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My wife and my best friend!

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Default My wife and my best friend!

My wife, Lisa, and I have been married for a number of years. We have had lots of fun together partying, Lisa flashing her tits in clubs, going to New Orleans for Mardi Gras where she has flashed pretty much everything and even gone so far as to let guys fondle and make out with her. She has always refused to go further. It has been my desire for sometime now to have an MFM threesome with her, but she's always said no stating that she just couldn't have sex with someone else ESPECIALLY with me there.

When we met she was outgoing and fun, but the idea of showing her body in public was out of the question...she simply would not do it. Over time I've convinced her to go for it and she's always enjoyed the attention she received from guys. So I always assumed that eventually she'd relent and agree to the 3some with me, but she's remained firm.

A few years ago I read online that a local "couples club" (polite name for swingers club) was having a lingerie party in 2 weeks on a Saturday night. I asked Lisa if she would like to go. We have been to couples clubs before but have never left with anyone or even socialized more than polite conversation while we were there. Lisa said it sounded like fun, but it was too far from home and she didn't want to take the chance of us driving home drunk. I agreed and the next day called my friend Rick, he's a single guy who lives only a couple of miles from this club, and asked him if he was interested in going and if so...could we crash at his place afterward. He said he was very interested but wanted to be sure he could get in because the girl he was dating wouldn't go for it so he'd have to go as a 3rd person with us. I called the club and they said it wouldn't be a problem as long as he stayed with us at all times unless asked to dance by someone there. By no means was he to go to anyone else's table and ask them to dance. I agreed to the terms and all was set.

The next day I told Lisa what I had arranged. She agreed to go and then went shopping for a new nightie. She wouldn't show me what she purchased until that night.

Saturday of the party came. We loaded up our booze, it is a byob club, and grabbed our overnight gear and headed over to Rick's around 7:30. When we arrived he had just finished showering. His apartment is a small 1 bedroom/1 bath so we had to use his room to get ready. I went 1st and after showering I wore a pair of navy blue silk boxers with a matching short robe. Rick was wearng some loose fitting boxers and a t-shirt, he said he didn't have pajamas because he slept naked.

Lisa took her time and when she came out she was wearing a beautiful black nightgown with a matching robe. The night gown was fairly short, coming down about 8" below her crotch. The robe was long and tied together at the middle in the front. I checked to see what she had underneath and it was a TINY sheer, black g-string...very tiny and very sheer. We waited until dark to go to the club. The person on the phone told me to be there around 10:00 if I wanted a table, earlier if possible. We arrived around 9:30.

When we went in there were only 4 or 5 couples there so we pretty much had our pick of tables. We selected one on the far side of the room towards the back. Behind us was a door, didn't know where it went, and in front of us were other tables. We had a good view of the dance floor. Rick and I were drinking beer and Lisa was drinking Rum & Coke. We sat there drinking for about an hour and slowly the place began to fill up.

The crowd was a mixed bag of a few attractive people and some average, some unattractive. About what you'd expect at most of these clubs. They were wearing clothes that showed varying degrees of their body, but on the dance floor things were pretty heated. After a while I noticed a man sitting at the door behind us and occasionally people would go back there and he'd let them in.

Lisa and I went to the dance floor and danced several songs. We were quite heated when we got back to the table and she decided to take off the robe. The top of the night gown was pretty sheer and her breasts were very visible by then. When she sat down her night gown barely covered her pussy. Rick noticed too and was paying quite a bit of attention to her. Lisa was sitting between us and was turned slightly toward him with her hand on his thigh as they talked.

After a bit a lady from another table, a very attractive hispanic lady, asked me to dance. I got up and danced with her and a few minutes later Rick and Lisa came out and joined us. As they danced Lisa had her arms around his neck and he has his hands around her waist despite the fact that this was a fairly fast song. Next, a slow song came and we danced to that song. As I moved my partner around I saw Rick's hands sliding up Lisa's hips exposing most of her bare ass. She seemed either unaware or ok with it as she did nothing to stop him. When the song ended my partner and I went back to our tables, but Rick and Lisa danced the slow song too. He was having a good time now feeling her bare ass with 1 hand and her tits with the other. She was dancing with her eyes closed and another couple was dancing along with them. The couple had their arms around Rick and Lisa. The lady in the couple also had a hand on Lisa's ass. When the song ended they came back to the table.

