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Kathy the milf goes out on the town

Mature Women / Moms / Cougar Stories (Written By WOMEN)

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Default Kathy the milf goes out on the town

This happened last summer:

I never thought anything like this would happen, I hadn't done anything like it for years. I'm a 42 year old single mother, my son is 18 years old, his dad split two years after he was born, I haven't really been dating all that much since although I've had a few 'fuckbuddies' (mostly old boyfriends.) Mostly my life revolves around my wonderful son.

This friday night I decided I was going to have fun, it had been a rough week and I felt I deserved it. I spoke with my friend Rachel on the phone, we decided to meet at a bar later on, I was still getting dressed.
Having gone through all of my clothes, finding little of interest, my eyes were suddenly set on a black strapless dress I hadn't worn in years, I had to see if it still fit. I had always taken good care of my body, exercised regularly and sunbathed whenever the sun is high. If I say so myself I look very good for my age, apart from a few wrinkles.
Much to my joy, the dress fit almost perfectly, it was a little tight around my boobs, probably as a result of my boobjob a few years ago, so obviously a bra was out of the question. It was also very short, barely got down to my knees, but otherwise it fit perfectly and went great with my jet black hair.
I decided to dispense with the nylon stockings, and picked a pair of black high heels (the ones where you can see the toes), put on black nail polish, put on lipstick, put on make up and last but not least... put on an ankle bracelet.

I went down to tell my son I was going out and I probably wasn't coming home untill late. He didn't say anything but I knew he was surprised, he had never seen his mom like this. I kissed him goodbye and headed out.

'Kathy!' screamed Rachel when I met her at the bar. 'Look at you! all sexied up!'
'You're not looking bad yourself Rach' I said. She was wearing a green summer dress that really highlighted her red hair.
We sat down, ordered drinks and talked about boring stuff like work, I work at a book store and I'm a part time yoga teacher, so my occupation is not exactly the most exciting.
'So, is your hubby still abroad?' I asked Rachel.
'Yes! It's driving me crazy!'
Her husband was constantly away on business trips leaving Rachel all alone, the bastard.

We decided to hit the dance floor, it didn't take Rachel long to find some guy to make out with.
Suddenly I saw I was being approached by two muscular young men, one with a kind of spiky haircut, and another with blonde hair almost down to his shoulders, they were both wearing a tight t-shirt and a jacket and looked to be a little over twenty.
We all started dancing together, and danced for a long while, I asked them there names, the one with the spiky haircut was named Anthony, I didn't catch the other guy's name.
After a while, we sat down and the two gentlemen bought me a drink, we chatted for a while until we decided to go out on the dancefloor again.

This time, things started to heat up, they were dancing very close to me and started to run their hands across my body, I did the same to them and felt their rock hard muscles, my hands reach down and I feel they have a hard-on too. I was starting to get wet, on a whim I started to make out with Anthony, I then shifted my attention to the other guy and made out with him while I fondled Anthony's abs, it was getting hot and heavy. I excused myself to go to the bathroom, they waited for me.
When I came back, they said they wanted to go out for a smoke, I said 'sure' even though I hadn't smoked in years.
'We were thinking, Kathy' said Anthony 'if you wanted to come to our place for a little while, we live nearby and we know of a party we're going to later, you're more than welcome if you wanna join?'
Rachel had probably gone off with that guy so I thought why not.
'Sure, sounds like fun' I said and gave them a smile.
We walked off, the guys said they lived just around the corner.

'So ... what do you guys do?' I asked.
'I work at a carpenter's shop with my dad' said the blonde-haired one
'I'm still in college' said Anthony.
'So you're... what.. nineteen?'
'Wow' I thought 'He's just a year older than my Stanley.'
'I'm twenty-two' the blonde-haired one said.
We came to their apartment, it was very fratboyish, although uncharacteristically clean, there were posters of cars and scantily clad girls all over. There was a smell in the place that very much indicated that two men lived there, and that I found irresistibly sexy.

The boys talked a little about cars until they decided that was rude and offered me a glass of wine.
'What do you do, Kathy?' asked Anthony.
'Well, I work at a book store, and I sometimes teach yoga.'
They had taken their jackets off, so now I could clearly see how cut and manly they were, my heart was beating like a drum.
'Is that fun?' asked the blonde haired one and sat down next to me.
'Ah... sure, the yoga is very satisfying.'
'I don't think I could take my eyes off you if I were in your class.'
I blushed and giggled a little when he said that, I took a big sip of my red wine.
'You boys do realize I'm old enough to be your mom?' I said with a little laugh.
The blonde haired one said nothing, he moved closer to me and then kissed me, we started to passionately make out, I went limp in his hands. Anthony came up behind me and started kissing my neck and shoulders.
'You're really beautiful' said Anthony.
'Don't let my pretty face fool you' I whispered 'I'm just another dirty whore.'
Anthony started undoing my dress, he rolled it down so my big boobs popped out, you could probably see the tanlines on my boobs for miles.
Anthony dug his face between my tits while the blonde haired one continued kissing me.
Anthony started to fondley my boobs with his tounge.
'God, I love these mommy-nipples'
I laughed. 'Mommy nipples?' I thought 'Never heard that one before.'
Anthony finished undoing my dress and threw it down on the floor.
Then he took off his t-shirt and gave a bit of a laugh when he saw my pink panties.
'Hahaha, not quite what I was expecting after all the black.'
I smiled at him.
The blonde haired one was now fondling my breasts and kissing my neck while Anthony took of my panties and kissed every inch of me untill he spread my legs apart and stuck his tounge in my pussy.
I moaned loudly with pleasure.

