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Mom walks in.

Caught / Got Caught Stories

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Hi, I'm new here
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Default Mom walks in.

Having just been the festive season I figured I'd make my first posting one from christmas, albeit a couple of years ago.

I was back at my folks for christmas, my then boyfriend at his folks. So facing at least a week without his cock in me we decided to turn to technology to help.

In other words I took my laptop and a webcam with me, he did the same.

Now my old room in my parents is rather small. You walk in the door and immediately in front of you is the bed with a small chest of drawers at the foot, with the head of the bed away from you against the far wall. The room is then out to the right of the bed, containing a wardrobe, small table and chair and another chest of drawers.

Whenever I'm home I use my laptop in bed to keep up to date with everything and when it's not in use, it sits open on the drawers at the foot of the bed, dormant.

Now, on this occasion my bf and I had been talking online, through MSN and had got ourselves both worked up. He was flashing me, I was flashing him, we'd been writing explicit messages and talking about what we wish we were actually doingfor one another.

He eventually convinced me to strip for him. So I started by sliding my tshirt off, then bra. I played with my breasts for a bit then slid my jeans off, followed by my thong.

I got on me knees and turned away from the camera so he could check out my ass and pussy while I rubbed both for him a little.

In return he stripped down and started stroking his cock, while begging me for more.

By now I was very horny and more than eager to climax so agreed to a little fun.

I placed the laptop on the drawers (it's usual not-in-use place) and had the USB web cam sitting on the keyboard, so out of sight from the doorway, though this wasn't on purpose.

I lay back in bed and start rubbing myself, squeezing my tits, rubbing my pussy, getting myself more and more worked up.

My boyfriend was stroking his hard cock and had his camera pointed down at his shaft, as he ran his hand up and down it.

Neither of us had a microphone on our cameras, so I had to imagine the kind of things he'd be saying if he were here, as well as thinking about him sliding his manhood into me over and over.

Before long I slide first one finger, then two into my wet pussy. Then not long after that, I had three fingers in, my thumb and little finger the only ones outside.

My other hand was squeezing my tits and pulling on my nipples.

All too quickly I found myself heading straight for an uncontrollable orgasm, my fingers pumping in and out, nipples being pinched and pulled. I was gasping, moaning and desperately wishing my boyfriends cock was pumping me right then. Just as the peak hit, just as I saw the cum fountain from my lovers cock, my bedroom door opens and in walks my mother.

She gasped, turned right around and rushed out, door slamming shut behind her.

I lay there for a few moments, recovering. Pleasure washing over me all the while I was thinking "shit shit shit".

My boyfriend had no idea, sitting as he was in silence, cum dripping from his cock, happily watching me lie there, little aftershocks shuddering through me.

Without letting on what had happened, I wished my boyfriend a good night, blew him a kiss, jiggled my boobs and turned off the camera and laptop. I then threw on some clothes and headed downstairs, dreading what was about to happen.

As it was, my mother had no idea the laptop was on, or there was a camera. She just thought I was taking a little "me time" as she put it. She was a little embaressed about walking in on me and explained she either does it in the bath or when my dad is out at work thus gone for the day.

Was a little wierd to hear my mom talking about masturbation but I was just happy she hadn't realised what I was actually doing.
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Hi, I'm new here
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lol nice story i hope it never happens to me:P
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Hot story. Wish I could have been watching you on that cam
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Happy to tell
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This is such a beautiful story , with a erotic begining,and a loving end....
Why not reply to me after all you have just look`d at my profile...xxxxx
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I was a junior in high school when I started masturbating, then went off to college and got married rather young. As a result there was a very small time frame that I could have been caught by my mom, and I never was. Now as a mother of six I have "caught" my eldest daughter a couple of times (although she doesn't know), and I've found the evidence of my eldest son more times than I can remember.
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