Lisa seemed flushed and out of breath. I noticed a couple coming out of the room behind us and asked Rick and Lisa if they wanted to see what was back there. Rick said he'd stay at the table but Lisa was willing so we entered the room. Once inside we saw a couple of chairs and couches. We sat down on an empty couch, holding each other closely and watched. Two guys were playing with one lady, feeling her tits and playing openly with her pussy. Lisa began rubbing my cock, and when the other woman began giving 1 of the guys a blow job Lisa halfway laid on the couch and began sucking on me. As she did this I began rubbing her ass causing her night gown to rise up above her ass.

The man of the other group not getting blown stood and came over and sat down on the couch right by Lisa's now totally exposed ass. After a moment or 2 I leaned back enjoying my BJ too much to focus on her ass. The other man took this as a sign and he began rubbing her ass as well. I watched with interest as he slid his hand under her crotch to get access to her pussy. She didn't react other than to raise her hips a bit and allow him to continue. He then slid her g-string aside and slid a finger inside her. He fingered her for a few moments then pulled it out and licked his finger. Everything was fine as this went on for another minute or so, then he tried to take her panties off. When he did this she got up and turned and sat down and smiled at him and said, "No, no, no...don't go there" and then leaned over and gave him a little kiss on the cheek. She then grabbed my hand and said let's go check on Rick.

We went back to the table. Rick was dancingn with an over-weight older woman and seemed to be having fun. Lisa asked me, "when did Rick leave and that other man sit down?". I told her Rick had never come in the room with us. She said she must be too drunk because she would have sworn he was with us. Rick came back to the table and we stayed for about another hour. During this time Rick and Lisa danced several times and when they weren't dancing they were very engaged in conversation. Rick's hand was on Lisa's thigh inching up toward her pussy, and Lisa's hand was very high on his thigh but outside his shorts.

Around 1:00 we decided to leave. As we headed home Rick anounced that he wanted to go to a small bar near his apartment. I reminded him of how we were dressed and he said that it would be ok, no one there would care. We agreed and when we walked inside there were only about 6 or 8 customers there plus a bartender. They gave us a strange look and we explained we had been to a pajama party.

Lisa had put on her robe but had not tied it so it was open. Her breast were clearly visible to the nipples in the brighter lights of this club. The only other woman in the bar was there with her 22 year old son. Rick went over and began playing pool. After winning the first game the 2 guys he was playing left, so I went over and began to play pool with him. Soon, the mother came over and joined us.

I looked over for Lisa and saw her having fun with the 22 year old. She was teasing him by rubbing his chest and being very flirty. A juke box was playing and when "White Wedding" came on she and the young man went to dance. They danced a couple of songs and again Lisa got over heated and took off her robe. The young man couldn't take his eyes off her 38D tits and Lisa was loving it!

Finally they announced last call. We each had another drink, I could tell Lisa was very drunk by now. The mother of the young man stated they had a pool table at home and wanted us to come over there and party. Rick wanted to go so I asked Lisa. She said we could go if we wanted but to take her to Rick's because whe was drunk and tired. The 22 year old volunteered to take her but I said no, Rick could take us since he was driving and then he could meet them. It was then decided that we'd all call it a night.

We arrived back at Rick's and Lisa promptly went in and took a shower. When she came out she had only a towel on and asked where she should sleep. Rick told her we could have the bed. We each then showered, first Rick then me. When I came out I saw Rick was lying on the couch. His legs hung over then end almost to his knees. Lisa was asleep in the middle of his king size bed so I went over and told him there was enough room for all of us in the bed. He told me no, he'd sleep there. I then said that if he didn't get in the bed Lisa and I would go on and drive home, I wasn't going to kick him out of his bed and onto his sofa when it was that small. He agreed and got up. He indeed sleeps naked, but then so was I and I was pretty sure Lisa was naked in the bed as well.

