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Grant Eaton "Caught by my girlfriends daughter"

Caught / Got Caught Stories

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Default Grant Eaton "Caught by my girlfriends daughter"

I have been dating a 45 year old woman that I like very much.
Our sex life is great and she and I met thru an online adult dating site.
She and I each have our own homes and she has a daughter from a previous marriage that ended in divorce when her daughter was 14.
Now at 22 her daughter is still at her home and is going to college and working part time.
I usually get together with her mom in the evenings and weekends.
Sometimes we have invited her daughter along on some of the activities we both enjoy.

On several occasions we have relaxed at her home together and snuggled up on the couch or the loveseat and several times I was wearing only my boxer breifs and being that I am what most call 'exceptionally well endowed", I have seen her daughter looking at my cocks outline in my shorts while watching a movie together, Even though she usually stays in her own part of the house. She does join us now and then.
My cock limp ( flacccid) is usually around 8" long and Erect I am 11 3/4" to 12 1/4" long and as thick as a beer bottle.
Even limp my cock is thicker in girth than many men are when erect.
I am a tall slender athletic man..

Her mom does not seem to mind this and has been topless and in just panties with me just in my underwear at times when her daughter has walked in and sat with us or stood there and chatted.
Again, many times I catch her looking at my crotch.
On many occasions she has sat with her mom and I and she herself had on only a cotton t-shirt and cotton panties only.
Sometimes she is in a sports bra and panites only.
I have seen the outline of her dark blonde bush showing thru her cotton panties.
Her daughter has one pair of white panites that are so thin that i can see some of the pink of her pussy sometimes..
Her mother never objects and has seen me looking at her daughter too!

We have sex often and always close her bedroom door and when at my house we often don't have to worry about closing doors at all.
Her mom is quite loud when we have sex and screams when she has orgasms and also is a squirter now and then.
I am a gentle lover and yet sometimes women like it a bit rough and even with my big cock it is a turn on to see her mom going crazy cumming on my cock like she does...
She can take all of my 12 1/4" long cock in her pussy and ass, but can only manage a little more than half of me when giving me head.
She is multi orgasmic and we enjoy doing it sometimes all night long.
Usually she has music playing at her home to hide some of what we are doing and also being that her bedroom is on the other side of the house from her daughter is helpfull to.
Usually we dont hear her and she dont hear us unless we are having sex.

Her daughter is not a virgin and is dating.
I have heard her making noises and think she was masterbating!
She likes to date more than one man and has been gone usually on the weekends and this gives us more privacy to have sex in other parts of the house too.

Recently we got caught by her daughter as we where fucking in the living room and she walked in as I was doing her mom in the butt and her mom and I never heard her walk in.
It was not that too late ( maybe 12:30 am)
But we each had a few drinks and came home just to fuck..
Her mom was having mulitple orgasams and basically cumming non stop as I was doing her doggie style in her ass and she herself was finger fucking her own pussy and slowly pumpng my thick cock in and out of her together, when she seen her daughter first.
Her mom was saying 'Oh God Yes, I'm cumming again" and as she shook and spasmed on my cock it came to an abrupt halt and she said that her daughter was home!
I was still pulling out after hearing this, when I seen her daughter was staring at us and she stepped into the room and without hesitation said.
"You look hot mom fucking that huge cock!" and stared.
She said she was sorry she came in on us, but needed to pee and said her date was a looser as she walked away, but looked at us again and smiled..

