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Drunk and horny

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Default Drunk and horny

So I'm good friends with this girl, let's call her Lucy. My name is Keenan.

I had a party at my place which went on till around 3am. Lucy happened to be the only one to stay the night, so she slept in my bed. She is kinda cute with a small body and a very nice ass. Now I always just sleep in my boxers, so I stripped down. Lucy put on these tiny shorts that hugged her bottom. Right away I took the chance and started spooning her and started to doze off... well at least she doze off(I think).

I was so god damn horny with a raging hard on. My dick is about 7 1/2 inches, and looks pretty good if I do say so myself I started dry humping her ass with such slow strokes, just going up and down her ass and sometimes the head of my dick would touch her pussy.

Finally I realized how late it was getting so I rolled over and stroked my cock. I came so hard I started shaking a little! Then not thinking 100% clearly I went back to my big spoon position but kept my shorts off, so my cum covered cock is just laying against this cute girls ass.

What did she say when she woke up?

Well... that's for another story
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