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caught by girlfriends sister

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Default caught by girlfriends sister

This happend way back when I was 18. My girlfriend and I just fooled around and once in a while she'd give me a handjob. Well one day we were upstairs in her room and she just started giving me a handjob. Suddenly her mother calls her from downstairs. She wasn't home when I first came over. Anyway my girlfriend freaks because I wasn't suppose to be over if her parents weren't home. She tells me I have to get dressed and she'll distract her mother in back. I tell her she has to finish because this erection isn't going away and it's too big to just walk outside with and go unnoticed. I had alot of erections at that age and knew with the shorts I had there was no hiding it. So my girlfriend tells me to finish myself, she has to get downstairs so her mother doesn't come up.
My girlfriend runs out the door and down the stairs. I proceed to stroke myself. I close my eyes to picture my girlfriend so I don't stress and take too long. Anyway I suddenly hear a bang. I open my eyes praying it isn't the mother. Turns out it was the sister. She's 18. I stop dead. She smiles and explains she was just getting her blouse back from the closet but cant find it. She then tells me I should continue because my girlfriend cant distract their mother forever and I need to sneak out. So slowly I start up again and keep an eye on the sister who has her back to me digging thru the closet. Finally she pulls out the blouse she was looking for and turns around. I'm getting close now but she isn't leaving. In fact she watching me and finally says if it helps it's the nicest cock she's ever seen. This did help. I exploded. She laughed and said she'd get me a towel. She tossed the towel in to me and told me to hurry.
She never told her sister and neither did I. Until she went away to college everytime I saw her she would wink or make some comment if my girlfriend wasn't near by.
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El Suave
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Pretty hot stuff man! Was the sister hot?
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Originally Posted by El Suave View Post
Pretty hot stuff man! Was the sister hot?
Yeah she was hot. My gf was cute, girl next door type. Her sister was out of this world hot.
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well, i can't decide now who's luckier..u or
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She didn't want to give you a hand? Hot story though man!
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funny but very nice!!!!
good sister!
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lol lucky she was so chill (:
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Thumbs up Wow!

Did you ever get a chance to fuck her?
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