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Stranger Sex 1- Carnal Lust with my personal Slut MILF

Mature Women / Cougars / MILF Stories (Written By MEN)

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Default Stranger Sex 1- Carnal Lust with my personal Slut MILF

I have been reading stories from time to time on this site for years and now feel like sharing some of my most erotic, carnal, dirty, and arousing stories I have personally experienced. Everything is completely true and not embellished... Since this is my first contribution. I will give a brief background and description of who, what, why, where, when sexually.

I am a 29 yr old American male. Standing 5'11 with a body built by collegiate athletics and an active lifestyle. My Sexual Life has been a part of my life at a very young age. I first had intercourse at 4 with a girl that was a close family friend. It was completely initiated and orchestrated by her, though it was broken up by our mothers. That is my most vivid memory before 5 and yes I was and have always been Hyper Sexual in very certain ways.

I was fortunate enough to have been given every genetic gift a male needs to attract and satisfy women (well except for height). But trust me, looks, intelligence, masculinity, sex ability, and cock size are the most important, especially when it comes to attracting the types of women I love - Women who are Attractive Sluts and Freaks, like me.

At the ripe age of 22 I had my first Sexy Slut Cougar, which involves my parents! But that story is for another time... because I want to begin with my favorite sexual experience... a mutual journey into Lust with a 36 year old newly Divorced mother of 2, who I will call Sue. Now what made this experience one of the most erotically pleasurable was the Unexpectedness of How we first came together.

I have always had an strong sexual attraction to older women since I was a kid. When I first started masturbating at a young age I always imagined my teachers and friends mothers. After my first experience with a MILF/Cougar I continued to have sexual based relationships with numerous Cougars and MILFs. They seemed to love me and I me them.

Right around the end of 2011 I had mastered the art of Online Dating for Casual Sex. However, not every woman was upfront with their desire to have No Strings attached sex with a Stranger. The types of women and sexual scenarios that turn me one the most are Inappropriate, Naughty, Slutty, Animalistic... and Sue caught me off guard.

Sue did not have the most Flattering picture on her profile and her profile descriptions were vague, however her interest in meeting me for a date was very clear. On Friday December 30th I had no plans but was horny. I had blown Sue off a week ago for a date, so I did not care if she even responded. I sent her a rather Short and Rude text asking her to Get Together that night, but I had a feeling she had a strong attraction to me. I sent the text at 8:00...

By 8:05 Sue and I had made plans to meet at 9:30 for a drink at a bar. By 8:10 Sue changed the plans and she was just going to Come Over and Hang out at my house (despite knowing nothing about me except a potentially fake Online dating ad).

By 8:15 the plans were moved to 9... Now remember I wasnt very sure what Sue looked like. I was nervous she was going to be very unattractive and not enjoyable to be around. However those doubts would eventually turn into something much different.

When Sue arrived I quickly learned I was in for a very pleasant surprise in regards to her physical appearance - SUE was Sexy. Not only did Sue have a very naturally beautiful face, but she stood 5'4 with a very petite, yet fit and tight body. She had smaller breasts, but I am an Ass and Leg man, and based on the Jeans she was wearing, Sue had legs and an ass any 26 year old girl would kill to have. ..

As soon as we locked eyes and she entered my house, I could sense a very strong mutual attraction that I knew would eventually lead to me Entering inside slit her in my house. Sue did not strike me as the Nympho, Freak, Slut type... She came off as the pretty, nice, sweet type. Very shortly after Sue came off as the Sex Loving Whore I didnt think she could be. IT was the best surprise and a wonderful way to bring in a new year. With a new pussy on a Slut MILF nonetheless.

In no less than 20 minutes after she walked in my door we were giving each other all of our tounges. The type of tounge kiss that is so animalistic, only unadultered hardcore fucking could follow. I immediately took control of her and let her know that she was dealing a guy who was going to Own her like a whore. And that is exactly what she wanted, like any true Slut.

Sue and I quickly moved to my bedroom, a place we would end up spending the vast majority of the next 2 days.... Sue often didn't leave the bed and I didn't blame her. We quickly stripped each other nude so we could admire each others naked features.

