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my first time

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Hi, I'm new here
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Default my first time

My story begins about 4 months ago while i was up at school. I am a senior at college and i am gay. Up until this one night i never acted upon my feelings toward other guys.

Me and my best friend who was visiting me for the weekend were doing our usually thing, which was getting totally smashed on Friday night. This friend of mine i consider amazingly attractive, he is a thin guy who is nice and toned but not bulky or ripped, kind of the perfect amount of muscle with short brown hair and really cute face. I had been attracted to him since i first met him my freshmen year but it never led to anything other then the occasional peek in the shower.
Anyway we were hanging out at the bar till closing at around 2 am. We both stumbled back to my house where we both just collapsed in my bed. we both just laid in bed watching some TV and finally i said that i was going to go to sleep, he did the same. So there i was with with this boy i fantasized over for the last few years and i decided to bite the bullet and i put my had on his dick. he was laying facing away from me and at first he didn't really respond. he just laid there, so i went one step further and i put my hand down his boxer shorts and got my first touch of another mans cock. I felt it getting bigger and by this point i already had a raging hard on and i began to stroke and jerk his growing dick. He then rolled over onto his back and we made eye contact and my heart froze, i didn't know if he would be ok with it, appalled by it, angered by it. i was literally terrified, but his reaction gave me total relief. He simply pulled off his boxer shorts and just laid there enjoying it.

I decided to go for it all as i moved my head from around his chest down to his cock and i began licking it. I slid the head of his cock into my mouth and i began giving him head and i could tell he was enjoying it. I brought my head up from his dick and i looked him in the eyes and leaned in and kissed him, he responded by kissing me back and pushing my head back down and i preceded to blow him. after a few more minutes he came in my mouth and i got my first taste of cum, which i was honestly surprised at the velocity it came out and hit the back of my throat. I pulled off his cock just to be hit in the face with another shot of cum i went back down on it to try and keep the stuff from getting all over the place. I wiped my face of in the blanket and continued to suck his dick for a few more minutes before coming up and laying beside him.

I leaned in and we began kissing each other. I asked him if he was gay and he told me that he had always liked guys but like me he had never really acted upon it. He rested his head on my chest as i ran my hand through his short hair. He moved his hand down to my cock and began rubbing and the jerking it. He looked up at me and we embraced in another passionate kiss. I told him that i wanted to suck his cock again and he obliged me by coming up on his knees and putting his cock in my mouth as i laid on my back. As the night went on we went back and forth kissing and sucking each other dicks.

We literally kept it up until the sun came up the next morning.....

and thats the first time ive ever been with a guy

Thanks hoped u enjoyed hearing about it
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wow!! i have lots of gay friends and they tell me their sex stories, but so far, this is one of the hottest
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Hi, I'm new here
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Smile nice want me

I am so hard having read your story my dick is throbing all 11 inches i wish you could suck it
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Default Great Story

Its so wonderful the way you had it the first time. Its so much nicer when you have sex with a friend.
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Default Wow!

Very , very good story.

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