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My wifes slutty friend tells me about my wifes wild night

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Default My wifes slutty friend tells me about my wifes wild night

I had been with my wifes friend 3 times. We were texting and calling each other from time to time. My wife and Kate had gone to Vegas together abot a year and a half eairlier. I was telling Kate of the guilt I felt for our little affair one night on the phone when she told me I wasn't the only one who had been bad. She gave me a detailed story of a wild night in Vegas that went something like this. They were by the pool drinking when some guys from Chicago began talking to them. They were flirting and having a good time. Kate was out to get fucked and said my wife was telling her to go for it with the younger studs. Kate told her to let loose because it would all stay in Vegas. Kate said my wife said no way I am not into it. They made plans to meet the guys at a bar that night. There were 4 guys Kate and my wife. Kate made it clear she was going back with one particular guy. They spent the night drinking and partying when Kate and her guy decided to leave. They went back to his room and had a good time. My wife stayed with the other guys for a couple more hours at the bar. She went back to the hotel with them and one of the guys said he would walk her to the room. When they got to the room Kate was coming back. They met at the door and Kate said I will leave if you two want some privacy. My wife said nothing is going to happen here. Kate invited the guy in and they sat around the room talking. At one point Kate said if you aren't going to fuck this guy I am. He was wanting it and didn't care which one it was. Both of them being very hot I don't blame him. Kate said her and the guy began to kiss and play on the bed. My wife moved to the other bed and sat and acted according to Kate like she wasn't watching. They started to get into it when Kate said this is your last chance. My wife succumed to the pressure and said I want him. She said the guy got up and walked over to the bed. He held out his hands and and pulled my wife up to him. He slowly started to undress her and she did the same to him. Kate described the guy as 27 years old, tanned and had the body of an athlete. For my wife who was 42 at the time I am sure this was a pleasent site. I am also athletic but I am not 27. My wife being shy asked Kate to leave but Kate assured her she wouldn't watch. She said they were still standing getting all of their clothes off. My wife loves the undressing part of sex. They had their clothes off and he was very excited at the sight of my wifes nice body. They were kissing passionately and he laid her down on the bed. He spread her legs apart and was laying on the side of her kissing her and rubbing her wet pussy. Kate said she began to masterbate while watching them. My wife kept repeating this is so wrong. The guy asked her if he should stop and she said no I want you in me so bad. He moved down and sucked her tits and began to plung his finger in her. She moaned and whispered use 2 fingers. He put another finger in her as he worked her tits with his mouth and my wife was rithing with pleasure. He then moved on top of her and slid his cock in her. Kate described his cock as very nice and very big. Kate said as he got it in her and started to fuck her she started to have an orgasm and was shuttering and twitching underneath his powerful body. He flipped her over and she began to ride his cock. Kate said it was the longest orgasm she had ever seen. My wife collapsed and rolled off of him before he was finished. Kate said my wife was spent but started stroking him with her hand. Kate asked the guy if he wanted to come to her bed so he got up and went over to her. He slid her panties over to the side and pulled her to the edge of the bed and slid his cock in her. Kate looked over at my wife and she was masterbating while watching them. Now I didn't think my wife knew about self pleasure but now I know she does. Kate rolled over and he got on his knees on the bed and began fucking her from behind. He looked at my wife and said come join us. Kate said she rolled over on her bed and put her ass in the air and he pulled out of Kate and went over to my wife and began fucking her from behind. Kate isn't shy so she went over and started to caress his balls as he fucked my wife. Kate said my wifes second orgasm was violent. As he fucked her she was moving back into him until she fell to the bed again. Kate pushed him down on the bed next to my wife and got on top of him. Kate said having my wife laying there on the bed made her enjoy his cock even more. She looked at my wife and said he is so good isn't he. Kate said my wife laid there smiling and Kate began to cum. When Kate was finished she said she went down and began to suck his cock until he came and shot his load in her mouth. They all laid there for a few minutes and then he got up and left. Kate and my wife fell asleep where they had ended up. In the morning my wife was feeling guilty and sorry she had cheated. Kate being Kate talked her out of those feelings and said the old saying what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. This was before Kate and I had ever gotten together. I didn't know how to feel but I knew that my wife wasn't as mad as she should have been when she caught Kate and I on the chair because of that night. Now I was planning my next time with Kate and not so worried about getting caught.
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Can't really blame someone for doing something that you are also doing.
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