At that moment the blonde guy takes off his t-shirt and pants and then I see for the first time his rock hard cock, it's so big I can barely get my hand around it, he grabs a handful of my hair and he pushes my head down on his gigantic cock.
While this is going on Anthony stops and takes off his pants, he has an even bigger cock! He spreads my legs apart and then thrusts his tool right into my tight pussy. I can feel how it completely fills my pussy, it even hurts a little. He starts fucking me faster and faster and harder while the blonde guy is still facefucking me.
'I can't fucking believe I'm having a threesome with two young fucking men I don't even know!' I think to myself.

The blonde guy takes his cock out of my throat sits down on the sofa and grabs my tits.
'Oh! Fuck Me! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!!! OH GOD!!' I yell.
Anthony and the blonde guy switch places, I can feel the sweet taste of my pussy on Anthony's throbbing cock, he pushes it so far down my throat a few reflex tears run down my cheek, making my mascara run.
I feel the blonde guy's cock fill me up, [edited] reason: violence [/edited]

The blonde guy then picks me up and sits down with me on top facing my back to him, he then says we're gonna do a double penetration, my heart starts beating like crazy, before I know it they're both inside me, I feel blonde guy's cock filling up my ass at the same time as Anthony's cock tears up my pussy, the feeling is unmatched, equal amounts pain, equal amounts pleasure.
I started screaming in a high-pitched voice that I barely recognized.
'Fuck mommy! Fuck mommy! Fuck mommy! Fuck mommy!!!! OHH FUCK!!!'
[edited] reason: violence [/edited] 'Say you're a whore!'
The blonde guy puts his hand around my neck and says 'Like you mean it!!' My other shoe falls off as they fuck me.

Anthony pulls out, the blonde guy slams me down on the table and fucks my pussy for a while, the guys are all sweaty.
I'm still all woozy after my orgasm but I get down on my knees as Anthony grabs a handful of my hair and starts to cum in my mouth, the blonde guy doesn't even try to aim, he just cums all over my tits, face and hair. After they blew their load, and quite a massive load it was. I start cleaning it up with my fingers and swallowing it.
'Mmmmm, tastes good' I think.
I look up at the blonde guy, smile at him and say 'What's your name again?'
He laughs and says 'Bruce'
'Hi Bruce, I'm Kathy.' I say and giggle.
I was still eating the rest of the cum, Anthony was stroking my hair.
'Well boys, tonight you made me feel just like I was in high school again.'
We all laughed.

I stood up and went to the bathroom, I cleaned up a little but I still looked like a mess, but it was OK. I looked in the mirror and smiled.
I went back in, the boys were getting dressed. I put on the other shoe, and got in my dress.
'You still going to that party' I asked them.
'Nah' said Bruce
'Yeah, I think I'll just head home.' I said as I kissed them goodbye. 'Thanks for a lovely evening.'
'Hey Kathy!' Anthony said as I headed to the door.
'Don't forget your pink panties.'
'Why don't you keep them?' I said and smiled.
'Oh thanks!' Anthony said 'now we can prove to everyone that Stanley's mom is a whore.'
'wait... what?' I thought. 'You guys know Stanley?' I asked them.
Anthony and Bruce didn't say a word, but their silence spoke volumes.
I got wide-eyed and laughed. 'Gee what a small world! I'll see you around.'

Fifteen minutes later I got home, Stanley was up in the kitchen drinking orange juice.
'Honey, you're awake? Don't you have work tomorrow?'
'Yeah I do, I just ... couldn't sleep.'
'Oh poor guy...'
'It's alright, I'm heading off to bed now, how was your night?'
'It was...' I look down then I looked up at him and smiled 'it was fun.'
'Good, glad to hear it.' Stanley said and headed to his room.
'Oh by the way, Anthony and Bruce said hey.'
'Anthony and Bruce? How do you know them?'
'Oh I met them at the bar, said they knew you.'
'Huh odd.'
'Well nighty-night, sweetie' I said and gave Stanley a big hug and a kiss.

I went to bed and slept for hours.
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Wink Wow.

Sooooooo, HOT. With out the face slapping , it would have been perfect. I don't like getting beat on, but I do like to fuck with two men. Very good story.-----Ann
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Oh wow, so very, very hot. Thanks for sharing, I hope you have more adventures!
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Hi Kathy, please read...

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other than the violence, this was a really hot story. i am surprised it didnt get more comments. Kathy sounds really hot.
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A hot wild one Kathy!
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