Rick got in the bed on 1 side and I got in on the other, pushing Lisa further toward Rick's side as I did. I lay there on my back and Lisa was on her side facing me. I was getting close to sleep when I heard Lisa begin to moan! It was quiet at first then louder. I heard her moan, "Ooh...that feels GOOD!". I could now feel the bed rocking side to side. I couldn't tell what Ricky was doing but I could hear the wetness from Lisa. He was either fucking her or finger fucking her pretty hard.

The sound of her wet pussy was making me hard, but I was worried that she'd wake up all the way and realize it was Rick and not me and get pissed so I didn't want to let on that I was awake. I lay there with my head turned slightly toward Lisa with my eyes mostly closed. I saw Rick reach over and turn Lisa onto her back and kiss her. As they kissed he was feeling her tits and then moved over to climb on top of her. His hand was down between her legs and he was on his knees. He reached over to his night stand and grabbed what I later figured was lubricant, although from the sound of Lisa's pussy I doubted he'd need it. He squirted it onto his hand and then began lubricating her well.

He then climbed up higher and began to suck on her tits as he eased his cock inside her. I rolled onto my side facing them. When I did, Rick stopped and stayed very still for a minute but Lisa was humping slightly into him. Her eyes were closed and Rick was watching me. Once he seemed satisfied that I was still asleep he began again trying to enter her. I reached over to her thighs and placed my hand on her left thigh very near her pussy. I could feel Rick inching further into her. At one point his cock touched my hand, he was less than 1/2 way inside her and I moved my hand...I have no interest in sex with a man!

Rick was up now on his hands as he started pushing harder into her. Finally, he pushed and apparently entered all the way because Lisa's legs pulled up and she moaned very loudly, "Ummm...Oh, GOD!". I lay very still. If she were to get angry now would be the time. She opened her eyes and looked at Rick then turned her head toward me. As she did I closed my eyes all the way. I stayed very still with my eyes closed for several seconds but she didn't start screaming or yelling. She was breathing hard and when I opened my eyes she had turned back toward Rick. Rick was fully pumping inside her and with ever thrust the bed shook and Lisa would grunt.

I continued to watch as Rick fucked my wife. He started kissing and sucking her tits and she had her legs around his waist and her arms around his head. I've been in the same room with Rick when he's been fucking before so I knew he tended to last a while. As he fucked Lisa she began to breath very heavy and wrapped her legs tighter around his waist. I heard her begin to whisper, "oh god..oh god..oh god!" and I knew she was about to have a major orgasm. Rick didn't slow down and began pulling out and then all the way back in. At one point he pulled all the way out and stopped. Lisa gasped and whimpered, "please..don't stop!". Rick whispered back, "I'm about to cum inside you". Lisa, again in the whimpering "little girls" voice, "go ahead, just don't STOP!".

Rick started moving again and fucking her harder. Lisa was moaning louder with each stroke and Rick was breathing very hard. Finally, Lisa moaned loudly, "Oh my GOD...Oh MY GOD...Oh My GOD!!!" and the shook all over. Rick continued pumping her then he arched his back as he apparently shot his load inside her. He then collapsed on top of her. Lisa had her arms around him rocking side to side. Rick lay there for a minute and then they began to kiss and he moved in and out slightly. At last he rolled over and Lisa rolled onto her side to face him, lying on his shoulder. The only thing we had been using for a cover was a sheet and it had been tossed onto the floor long ago.

I lay still until their breathing was steady, then I eased up and saw Lisa lying on Rick's shoulder. She had her hand on his cock. I looked down at her ass and saw a huge wet spot on the sheet and cum leaking from her pussy. I got up and went to the bathroom and got a wet wash cloth, rung it out well and made sure it wasn't cold. Then I went back and wiped her up as best I could. And then I fell asleep. It was around 3:30 am at the time I got the wash cloth.

I couldn't say how long I slept, but I woke to the bed shaking and Lisa's familar sex noises. I was lying on my back. Lisa was on her back and Rick was on top of her again. Lisa had her legs pulled all the way up in front of Rick's shoulders and Rick was practically driving Lisa through the bed! He was pounding her hard and Lisa was moaning loudly. I turned toward her and Rick. This time he didn't bother to stop. Tears were streaming down Lisa's face and onto the pillow as Rick fucked her.

