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Mirror Mirror

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Default Mirror Mirror

I had another awesome night last night. I went to a party and ended up bringing this girl Haeley back to my dorm room. I actually hooked up with Haeley once before and it was pretty good but not amazing. She is your typical blonde bombshell. Pretty much a perfect 10. Great face, great tits, great ass, great body. She's not quite as trashy as some of the girls I get with and is one of those girls that every guy fantasizes about but only a select few get to be with. I'm one of the lucky ones :o)... So this party was really lame. Basically a bunch of people sitting around a dorm room getting drunk so Haeley and I decided to leave. We went back to my room where to my relief, I found that my roommate was gone. We sat down on the futon and started watching a movie but didn't get 15 minutes into the movie before we started making out. Haeley is very handsy and she was moving her hands and nails all over my body; up and down my back and legs, over my chest and abs... it felt so fucking good. I reached under her clothes and started returning the favor which she of course appreciated greatly. I decided to take it a step further and removed her shirt and bra, exposing those perfectly proportional, firm tits. I hungrily started kissing and licking them which sent her completely into orbit. In about another minute all of our clothes were on the floor and she was straddling me on the futon. I guided my cock into her and we started going at it. I really love the position we were in (me sitting, her straddling my cock facing me) because everything is so accessible. It puts the girls tits right in my face so I can lick, suck, kiss and play with them while I fuck her. I also have great access to her ass by just reaching around. We kept fucking faster and faster. After a few minutes I noticed that we were perfectly positioned in front of my roommates full length mirror. It got me so hot seeing that perfect ass moving up and down on my cock. There is something about watching yourself get fucked that is just amazing! It took every muscle in my body not to cum. Haeley was moaning louder and louder until she finally came, screaming at the top of her lungs. She got off of me but we weren't done. She grabbed me by the hand and led me to my bed where after about a minute of making out, she slapped me on the ass and told me she wanted more cock. I threw her legs over my shoulders and started pumping away at her with everything I had. She came two more times before I finally let loose inside her with a screaming orgasm of my own. We layed there naked together for about a half hour talking before she went back to her dorm. By the time she left, I was ready to go another round but that will have to wait I guess. She lives in the building next to mine so I'm sure we'll be seeing each other again really soon!
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