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hospital stay sex

CFNM Stories (Clothed Female Naked Male)

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Smile hospital stay sex

This is a true account of a wilder time in my life,
I am a skydiver and after over twenty years of doing this as a hobbie and a soldier also...
I broke my left leg in a mishap during one of my landings.
I was taken to a local hospital and they informed me that because my leg was now in such bad shape, That I was going to have to be admitted for awhile.
Awhile turned into a week and a half stay, and months of therapy afterwards...
I had sucessfully broken my left tibia into 9 pieces. Surgery implanted a plate that is held in with 11 screws thats still with me today, And yes.. I still skydive.
But I have slowed down doing it as often and how I execute my landings...

During my first few days there I was given baths in bed with the nurses washing me using a wash cloth and hot soapy water and then rinse me off and re gown me.
Since I am what most consider "extremely well endowed", My cock hangs limp around it's usual 8" inches, When erect I am 12 1/4" long and thicker than a budweiser beer bottle.
I am a tall, slender build at 6'1" tall and 190 lbs and in good physical shape.
I awoke after surgery to find I had a catherter inserted into me for the first day after sugery and then before the day was over they removed it.
Now I know that they see patients naked all the time, But as they announced that this was what was happening next, I had two nurses and a nurses aid in my room as they uncovered my penis, I seen them all look at each other and smile and then smile at me also.
I could tell that they liked what I have between my legs!

All three of course where dressed and I am now naked before them mostly with my tied on robe pulled aside for them to have access.
It went quick and later I was asked if I would like a bath.
I said yes and the nurse washed me and this time instead of handing me the wash cloth to wash my privates, She did it for me.
I could see that she was really studying my cock as she soaped it up and then rinsed it off.
She was a pretty woman and rather large breasts and I thankfully did not immediately get an erection, But as she pulled on my cock with the wash cloth I soon become erect and she did not act surprised and said...
" I see that this part of you still looks like it works"... and commented further saying "To please not be embarrased, As it is her job and that she has seen alot of men over the years," Cleared her throat and said " But not as big as yours is.." with a chuckle and a very warm smile.
I could see she had a ring on her wedding finger, and wondered if she was ever naughty at work too?
I was not given any relief by her, but the size of my larger penis was apparently getting around the staff, Even more so after this happened.
She told me that she was about to leave for her shift was about over, but that the night staff would take god care of me...
I was tired and also because of the pain med I took a nap and when I awoke it was to another nurse entering my room and she also was attractive I thought, Slim and sexy, with a awesome smile, About C cup breasts and long legs...
She asked me if I needed anything and I said "No", and she said she would " give me a bath in a bit.." and left.
About 11:00 pm she came in and had the usual wash cloth and towels in hand and as she was bathing me and all,
Again I become erect and she smiled at me and then came right out and said it..
"So,..The talk about you is that you broke your leg skydiving, it must take some big balls to do that, And I see that you have a big cock to match!"...
I simply smiled back and as she washed me there, she asked me, "Would you like to get off?"
My big 12"incher was loving her hands now as she grabbed my dick with both hands and started stroking me slowly and firmly and using the soap I got a great handjob and when I cummed, I shot all over the bedding as she praised me and my cock.
Some of my cum got on her hands and she licked it off and then cleaned her hands and washed my cock clean of any cum...
She helped me off the bed and changed the bedding and I was told that she.." had never done that before"
I think she was telling the truth!