As i placed my fingers on Sues pussy lips I was not surprised to feel nothing but heat and wetness, so wet my finger needed little effort to part her lips, but Sue was not loose, her petite frame blessed her with a small and tight pussy. However, I was not the only one beyond aroused. Sue showed her first signs of being a true MILF Slut when she began to worship my cock in a way that made it seem like her religion was fucking. She could not stop sucking it and caressing it. Telling me how nice and wonderful it was and how she couldn't wait to get it inside her. I wont lie, I please women, and Sue could tell. I was very ready to get inside her so I told her to spread her sexy slut legs like the Freak sex crazed nymph she is. She happily followed all my orders like a good MILF Sex Slut

I threw Sue's small fit body on the bed and slowly climbed over her with a my thick and long cock hard as a rock and begging to be placed inside her tight wet cunny. Sue made it clear there would be no more waiting or foreplay.. This was not about Oral, this was about Carnal Fornicated Fucking. The type of Fucking where a condom does not even enter a thought process despite the fact we only really met 30 minutes ago. The type of Raw Fucking that only true freaks and Nymphs can handle. And handle it we did.

As I entered Sue's snatch I could feel how tight it tight I was going to stretch her out so much that her pussy would be custom fit to my large cock... a custom fit another man may not be able to fill. And eventually that is the sad truth Sue would come to find out. Only I could make that pussy cum like her dick crazed whore self craved and NEEDED. And I did just that, I filled every centimeter of Sue's pussy with my cock. She screamed and moaned as she told me how incredible I felt and she had never had this pleasure. It was only moments later she reached her first Orgasm.

It would be her first and not her last. This was Sue's first multiple Orgasm experience from Fucking and Sue was beyond grateful and thankful...she was EnSlaved. It had only been an hour since we met and Sue was a slave to my Dick and the pleasure it brought her. The Lust was overwhelming the both of us in a way I had never experienced. Sue pledged shortly after she was now officially my Personal Slut Slave. My Fuck Whore to do with whatever I wanted, including Fucking her asshole, Fucking her friends, Making her leave her kids alone. Making her beg me for dick at all hours. But believe me, I love pussy and I did what I pleased with the Slut Sue whenever I wanted. And she was not lying as i would find out during our endless fucking in the weeks to cum...

But I had still yet to CUM and I was now ready to CUM. I only like to CUM one place, and that is as deep inside a woman or girls pussy as I can place my seed. It does not matter if they are on the pill or any other birth control, a stranger, highly fertile. I CUM inside unless forced not to...

I asked Sue while she still continued to take my rock hard cock with pleasure and determination if she was on Birth Control. She immediately screamed No, but not in the way that implied 'Dont Cum Inside' the type of NO that screamed in carnal pleasure that she wanted me to inseminate her and breed her deep seed. Without hesitation I grabbed Sue by the back of the neck and told her I was going to CUM deep inside her and Impregnate her pussy. Her only response was BEGGING me to do exactly what I jsut said TO CUM DEEP INSIDE HER and BREED HER PUSSY.

It was moments later that I filled Sues pussy with my loads of Semen. I could not stop pumping Semen in her for close to a minute and she did not want me to stop. We gave each other more tounge and complimented each other on what had just happened.

Then it happened 4 more times throughout the rest of the night. Each time ending with ME CUMMING DEEP inside her beaten and swollen hole. She decided in the morning that she could not return home to be with her kids due to her New COCK and CUM addiction because she would only end up driving right back to my house with her kids and forcing them to witness how big of a Cum Whore and Slut their mother is. So Sue stayed at my house and continued to Fuck me and take my Cum without hesitation. Sue loved our LUST and my CUM so much she knew that I had inseminated her pussy, a LUST bastard had been bred. This would not be the end of our Sexual relationship. Sue only aborted the child so she I could continue to inseminate and impregnate her until she eventually had to wanted to keep a Lust baby and I had to break the relationship.

Sue would continue to cheat on her new boyfriends with me because their lack of Cock size, staying power, and fucking ability could not even make her tight twat get close to explodding in carnal pleasure like I did. Sue would often leave her boyfriend to come take my CUM.

Sue was such a loyal Slut Whore that she demanded her boyfriends wear condoms and prematurely ejaculate outside of her Slut Slit out of Respect for her Addiction to my Cock. Only my cock was worthy of feeling her Whore hole without protection. Only my cock with worthy of dumping load after load of fertile Semen into her her insides.

Sue will be missed.
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