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Caught by gran with my cousin

Caught / Got Caught Stories

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Default Caught by gran with my cousin

When I was younger me and my cousin Julie were very close. We weren't ever out of each others sight. One day me and Julie were both staying in my grans 4 bedroom house as my and her parents were away for the weekend on a spa break. I'd just woken up and was heading to the bathroom trying to hide my morning wood so I get in and lock the door. Next thing I hear is a knock at the door it was Julie asking if the could come in to use the toilet I said no I'm brushing my teeth with the fake sound of having your mouthful. Ten seconds later there's another knock this time it's my gran saying let her in now she needs the toilet. So I opend the door under the orders of my gran while keeping the lower part of my body hid behind the door so that they didn't see my erect cock my cousin then came in wearing only a tight nighty and panties and I closed the door an locked it again. I then started to brush my teeth and Julie asks me what I've been doing in here for the last 10 minutes so I responded brushing my teeth. She then said then why are you brushing them again if you've already been brushing them for ten minutes. In a bust of aggression because of the constant questioning I turned around and screamed I've been brushing my teeth! Not thinking about what I was trying to hide I the first place. She replied by saying what's that then. What's what I said that as she pointend to my underwear where my erect cock was clearly visible. I began to blush and she said don't be embarrassed come over hear let me have a look. I walked over to her wondering what was going to happen when I was abou a foot away she reached out and poked at my cock then she pulled my underwear down and my cock flew out and upwards. She said I've never seen one this close up before as her dad was very religious and prohibited any contact with boys. She quickly wiped herself put the toilet lid down and sat on it not even pulling her panties up and started to prod and poke at my cock. I said this isn't right and she begged me to let her have a go with it as she hadn't touched one before I was reluctant at first until I caught a glance of her pussy which she hadn't covered which made my cock get harder and bigger. She was baffled at what had just happened and said to me I saw this on a movie before and started to stroke my cock slowly I let out a little moan of pleasure which gave her the confidence to start going faster. I looked down to the toilet where she was sat and just saw her dripping all over the lid as I hadn't had any sexual experience before I looked back through my mind at what would happen in porn so I reached down to her pussy as she was still stroking my cock with increasing speed and started to rub her pussy as she instructed me where to rub. I kept telling her to go faster as I was just about to cum and could see her body convulsing I said stop one second and lifted her off the toilet and put her on the floor where she started to put my cock in her mouth saying she had also seen this in the movies. As she sucked with greater force I used my big toe to rub her clit and she started to cum. She took my cock out of her mouth and started to stroke my cock even faster than before which made me cum all over her face and boobs which were covered by a tight nighty it was at this point that we both heard the door close quickly. As this had scared us half to death Julie licked up all the cum which was on her face put her nighty in the laundry bin and rush to her room as I used a towl to wipe up any other mess which had been left and rushed to my room. Where I couldn't stop thinking of what had just happened we both were shouted down by gran for breakfast where she said to us lovely morning isn't it I wonder what you to will get upto today we both looked at each other and said well proberbly just relax today. As gran walked away we both whispered to each other and said no she didn't did she. Years on and we still wonder whether gran had seen anything that had happens and just hadn't told are parents so we wouldn't get in trouble.

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Default Pretty hot.

In all honesty, I think I'd be up for trying something like that someday myself.
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Hi, I'm new here
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it was great
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