The next morning the day nurse was back again and I passed on the bath when she asked, but that afternoon when she came in she asked and I accepted.
She returned with the towels and such and as she washed me I was now naked the entire time, With my clean robe next to me folded up still as she washed me.
As she washed me a nurse aid came in also, and took my temp and blood pressure and just basically stared at my body as she did this and smiled looking into my eyes several times.
She talked with the nurse and when as she left she pulled the curtain closed and I noticed that the entire time my door was wide open , they delt with me and a woman that did not work there, And was a visitor for another patient ...was staring at me thru the door and looking at my dick in amazement.
I looked back and she smiled and the nurse apologized and closed my door slowly and even smiled at the other woman as she closed the door.
As she started to wash my cock and balls.
I got hard again, and this time she smiled and said that " her husband's was about half of my length and that I was also alot thicker then his cock is" ..
She told me she " had thought of me while at home and was pleased I was doing so well".
Suddenly grabbed my shaft as she licked my head and started stroking my dick and told me to relax,
I was soon shooting off in her mouth as she held me there and stroked me with both hands and I blasted off in orgasm.
She cleaned me up and told me that she was a happily married woman with three teenage kids and was happy with her husbands dick, but that my much larger cock was such a turn on for her, That she had to be fair and do something for me because she got me hard!"
I did not complain..

That night I did not see the same nurse again from the night before and learned she had the next few days off.
This one I met was the youngest of all of them so far and I did not get a bath from her, but she did see me naked when she asked me to change my robe and she helped me do it and looked rightt at it with a smile and left.
She was the only one not married as far as I could tell...

The next day the doc came in and seen me again and had a assistant with him and she was also a doctor, but when the doc pulled the blanket off of me and pushed aside my robe to check on me, I seen the reaction of the womans face when she seen my big dick laying there and seen the curious look she gave me when she took another look at it, Instead of my leg and then they talked with me about how it looked good and somehow I felt like she was talking about my cock, Not my leg.
The surgeon was pleased and said I could keep it covered and take a shower now in the bathroom, Instead of the bed and that I should start sitting with it over the bed more and let me get used to gravity and blood flow going there more and more...
Again, they could have been talking about my cock!

That afternoon the young nurse came in and said that it was time for a shower, She wrapped my leg up so that it could not get wet and led me with a walker to the bathroom shower stall for the first time, and had me sit as she helped me and her she was totally dressed and I'm naked and she was getting wet too, Even though I was using the shower's hand held wand and so was she....
I mentioned that,..." this is not the norm for me to be in the shower with a woman that is also not naked" She smiled and closed the door to the shower/ bathroom and undressed now too!
She said that I might as well have some fun looking at me too, and I was amazed at the tight hot body she has as she washed me and got soapy water all over herself and her blonde bush, Which was trimmed very short and in a "V"
Large nipples and large areola's, smooth belly and thin, yet strong legs..
I was soon erect and she stroked me and told me I had an "amazingly huge cock" and she stroked it and then asked me " So, I would like to fuck?"
I said sure,
She told me to "relax and let me do the work"
As I sat there on the shower seat, she straddled me and slowly worked my cock into her cunt and was soon shaking in her own orgasams as she rode me by bouncing on top of my dick.
I never got all the way into her,
When I tried she said I was much to large for her to do that, but she was letting me hold onto her tit's and waist as she fucked me and told me she was cumming again.
I bet we fucked for a good half hour before I cummed deep in her pussy and she washed off herself and left me to fend for myself as she got dressed again.\
Then she got me out to my bed and kissed me and told me "Thankyou, I needed that" and left when I was comfortable.
She had been in my room for over 50 minutes and I wondered if she got into any trouble because of it....
Until I was discharged I was taken care of once a night and once a day now by both of these hot women,
and several of them told me that they had a bet afterwards as to " who was going to get me to fuck them first"
The young nurse won the bet.
She told me that she won 150.00 from the bet with the women she worked with on the rest of her shift, ... and 12 1/4" inches from me!
For proof she had left the intercom turned on and the other women listened to us both doing it at the nurses station as we had fucked each other...I'm not sure they did'nt have a video camera working too!
Grant Eaton.
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Grant, Have you ever considered doing porn movies? With your cock you could make a lot of money. A cock the size of yours is truly rare ( odds are ! in 1,500,000 ) which means , you could be in big demand. Have you ever looked into this? You are probably good looking, but even if you are not, who would be looking at your face? Lucky guy.

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