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I need ideas

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Hi, I'm new here
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Default I need ideas

I'm going on a trip next week with a special someone. I need some suggestions for funky and exciting surprises. I'm male and she and I are very adventurous and comfortable with one another. We are headed to a wedding out of town where we don't know too many people so public displays are an option plus I can order a few things and have them sent to to hotel in advance as well.

I promise if I use a posted idea that I will provide a DETAILED description of how it goes.
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Sex in public is always a big favorite of mine. Risky sex where you could get caught gets your heart racing like none other.

Depending on your table at the wedding, have one of you go under and give oral to the other.
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I know this is probably late but.

With a friend like that, go get a couples massage. You get undressed in front of each other.

If they don't specifically tell you to cover yourself with a towel or something, that means it is ok just to stay naked on the table.

If you both stay naked on the table, you'll find it to be a good time to be had by all.
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