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I seduce my husband best friend

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Question I seduce my husband best friend

I start of all my letter by letting you know that my husband likes watching me fuck his friends. The problem is they don't know he is watching or that he knows. This is a story that just happened a few days ago and his friend didn't know my husband brought me to the lake to see if he would fuck me while my husband was not around.
My husband and I went to his friends Johns lake house to pay a visit. We haven't seen John in awhile so we decided to make the short trip.
The last time I saw John I was a very straight muture women. Even though I think John is tall dark and handsome, I would have never thought I would be going to his lake house to seduce him.
My husband wants to see how many of his friends will fuck me without him knowing it. So far he is batting zero and I'm batting 100. Men just do not friends when it comes to sex.
I am so glad my husband picked John. I have always had the hots for his friend John. He is so good looking, tall and handsom and I love tall men.
I dressed in a blue jean dress that buttons up the front and I made sure only three buttons were in place for the trip. I was so horny thinking I was going to have full access to my husbands friend without my husband watching or being around while I tried to fuck his friend.
We arrived at the lake house and Johns was outside working and I got hot just looking at him, knowing that soon I would have his dick in me.
When we pulled up to the house John was standing on the steps and as I opened the door to truck I gave him a view of what he was about to get. He really took a good long look. He came out to the truck and gave me a big hug. He then pushed me back a few feet and told me how good I looked. I had been working out sinse I quit work. He was giving my tits the once over, because I was not wearing a bra and my tits were almost out of my dress. My husband had to butt his ass in and ask to see his shop. I thought he was going to stay out of my ways so I could do what I know how to do.
We later walked around his house looking at all the changes he had made to the lake house. This is when I told my husband didn't you want to see Johns new boat. My husband said yes and started down to the lake. I then grabbed Johns hand and told him to show all the new changes to the inside of the house. I told my husband we would be down after we toured the house. I really meant I will be down after I suck and fuck his best friend. I was so hot know I was going to try and seduce this good looking hunk.
We went into the house and the first thing I wanter to see was his new bedroom. It was very nice and I knew I had to look around just to make it look real.
The bedroom was big with a sitting area that over looked the lake. The sitting area was all glass and had two chairs and a love seat in it. We were standing at the window and I could see my husband standing on the dock, I started to wave to my husband. He did not respond and John said that sometimes the sun shines on the windows and you can't see. I didn't understand because I could see my husband perfectly.
I then turn around and sat down in one of the chairs and told John how nice they were. I then ask him to sit down and he did. This was my time to act. I was very nervouse because I didn't want to fuck my husbands other friends but I did want to fuck John.
I stood up and moved in front of John and started to unbutton my dress. He ask what are you doing, but before I had time to answer my dress was open and he was giving me a good look. I ask do you like what you see. He told me yes but your husband will kill me if he see you doing this. I told him don't worry he has been talking for weeks about your new boat and will be down at the dock for awhile. I then got down on my knees and looked him in the face and told him to keep an eye on my husband.
I then started to undo his shorts, I knew everything was going to go my way when he didn't say a word. I removed his dick from his shorts and started to suck in slowly looking up at him while his dick went in and out of my mouth. I even had to ask him if he was keeping an eye on my husband because he was looking at my mouth on his dick more that where my husband was at. I was in heaven I had always wanted this man I couldn't believe in just a few minutes if my plan was on schedule I would be fucking him. I had only been sucking for about 3 minutes when he started to buck alittle. This is where I started doing my stuff, taking his whole dick in my mouth and asking him to cum in my mouth. This was all he needed and started to cum and I took all his cum and gladly swallowed every drop.
I then got up off my knees and looked out at my husband still looking at Johns boat. He was doing what he said he would and stay out of my way. At least he does that well. This is when I thought it would be nice for John to fuck me while he looked my husband in the face. John had got up from the chair and button his shorts when I told him not to put that thing up yet. He said we couldn't do anything else because we needed to get to the dock. I turned the chair around drop my dress to the floor and ask him to fuck me first and then we could go to the dock.
I bent over and put each hand on the arm of the chair and waited for John. I could feel him walk up behind me and he said I don't know if I can do this. I then turn around gave him a big kiss and ask him to please fuck me. I told him I have wanted him for years and I needed his dick inside me. I started stroking his dick and ask him if he could still see my husband. He said he is still at the dock and he is looking up this way. I then turned around and told him then fuck me before he decides to come and find us. I could feel him moving into position and I reach between my legs and started to guide his dick in. It felt so good. I could see my husband looking at the windows like he was watching a drive in movie show. I was hoping he was taking note, because he needs some help when it comes to knowing how to satisfy me.
John had gotten his dick deep inside me and was pounding me so hard. It was so erotic knowing that my husband best friend was fucking me into my first orgasm wihile my husband watched from the cheap seats. My orgasm went all through my body and I was weak in the knees. I didn't have anything to worry about John was holding onto my hips and had his dick to keep me from falling. He was pounding me even harded and I couldn't wait to feel his hot cum inside me. I started helping him out by getting up on my toes so he could get me better. He is 6'3" tall and I'm only 5'5". I started to do alittle trash talking and told him to please cum inside me. I told him to fuck me hard baby fuck me hard and deep. Please cum inside me. This worked in reverse and I was the one that started cumming. Just as I started I felt him buck really hard and let out a load moan. Oh fuck what a orgasm I was having know he was cumming inside me just as I was cumming.
We finished and went to the dock. My husband stayed out of the way most of the day and I got fucked a number of times. I hope my husband wants to come by to the lake soon. I wish he would just let me come by myself. I hope John doesn't come our way any time soon, because if he does I don't think I will have enough will power to turn him away.
Like in all my letter I leave a clue to who I am. The first person to guess who I am wins. The prize is me, any way you want me.
Clue: I was a cheer leader in school in South Carolina.
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