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fucking my bfs best friend while my bf was asleep

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Hi, I'm new here
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Default fucking my bfs best friend while my bf was asleep

my boyfriend and i have been dating a very long time and over the past 1-2 years we have kind of been exploring how much my boyfriend loves to watch me get filled up by other cocks or the idea of one night letting me go out and do what i like with other guys and telling him all the details when i come home while he fucks the hell out of me.
so the first story i am going to tell on here involves one of his best friends. i have been friends with this guy for just as long as i have dated my bf and we have gotten very close over the years so i have always wanted to to see what he looks like naked and have a bit of fun with his dick.

one night very recently we were all out drinking quite a bit and having fun and so i decided i was going to flirt with my bfs best friend lets call him jackson. i was wearing a very tight black dress showing off my toned body and D cup tits. when we were out at the club jackson and i were dancing and i was whispering naughty things in his ear telling him how much i want to fuck him and have wanted to for a very long time so i started grinding my ass agianst him as we danced and i could feel him harden up under me.

my boyfriend decided he wanted to go somewhere else so as we were in the cab heading our own way i get a text from jackson asking where i had gone and saying how much he was enjoying having fun with me. i knew i had him now. and this made me feel so sexy and powerful i was starting to to get very horny for what could happen.

little did i know my bf and jackson were texting and jackson had come to meet us as we were leaving the club. my bf had invited him back to our house for a threesom for a surprise for me. i could feel my self starting to get wet as all three of us sat in the back seat of the cab me in the middle of course.
when we got home to my bfs place my bf came and handed jackson and i a drink each and said he would be right back and as he left gave me a cheeky little smile which i knew meant i could do what ever i like.

jackson and i sitting alone in the room he was sitting on a chair just looking at some things on line and i was on my knees next to him. i couldnt take the tension anymore so i decided to make the first move. i started running my hands up the inside of his shorts lightly grazing my nails on his skin as i took my hands down his thighs pulling his pants down with me.
i had been waiting for this moment for so long, seeing his hard dick bounce out in all its glory, made my pussy so wet and throbbing for it to be inside me. i took hold of it and slowly lowered my mouth down around his dick feeling it fill up my mouth and almost to my throat. coming back up i looked up at him to make sure he was enjoying him self and i could see the lust he had for me in his eyes so i kept licking the head of his dick then took it down deep in my mouth again. as i was craving his cock more and more i felt him put his hand on the back of my head and slightly push my head down further on his cock until i gagged. fuck i love when guys do that. every now and again i would look up and give him a cheeky look while i continue to swollow his dick.
after a while we both stop and realise my bf still hasnt come back. jackson is a bit concerned since its his best friend and dosnt want to do anything wrong by him but i assure him he dosnt mind. so i asked him "do you want to fuck me" he looked me in the eyes he grabbed me and through me on to the couch "fuck yes" and he put my legs over my head and lowered his cock in to me. feeling his meat stretch open my pussy was amazing, sliding right in my tight wet pussy. and he fucked me hard until i came. then i lowered my legs and he started kissing me while fingering and teasing my pussy with one then two fingers bringing me close to the edge again.
i told him i wanted him to fuck me doggy style so i got up on all fours and pushed my ass in to the air so he could slide back in to me and feel my ass push up against him. i have known him for so long so knowing he could pretty much see every part of me and i could hear he was thoroughly enjoying it made me feel amazing. as he started to fuck me i told him to spank me, and as he did it sent me over the edge and i collapsed cumming around his cock again.
finally i layed him on the floor and rode his dick. grabbing his hands and putting the on my tits as i bounced around on him. then getting of my knees and putting my feet to the ground so i could really grind on his dick and spreading my legs so he could get a view of my perfect little pussy with his dick inside it. seeing him look up at me and watching my body ride him made me feel so sexy being lusted and fucked by another guy all while my bf was somewhere in the house!
we stopped and i said id go see where my bf had gone and i would meet jackson in the shower. as i searched the house i went upstiars to his bedroom last and there he was lying asleep on the bed! i had just had one of the best nights of sex in my life and he had been asleep! so i closed the door and naughtly went back down stairs and joined jackson in the shower where we started kissing again. i step away and really take in what an amazing body he has, so toned and ripped and tanned i could stare at it and do many naughty things to it all day!
then i got down on to my knees not letting my eyes leave his grabbed his shaft and slid it straight in to my mouth. i might add my bf still lives with his m other and we were down stairs in her shower! it was getting to about 6am now and she usually wakes up early so while i am in the shower fucking and sucking her sons best friends and someone she has known since he was a small boy! i am feeling so horny listening out to make sure she dosnt come downstairs while muffling my moans with my hand or jacksons hand. he gets me on my feet turns me around and pushes me against the glass and starts slamming his cock in to me as i cum around it again from all the tension and risk of getting caught.
after fucking in a few other positions and standing there kissing with our bodies against each other for a while we decide its getting a bit to risky now and we will go to bed. i take him up and say good night to him in the guest room then go creep in and lay next to my bf spooning in to him so he can feel my bare ass. he wakes up with a massive smile on his face and i feel his cock harden up instantly in to me. he grabs a handful of my hair pulls my head back while using the other hand to slide his massive dick in to me and says "tell me everything you naughty slut" and he fucked the hell out of me while i describe every detail to him until i could feel his cum fill me up.

i have seen jackson countless times since then and it is completely normal between us, excpet there is definitely chemistry and tension between us and the fact that we have to keep it a secret hanging out with our friends and none of them have any idea what we have done. so who knows mybe it will happen again..well i hope it does
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very sexy and fun
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Wow great story love the details. Love how it was just the 3 of yours secret. Thank you for sharing
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Really hot, awsome story.
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you and your boyfriend are a match made in heaven! the two of you enjoys what the other brings to the table! just keep enjoying your relationship and screw anyone that thinks it wrong! my hat is off to the both of you!!
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