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Stepdaughter basement activities

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Default Stepdaughter basement activities

We live in a three level townhouse with bedrooms our bedroom and that of my 20yo step daughter are on the top level. My wife travels for business quite often, leaving me and my step-daughter home alone. This has presented several opportunities for 'interesting' times.

Being a typical 20yo she goes our partying and comes home quite late on the weekends and one night a few months back I heard her come in at about 3am and go to her room as usual, but a few minutes later I heard her door open, then some footsteps down the stairs and some whispering....partly drunk I assume, she wasn't being as quiet as she thought she was.

I waited awhile and stepped out of our room, and quietly checked her room to see if she had gone back to bed, the room was empty, so I quietly made my way downstairs and could hear whispering coming from the basement and could see the flickering of the TV. Slowly and quietly I crept down the stairs and got to a point where I could see into our basement and she was with a boy, probably her age but looked younger and they were making out on the sofa.

He was laying back on the sofa with his pants open, she was kneeling on the floor with her top open and kissing him. I had a great view looking down on them and when I realized what was going on my cock hardened in my boxers.

I watched as she slowly opened his shirt, slid her hand down his pants and exposed his cock...and what a cock! I heard her gasp and whisper "so the stories are true". Seems this guy had a reputation.

She worked him over with her small hands which made him look so much bigger, she tried to take him in her moth but all she could do was lick the length of the shaft. I watched as he took off her panties and laid her back on the sofa and licked her pussy, I think she came a couple of times but she stifled the moans. He clearly wanted to fuck but she didn't want to, but the swapped positions again and he layed back down and she whispered lay back, I want to watch you cum.

I was watching my stepdaughter slowly and expertly stroke this young guys cock, I could see the glistening from his pre-cum and the look of lust in her eyes. My cock was oozing pre-cum too as I resisted the urge to grab hold and jerk off. After awhile he was getting close and his cock swelled, Jessica sped up her strokes and was clearly enjoying herself then he arched his back and a stream of cum spurted from him and flew over his head, she kept up her expert jerking and I watch several other streams of cum cover his chest and stomach, she slowly jerked him some more, kissed his softening cock, then his mouth and whispered wait there.

She suddenly got up and moved toward the stairs where I was hiding so I quickly moved back upstairs. I heard her go to the bathroom and assumed she got something to clean up the mess.

Back in my room with my cock in hand, I heard her friend leave and she went to her room. I listened from our doorway as I've done before and could hear her get into bed, a short time later I could hear her vibrator quietly humming away followed seconds later by the sounds of orgasm. That was the end of me, my cock erupted in my hand spurting my cum into the air and onto the ground.

I cleaned up my mess and decided to sneak back downstairs. I went to the basement and saw where she had cleaned up his cum on the sofa, still damp from her efforts, they missed a couple of spots on the rug with two little pools of cum several feet from where he shot his load. I saw her panties still lying on the floor, just under the edge of the sofa. I left them there but the following morning when I got up I decided to take them and hang them on her door. A little sign that I knew what she was doing down there, but she has no idea how much I saw and that we came together the night before.
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Thumbs up jack off

I would be shooting all over the place. Great story.

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I wander how she felt when she saw he panties lol
Good story
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