I sat back and her mom pulled away and got up off of her hands and knees and stood for a moment and relaxed by sitting down on my legs and partially covering my dick as it hung between my legs,...
Still in open view of her daughter!
After a moment her mom led me to her bedroom by my hand, and we both walked right past the bathroom and her daugher I seen had her legs spread wide on the toilet, with her bush showing as i looked at her because the door was open... She smiled and let me see her trimmed pussy like it was a normal thing and even petted her bush.....
We resumed our sex session and she left the door open part way this time as we fucked in total abandon.
We both fucked and sucked on each other and after I fucked her good again in the ass she spun around when I said I was going to cum .. and she grabbed my cock with both hands and I came all over her face and tits and she licked me clean and that was when I noticed that her daughter was standing next to the door in the hallway and fingering herself as she looked onward.
I said nothing and kept it to myself,..
But somehow I think her mom knew she was there too!
In the weeks after this I seen her daughter more and more in much more revealing panties and topless before she told us good night.
Usually we go to bed before she does and we had been laying naked when she asked to say good night and her mom said come on in and we both layed naked before her daughter as she gave her mom and then gave me a hug too.
My limp cock was laying across my thigh as it usually does and she brushed her hand against it as she bent over me and told me good night too..
I luckily did not get an immediate hard on right then.
Her daughter had on only panties and has the same 34D's that her mom has..
Both are slender women with long legs and both shave the pussy lip area of the crotch and leave a little trim on top.
I seen her daughter's look in her eyes and knew she was in a horny mood and she was just looking for a excuse to see my cock.
A few weeks go by where her mom stayed at my house in my bed more than at her own and then we stayed at her house for a few nights.
I thought her daughter was not home when at about 3 am her mom and I started fucking and she was just going at it with me and telling me very loudly to fuck her harder then I was doing and to give her "all" of my big dick.
I obliged and after she had enough she told me I could cum now..
I am good at giving her what she wants first and as I did her missonary style I watched my own cock moving in and out of her and started talking dirty to her..
Telling her what she already knew, but I loved saying it as I went on with it..
"Thats it baby, Take my big 12" cock and fuck it!"...
I was just about to cum and could feel my head flare even bigger and as I unloaded in her mom I heard a shuffle and knew her daughter had to be watching us..
I pulled out and got off the bed and as I walked around it quickly to walk off a cramp I suddenly got I seen her daughter and confirmed it.
She was on the floor and had her panties on the floor and was pushing several fingers in and out of her cunt and staring right at my semi hard erection.
I looked right at her as she looked up at me and I just pretended I did not see her and said i needed to walk this cramp off and that I was going to the bathroom and as I stepped out into the hall,
Her mom was happy and cummed out and I looked for Her daughter, But she was gone now, but there was a nice wet spot on the floor where she had been sitting with her legs wide open as I seen her...
I found it as I stepped in it....

Her mom works on every other saturday and so when she goes to work I sleep in usually.
I was laying there and still nude when I seen her daughter step into the doorway and look at me.
She was naked, I was naked and we looked at each other and she asked if i would like some company?
I said sure and she climbed into her mom's bed and snuggled up and said that she liked how I have a much bigger cock than her mom's past boyfriends and even her own.
She told me about how her daddy has a 6" cock and that I am easily twice his size when erect and how horny it makes her get seeing it.
"Can I touch it?" she asked..
I said sure and she grabbed it and played with it and soon I was erect.
I still smelled like her mom down there, having not taken a shower yet..
Her daughter seemed to not care and started to lick me and stroke me and told me that she loves to cum like I make her momma cum and she needed to cum!
She swung her leg over my other side and pushed her young pussy to my face and she started taking my cock deeper in her mouth than her mom ever had!
I was amazed at how her daughter loved to suck my cock and I returned the favor and licked her clit, pussy and ass and even stuck my tongue in her ass as I fingered her clitty as she cummed.
She climbed on top of my cock and slowly inserted it inside her pussy and worked it up and down on me and soon she was screaming just as loud, If not louder on my dick as she started to have vaginal orgasms just like her momma.
I was nowhere near ready to cum after the sex with her mom already and lasted long enough to fuck her ass and pussy several times and then as I finally started to cum I told her and she spun around and sucked on my head and held onto my ass as she fed my dick to her throat and I unloaded deep in her mouth..
She gave me this "Wow" sort of look as i cummed and cummed and she cleaned and rubbed it off of me and told me that she would please me, " if my mom did not want to do it"...
She told me all sorts of taboo things she has done and likes to do before her mom came home from work.
Now she often wears thongs and stuff with her mom around and has even told her mom how she likes to look at my big cock in my underwear and can tell I have a huge one compared to her daddy's.
Her mom has not been shy to talk about sex with her, and says that I have the biggest cock that she has ever had".... To both her daughter and myself.., But her mom has no clue that we are also fucking now on the side when she is away...
Grant Eaton
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Default Wow.

Good story.

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An ok story. They're too easy to tell that they're fantasy. But 4/10.
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Good story man!
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what taboo things she say and pleas do tell us more
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