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x-gf and I (Part 1) - teasing..

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Default x-gf and I (Part 1) - teasing..

So my then gf and I (same age but at the time we had sex we were 18) were already going out for a year both virgins and honestly there was no where to fuck but i think neither of us were completely ready to have sex yet even though we loved to dry hump the shit out of each other it hurt... We loved each other a lot but we kept our relationship a secret from our parents. Though I think mine knew but I just kept denying it.

Anyway so an opportunity arises. Holidays were coming up and her parents were gone during the day. Which led us to start talking about sex again. We asked each other was it our first time? Did we trust each other? I'd have to buy some condoms.. which I did embarrassingly at the friggen local supermarket/mall.. I tried to buy some lollies to try hide it LOL.

So holidays arrive and I make my way to her house. I bring the condoms just in case. We talk, watch some tv and make out with her spreading her legs apart sitting on my lap facing me. My cock is screaming for some pussy as I give a little thrust against her panties. I reach under her shirt and feel those small titties and then grab her back and bring her closer to me and my rock hard cock. We stop for a while both of us are breathing very heavily as we were going for it pretty hard.

She reached down and undid my jeans. Slowly unveiling my erect penis. She doesn't look up at me instead her focus is solely on my dick. I shiver a bit as this is my first time ever getting a blowjob and it was a little cold lol. I kinda wondered what it would taste like -_- but that thought quickly disappeared as she kissed it and pulled back the skin on my uncircumcised dick as it enters her warm mouth.

I rest my hands on the back of her head guiding her. God it felt so good at times but then empty feelings... something about it wasn't quite complete.. I think I just wanted to fuck or she just wasn't sucking it hard enough. So I tried gently thrusting it a little to keep up the friction. But after a while of her blowing me, I didn't manage to cum so she gets up and we start making out again with her on top. I slowly try to pull her skirt down but she grabs my hands and blushes. I tell her "sorry.." I respected her choice and instead continued to grab her ass. As the day drew to a close. It was quite sad that we didn't get to fuck but at the same time I felt happy knowing that I respected her, the blowjob was.. surprising.

I make my way back home thinking about the blowjob and the thought of having another chance the next day. And yeah seeing as there I didn't cum at her place I just masturbated at home lol.

part 2 coming..
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Thumbs up hot

Good story, we want more.

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