you were right. So come into the den and have a seat. He sat on the couch and I told him ok here goes. I started to remove my shoes, I could see he was already excited he already had a hard on. I then removed my top so he could see me standing in front of him in just jeans and a red bra. I then slowly unbottoned my jeans and unzipped them to expose my red panties. He was really liking this now he had to fix his dick in his pants. I slowly pulled my jeans down and now was standing in front of him in just my bra and panties. The next step was letting my tits out, I reached behind to unsnap my bra and he was all eyes. I unsnapped me bra and held it in place for a second and then let it fall to the floor. He then told me that my tits were beautiful. I then slowly stepped out of my panties and ask him if he like what he saw. He told me I was the most beautiful women he has ever seen. I really believed him he seen true to what he was saying.
I then was ready to give him the blow job of his life. I moved toward the couch and got down on my knees. I rubbed his crouch and he was very hard for a old man. I told him you must really like what you see. He told me that this was the best golf bet he has ever won. I reached inside his pants and removed his dick. Nice dick for an old guy not to long but very thick. I slowly licked his dick while I looked up at him and ask do you like this hun. He said I love it. I then took it in my mouth and slowly lower my mouth onto it until all of it was in my mouth. I sucked for a few seconds and looked up and ask him if my husband was going to get a raise for this. He told me yes a big one. I told him that after I finish fucking you you will really want to give him a raise.
He started pumping my mouth and I loved the idea of sucking this old guy. He probably has not had a blow job in 10 years. I started to suck him faster and started to moan as I was sucking. I have found out that if a woman moans while she is sucking a dick a man can not stand it. I was right he could not stand it and I felt him left off the couch as he yelled, fuck, shit, damn baby. I really gave him a good blow job.
He as there out of breath and I could see the life go out of his dick. I started to kiss on him this was very different because he looked old maybe 68 to 70. He was loving this and I could feel him grabbing my tits and playing with them. I reached down and started playing with his dick and could feel it coming back to life. I looked at him and said come on baby get that thing nice and hard for me.
I then got up and straddle him and slowly lowered my pussy unto his dick. It felt really nice because it was so thick. I was very horny just thinking I was making this old mans day, month, year, and life in just on short afternoon. I began pumping him like a crazy women, I was holding onto the back of the couch and was fucking him like a mad women. I was telling him fuck me baby fuck me. He couldn't move he was about to cum, so I stopped and ask him are you getting ready to cum baby and he said yes. I told him that I was going to make him last a long time before I let him cum inside me. I pulled his head to my tits and told him to start sucking them. He was a good boy and started sucking one and then the other. Fuck, the phone rings and I know who it is. I guess my husband is ready to come home but I'm not finished with his boss yet. I told Jim sorry but let me get this. I thought this would give Jim time to recover. I answered and my husband wanted to know what we were doing. I told him that Jim was serviceing me. He ask me if I had fucked him yet, and I told him that I was on his dick when you called. He then ask me to go get back on his dick while he listen. I returned to see that Jims dick had gone limb again. I told him that he had to get his dick hard again because my husband wanted to hear him fuck me. He told me that there was nothing he could do about it. I told him not to worry I could get it hard in just a few seconds. I told my husband that he was going to have to hold on while I sucked his bosses dick. I got down on my kness againg and started to suck yea baby thats a good boy its coming back up yea baby there you go. I was hard in just seconds. I picked the phone back up and told my husband to listen to me fuck his bosses mind out. I again lowered my pussy onto his dick and he was in again and I pushed it all the way in. I was talking to both of them at the same time. I told my husband that his boss had a very thick dick and I filled my whole pussy up. I then told him to listen while I made his boss cum in my pussy. I then looked at Jim and told him to hold on baby you are getting ready to see how a real woman fucks. I started fucking him fast and hard. I was screaming fuck me baby, cum inside me. I was riding him like a bull rider. I was giving him the fuck of his life. I told him let my husband hear you cum inside me. I then got an idea, that made me even hotter. I gave him the phone and told him to tell my husband that he was fucking his wifes pussy. He told me no he couldn't and I told him if you don't I will get off now. It didn't take another word from me, he told my husband I am fucking your wifes pussy. I was hot as hell listening to my husband boss tell him he was fucking me. I then told him to tell him that he had a little dick. He said he couldn't and I stopped fucking. He then told my husband your wife said you have a little dick and don't know how to fuck her. Oh he was into it now. I told him to tell him that he had a big dick and was giving all of it to your wife. He did this and then told him that he had cum in her mouth and she had swallowed every drop. He then told him that your wife has some good pussy. I could feel him getting ready to cum and told him to tell him you are getting ready to cum in me and when you get home you can clean my mess up. He told him all of this and just then I felt him pushed his dick all the way in and let out a load moan and then another as he was shooting his load inside me. He was done, he couldn't catch his breath and I told him oh no baby thats not it, you are not going to stop until I tell you to stop. I was fucking him like a mad women because I hadn't came yet. I was riding him harder that I had ever rode my husband. My husband was still on the phone but the talking was over. It was my turn now, Jim had turned red and could hardly breath, I told him fuck me baby fuck me. I no you have one more in you. I could feel it building inside me and I picked up the phone and ask my husband if he wanted to hear his wife cum. He told me yes and I told him that Jim had giving me a real good fuck. I was ready and started to tell Jim that I was cumming and began to fuck wildly, I started to moan then yell and I told him here it cums baby here it cums and all I could feel is me cumming and his hot cum feeling me up again. He was a wiped old man, I told my husband I was finished and it was time for him to come up and clean up Jims mess. I hung up the phone and got off Jim. He was done, he couldn't move. He got up later and put on his cloths and told me he had to go get my husban. I ask him if he was going to thank him and tell him he was going to get a raise. He told me that he was going to thank him but if he was going to get a raise I would have to fuck him again. I told Jim baby any time you want to fuck me call me and come over and get you some pussy. I also told him make sure you send my husband out of town and then you can come over and spend the night fucking me.
I can't wait to see if my husband gets his raise and I know he will be going out of town soon. I will say I had fun fucking this old man. It made me feel so good knowing I was giving an old man something that he couldn't get at home. He was even a good fuck, not my best but better than my husband and his dick was much bigger than my husbands. Oh yes my husband did come home to get him some pussy, but he had to clean me up first.
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Wish my husband would let me fuck other men. Damn you sure are lucky!
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Everyone of your stories is hot i cant keep my hand off my cock when i read them
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