He lasted much longer this time, after cumming so quickly the first time (after maybe 5 minutes) I guess he was in better control. Lisa came at least 3 or 4 times, the last time she shook violently and cried, "My God! I can't take anymore! I've never cum so much in my life!". Rick still wasn't finished but Lisa collapsed and just lay there with her eyes closed. Finally, Rick half shouted "Ok...I'm cumming again!" and then a moment later he lay down on top of her. They held each other for a bit then Rick went to the restroom. Lisa still had her eyes closed then turned toward me. She looked at me for a bit then got up and went into the restroom...Rick was still in there.

They were in there for 20 minutes or so then Rick came out and got in bed. I heard the shower and then Lisa came out and got back in bed too. She turned to me and lay on my shoulder. A few minutes later Rick rolled over and put his arm around her with his hand on her tit. We all lay like that for several minutes before Rick rolled over and then Lisa as well. Lisa lying on her back holding hands with Rick.

I think I dozed off for a few minutes, but it couldn't have been long. I woke up thinking about the events that evening and as I went through it in my mind I began to get hard again. I got up and walked over to Rick's night stand and got the lubricant. I then put a lot of it directly onto and into Lisa's pussy and climbed on. It took a couple of minutes of fucking her to get her to respond. When she opened her eyes she looked at me and laughed a bit and said, "oh my God" and then laughed again. I was extremely horny but didn't want to cum too soon, especially after Rick's last go round. As Lisa got into it I saw Rick wake up. He rolled onto his side facing us and took Lisa's hand and placed it on his cock. She began stroking it as I fucked her. Rick then began sucking on one of her tits and I sucked on the other one. Lisa began to moan again and as I raised up to fuck harder so I could cum Rick began kissing her deeply and squeezing her tits. Lisa was stroking his cock as fast as she could and then I came.

I finally rolled over and Lisa grabbed my cock and was rubbing both of us. At last we went to sleep. We woke around 9:00 and Lisa showered and then I did. When I came out of the bathroom I heard Lisa telling Rick, "Well, you son of a bitch, you finally fucked me!". Rick laughed and said, "we both KNEW I would eventually...didn't we?". Lisa then laughed and said, "No, I didn't KNOW it for sure. But I knew you'd never quit trying. Now I have to deal with Steve.". Rick just laughed and said, "I think it'll be ok. He knows I've wanted to fuck you for a while and I think he wanted me to also. The only question is when can we do it again?". Lisa laughed and replied, "I doubt that's going to happen.". Rick laughed to and said, "I KNOW it will and so do YOU!". Lisa just laughed and said, "We'll see".

Lisa and I left and as we drove home I asked her what all happened last night in bed. She said Rick had gotten a bit "frisky" while she was asleep. I said that was obvious. Then I asked her, "you were asleep at first, did you think it was me?". She then told me, "Steve, I did at first. I was lying there enjoying it, and it DID feel great. I hate to say this and hope it doesn't upset you, but I KNEW it wasn't YOU as soon as he entered me all the way! You have a nice cock, but I'm sorry...but his is MUCH bigger!".

Strangely, I wasn't bothered by this because my cock IS pretty big itself, around 7 1/2 to 8". And I agree that his is a lot bigger, mostly bigger around but a bit longer too, but I didn't really think she'd notice it that much. I asked her if it really made a big difference and she said, "as far as filling me up...yes. I was well fucked last night but it was YOUR fault. You've been after me to do this and you let us sleep naked in bed with him. You know he's been after me for several years now.". I agreed she was right, it WAS my fault. She asked if I was ok with it and I promised her I was. I then asked her if she'd be willing to do it again. She told me, "No...Rick has it out of his system now. He made it clear that he knew this was a 1 time thing and that it wouldn't happen again.

I smiled to myself least until NEXT time!

Sorry for dragging this out for so long, but I wanted everyone to have a feel for the entire evening rather than just a description of the sex act itself.
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