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Need a womans point of view.

Wife Sharing / Swapping / Cuckold Stories

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Wink Need a womans point of view.

Hello Ladys
I need your help. My husband has just recently wanted me to start having sex with other men. I can't understand why he would want another man to fuck me. I had an affaire about 2 years ago and he wanted to kill me for having sex with a guard at work. Now he enjoys watching me fuck mostly his friends. He sometimes watches from a hidden place while I let his friends fuck me.
Now he has started letting me fuck some of his friends without him in the house, but he is close at hand. He then wants to know all the details, but usually while he is fucking me himself.
He doesn't understand while he is fucking me and asking for the details all I can think about is the great fuck his friend has just given me.
There is another problem well not a problem for me but it will be for him if he keeps allowing his friends to fuck me. You see all of the friends that have fucked me with only one exception have be well hung. It has took me places he can never take me. Even the one guy that wasn't as large as the others was still bigger than he is.
I have a bigger problem, when this first started he had a black guy take me, this guy with the help of my husband fucked me even though I was pleading to my husband not to let him have me. I will say after he was in me for awhile I started to like it and it ended up being a very good fuck, much better than any thing my husband has given me.
The problem I have now, is I like it and can't wait for my husband to tell me who he wants me to fuck next. He also has let me pick some of the guys.
I just want to know should I stop this because I know it is very wrong or should I have my fun until he decides he has seen enough dicks in me. I'm just waiting to hear him say he wants another woman on me too. Little does he know I have always wanted to know what this was like, so I guess when this comes up I will say no way and he will win out and I will have to do it.
Let me know what you think.
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wil & nance
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Hi Geen eyes , enjoy your self. My wife is a free sprit and has enjoyed lovers all our married life. She has a very high sex drive and she has posted a story about our early years of married life which I believe is very accurate. I have just finished a follow to her story and will post soon once it has been editored. Many men enjoy their wifes sexuality and like to see her enjoy herself. My wife dreams most night of fucking a lover which I find a great turn on. Wil

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