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My cousin and I

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Default My cousin and I

This story takes place when i was 14 and my cousin was 13.
My family lived in texas, and my fathers side of the family had conme to visit.
They were leaving in two days and i was very sad to have to say goodbye to my cousin, Rachel.
She had long, red hair that made her pretty face seem even prettier.
She was about 5'3 and had a fairly matured body. Her breasts, which Rachel liked to show off with her low cut shirts were larger than average, and her ass was perfectly round and attractive.
My whole family went shopping for our big meal in the evening. My parents had invited our neighbours over for dinner. Our neighbours had a daughter who was 18 years old and i got an erection every time i saw her.
Rachel and i were the only ones who stayed home, because we were too lazy to go shopping.
"Hey, do you wanna go play ping pong?" she asked. "Sure." i replied, smiling.
We went downstairs and played for a while. After that, we got bored and she started playing a game on her iPod. I sat down next to her and watched her play a game that didnt really interest me at all. I only sat next to her because i could see right down her shirt. "Wanna play truth or dare?" she asked. "Sure, why not" she opened and app on her phone and i had to pick. I chose truth. The question was: What is the last dirty thing you did?
My cousin and I had never been to shy with each other so i answered honestly. "To tell the truth, ive been looking at your boobs the whole time." She blushed. "And ya know what?, you also got a boner." she said, grinning. This took me completely by surprise. The next thing i knew we were kissing. her lips were soft, and her lipstick tasted like some fruit that i couldnt recognize. Without her permission, i plaeced my hand on her ass, and started rubbing it. She pushed herself away from me and took off her hotpants and her top, so that she was only in her underwear. She leaned over ad i started to caress her tits. They felt so nice, it was unbelievable. After a while i got bored with that and had her strip naked in front of me. I unzipped my pants, and pulled them off. There was my dick, fully erect and waiting to be relieved.
Rachel gasped at the size of it. She took the head and started licking it. It felt better than anything i had ever experienced. She put my whole dick in her mouth and started moving back and forth. Later, she swallowed my cum and immideatly stuck it in her pussy. I caressed her tits as she rode my shaft. After a while we got tired and stopped.
I thought the fun was over, until our neighbours came...
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