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Me and the neighbors boy

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Thumbs up Me and the neighbors boy

Hello, Let me give you alittle information about myself. I'm sure one day someone will figure out who I am. I am 5'7", 125 lbs. have short hair, I am very attractive, one of my best assests is my 38 D cups. All the guys comment about my green eyes how sexy they are.
I have been married for 25 years and have only cheated once on my husband. I was seduced by a guard at work. I never knew what was coming, he was so smooth. I had to go to his office to conduct audits and we began small talk and the next thing I know we are talking about sex and sex life at home. I really never wanted to have an affair but it happened. My husband found out about the affair and we almost divorced over it. My husband was so angry that he almost lost his job over this affair.
This is way I am having a problem with what has happend in the year after my affair. My husband has been asking me to fuck other men while he watches.
As of this writing he has let a black friend fuck me, my ex boss fuck me, two of his ex friends, and now he has introduced me to our neighbors son who is only 20 and is in his first year of Augusta State.
This started one day while we were out by the pool and my husband informed me that the young boy was watching me from his back deck. We live on acerage and I never wear my top while I'm sunning. This day my husband wanted me to give him a blow job while the young boy watched. I agreed and kind of got alittle turned on knowing that this young boy would probably be jacking off while he watched.
The next day to my surprise he went next door and ask the young boy (Jamie) if he would like to make some money and help him repair our back deck. The young boy said he would love to help.
They worked up until about noon and my husband came in and said for me to go put my suit on and meet them at the pool. I hurried to change, I knew this young boy was going to get an eye full.
When I got to the pool they had already jumped in with there shorts on. My husband ask if I would like to join them and I hesitated at first but decided what the heck. I got up and into the cold water I went. My nipples were erect and Jamie couldn't get his eyes off my tits. My husband noticed this and ask Jamie if he thought about his wife. Jamie stated I think she is hot.
This is where I get confused, because my husband is very jealous. My husband told me to take my top off. I ask him are you sure and he said yes, so I reached back facing Jamie his eyes focused on my tits and I dropped my top into the water. My husban asked Jamie what he thought. He said your wife is beautiful.
The next step really shocked me. My husband looked at Jamie and said Jamie I want you to take my wife into our house and do what ever you like to her. He then looked at me and told me that what ever he wants you give him. I started to ask him if was sure but before I could say a word, he said you only have one hour and your time starts now.
Jamie looked at me very puzzled wondering if this was a dream and I just took his hand and lead him to the house. Once we were in the bedroom I started kissing him and taking his hand and putting on my tit. He ask if I was sure that Mr. C wouldn't get mad. I told him he said to any thing you want to me, so I asked what do you want me to do. He told me he had always wanted to fuck me. He confessed that he had been watching me for years. I then got down on my knees and removed his wet shorts. His dick was hard and twice as big as my husband who is just average. If my husband could see what was about to fuck his wife I don't think he would agree to this. I slid his dick into my mouth and started to suck it trying to do my best for this young stud. My husband has always wanted to have a dick this big, he has always had a problem with the size of his dick. I only wish he could see me giving this boy this best blow job of his life. I could feel his rythem start to change and knew if was only time before he released his load into my mouth. This is when he looked down and asked if it was ok for him to cum in my mouth. I told him please shoot all of it down my throat. That was all I had to say the cum start flowing and I wondered if he would ever stop cumming in my mouth.
I then climbed unto the bed and told him to come and fuck me. I could tell he was very nervous and I told him it would be ok. Thats when he told me he had never had any pussy before. I was shocked not only was he a virgin that would be the first virgin I had ever had. I spread my legs so that he could get a good view and I guess he just knew what to do next. He position his dick in front of my pussy and tried to hit home. He was nervous and could not find the mark, so I positioned his dick just inside my pussy lips and told him there it is baby and he then started pushing his dick into me. I was reaching for something to hold on to, his dick was so thick and was hard to take. I so glad my husband was not watching this he would know that after this fuck he would never be able to satisfy me again. Jamie pushed his dick deeper and deeper into me. I could not believe the feeling this young boy was giving me. I begged him to fuck me harder, and he did exact what I asked. I started cumming and I though I would never finish. My husband has never got me to cum so quick. We fucked until our hour was up and then my husband came to the sun room and called for us to come back outside.
We both got dressed and returned to the pool. My husband ask Jamie if she had did everything he ask her to do. He replied yes sir. I thought this very funny telling my husband yes sir just after giving his wife the best fuck of her life.
My husband and I later went in and had sex. It was better than most we have had. I guess because he was asking all the details of my afternoon delight. Little does my husband know while he was fucking me, all I could think about was that big dick that was in me just hours before. I will say one good thing came out of us having sex. My husband always eats me before fucking me, I guess he forgot a young stud had filled me up with cum and now he could clean his mess up.
The next part of this story is something I hope my husband never finds out about. My husband exercises each morning and is gone from home most to the morning. I'm glad he is trying to stay in shape for me. But the real reason I'm glad his is gone is because Jamie comes over twice a week and fucks me. I can not get enough of this young boy. I have never been fucked like this before, he hits spots that my husband has never got close to. I love my husband, and I hope he doesn't come to his senses any time soon. I only thought the guard at work had a big dick and could fuck. This young boy takes me to places I have never been.
I need someone to tell me if I'm crazy for fucking a boy 35 years younger than me our should I just enjoy what is happening at the moment.
I also need to know if I should tell me husband his young friend is coming over and taking his wifes pussy twice a week.
I need to know if I should ask him to watch this young stud fuck me.
I know there is someone out there reading this that thinks they know who I am. Just remember the sexy green eyes, short hair, and big tits. Oh did I mentioned I'm from Augusta. If you can figure this out maybe you will come and fuck me too.
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Default A fantastic story !

I had a similiar experience with a woman your age if you would like to read it .....
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have you ever filmed any of these encounters??
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not crazy at all this is super hot your husbands cock isn't as big or as hard as the young studs enjoy it while you can. Plus you know all his friends know he is fucking his huge tit milf neighbor.
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Wow...that's very hot greeneyes and that boy is lucky to have such great neighbors!

Btw, I'll move your story to the 'mature sex stories' section since it's more appropriate...
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i would definately fuck your pussy hard you sound beautiful and fun
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Hell, no! Keep on fucking him.
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Wow Greeneyes wish I had been that lucky boy. I wouldn't mind losing my virginity like he did.
johnnysex13 my desired username
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I'd come over if I was nearby!
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Default someday

I am still a virgin!
Maby someday this will happen! haha!
Great storie
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