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Parking Lot Jerk

Caught / Got Caught Stories

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Default Parking Lot Jerk

I think I've been an exhibitionist since I was 17, but I was definitely a voyeur since 12 or 13 peeping on my best (girl)friend next door.

This happened when I was 19.

I was in a parking lot of a grocery store where lots of European MILFs go. I was jerking my cock and I was really into it. Going ever so slowly and in one of those moods where any slight touch to your dick gives you goosebumps and makes your legs go limp.

Right as I'm about to cum, I look out my window and there's a very sexy MILF looking right at my dick from about 2 feet away. By the time I looked at her body and her face and realized she was smiling, I was cumming harder than ever. The shopping cart she was holding flew out of her hands as she looked embarrassed and continued staring at my cock.

It took me a few seconds to regain control of my senses. My window was open since it was such a beautiful day, and all she said was "Wow" and walked away.

To this day I think about that incident...

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