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First Time Lesbian Fantasy

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Wink First Time Lesbian Fantasy

I’ve been waiting to experience another voluptuous woman with huge tits and a round, curvy ass for some time, and it’s finally happening!

You and I have arranged to meet up at my place … I’m excited! As I shower and get ready, all I can think about is sucking another girl’s erect nipples and fondling her huge tits!

Yours are exceptional, and even larger than my own… mmmmm… I can’t wait!!!

You arrive at my front door. Although you are wearing regular street clothes, your twinkling eyes and provocative smile belie what is awaiting me … underneath!

We hug and I invite you upstairs. The candles are lit and some soft, sultry jazz music is playing in the background. I help you peel off your light summer jacket and admire your bulging breasts… I can hardly help myself… I want to touch them …

I look at you questioningly, feeling just a little nervous, since I’ve never been with another girl before in this way … you smile knowingly … this is not your first experience with another woman and you gently take my hands and place them on your ample breasts. I close my eyes … they are so large and bountiful. As I do this, your hands wander to my breasts as well. I smile shyly …

We both help each other off with our outer garments and are left standing there in bra and panties. You are wearing a bra that is pink and lacy, with your deep cleavage and overflowing breasts beckoning me. You have matching lacy pink panties, and … oh! Sweet Surprise! Crotchless! With a touch of black lace! Oooooohhhh! How exciting!

You lean towards me, burying your nose in my own ample cleavage, and I close my eyes … enjoying your soft skin against my own. Your hands cup my own large, well rounded breasts and squeeze them together appreciatively. I am wearing a fuchsia bra with black lace and you begin to push down the strap of my bra … revealing my tits in all their soft, round fullness.

We’ve talked on the phone, and we are both crazy for tit-sucking and getting our own tits sucked! You smile at mine admiringly and gently squeeze on nipple, as you lean down and begin to suck hungrily on the other one. My eyes close in ecstasy!

What sweet sensations are coursing through my body! I can feel my pussy getting wet and my finger reaches down to finger your own exposed nether regions. You reach down to push my panties aside as your finger reaches inside my wet pussy and begins to massage my erogenous zones …

Before we know it, we are on the bed, both of us buck naked, excitedly exploring, sucking, licking, massaging, caressing and generally enjoying one another’s bodies. All shyness is gone now and we begin to work ourselves up to a frenzy. We take turns sucking and nibbling each other’s nipples … all the while, pleasuring each other other’s multiple erogenous zones … caressing each other’s round asses, reaching into the other’s pussy, sucking each other’s clit …. Mmmmmm, it is quite heavenly…. We understand each other, and though we are passionate, we are also feminine and gentle when need be …

Soon I find myself on my back, with your face between my legs and you are sucking and licking my pussy as you finger fuck me with a vengeance! My hips gyrate and I buck like a young filly as your experienced hands, fingers and mouth take me to a place of absolute sensual delight I’ve never been before!

I groan and moan with pleasure … I am heady with the intoxicating sensuality of being with another voluptuous woman who is pleasuring me as only another woman can! You hardly leave my nipples alone, knowing that continuous stimulation to my hard, red nipps will only heighten my orgasm as you bring me to soaring heights with sweet pussy play!

Eventually, I grin at you mischievously and reach into my night stand … and pull out a massively long, thick, soft, yet firm double dildo! We both squeal excitedly and position ourselves comfortably with pillows so we can enjoy this wonderful new toy to the max! Within seconds we are both gyrating, bucking, pulsing and pumping as we find our rhythm together.

The sheets are getting soaked as we start to cum and cum and cum …. We are both tall and discover that our body types and senses of rhythm are quite compatible! All of a sudden… I see you squirt! I look on … amazed, and enjoying watching your juices spill onto my legs and onto the sheets! Then …. You look at me knowingly and tell me turn onto my stomach. I do so and shove my ass up into the air… not knowing what is next, but only hoping for ….

Oh yes, sweet Jesus! You gently blindfold me with a soft cloth, position my ass and kneel behind me. I hear the sound of you getting something from your bag. As I wait impatiently … I am enjoying the element of surprise. By now I know I can trust you. We both have similar views regarding mutual respect and we are both pleasure sluts, not having any desire to inflict pan on one another ….

All of a sudden, I feel my wet, dripping vagina being penetrated …. By a thick, lifelike dildo. As you gently enter me, just a little at a time, I move with you, matching your rhythm. You grab my ass and guide me as you take long, slow strokes. Ohhhhh, the pleasure is fucking amazing! Each thrust goes a little deeper and I cannot help myself… I begin to moan loudly and scream, “OH baby, fuck me!!!” Yes yes yes! Give it to me girl! Fuck me … so sweet! Yes baby! Fuck me fuck me fuck me FUCK ME!!!”

Soon… we have reached a frenetic pace, and I feel your hands firmly gripping my ass as you take control! All I know is that you are assaulting my pussy hard and fast, as your long, thick strap-on dildo bangs my open, dripping pussy and you fuck me like I’ve never been fucked before! I’m screaming, moaning, gyrating, hardly believing the sensations and emotions I’m experiencing. All fo a sudden, you lean back and give an extra hard, long thrust, holding it deep inside me! FUCK! It hurts so good!!! Damn! I close my eyes and scream, “YES YES YES YES!!!! Fuck I’m cumming! Oh baby!!” … and you just hold me close as your girl-cock stays deep inside me… You reach around and give my nipples a final, aggressive squeeze, sending a jolt of sensual pleasure right through me! FUCK!

And at that point … we know we are both sated for the moment…

I collapse and you fall on top of me … as we embrace, wrapping our legs and arms around each other. We look into each other’s eyes, kiss once on the lips, then relax into the deepest, most peaceful slumber ….

As I fall into a deep, fitful sleep … I am already fantasizing about taking that strap-on and fucking the living daylights out of YOU!

I doze off … with a smile on my face … knowing this is only the first of many more wonderful adventures with you …..
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Damn... I'd love to see that! Very hot again 38DDD !
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Damn thats hot! Glad you had fun! Post some more stories i'd love to read them ;D
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:3 8DDD:amazing fantasy... wish i was that girl
hot and dirty
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Great tits, beautiful Nipples. I am going to have to share with my hubby they are way to nice to not share Im sure we will have good sex tonight with those beautiful tits and Nips, You should sell your photos girl you would make some good money, there would be alot of good sex going on because of you
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ugh my cock is so hard for you! great story!
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