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My training story

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Hi, I'm new here
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Default My training story

I'm a new member, but recently had an unusual sexual experience that I really want to share, so here goes-

We are very happily married for 36 years and more in love than ever. Children grown and gone and our sex life is great-on a recent cruise we had sex over a dozen times within a 2 week period, once even twice in one day!! I absolutely love when I bring her to orgasm. Thank god for Viagra.
We enjoy a little bit of kinkiness which sometimes includes mild master/slave role play, and related discipline. Might involve an evening of one of us being totally naked (except for high heels if it’s my wife), cooking and serving dinner that way and generally being “obedient”. Punishment for disobedience can be a spanking, or at worst a mild caning-nothing too extreme, but very erotic and arousing-for both of us.
We have engaged in this activity both ways, although recently it is more of a femdom nature, which is ok by me. This may be because my wife is now more self conscious about her body and less comfortable being totally naked. I am very fit and have no problem-in fact enjoy, her seeing me nude.
Our relationship has also never been better in other ways such as communicating. We love to talk to each other about every thing, especially feelings. Some time ago my wife mentioned to me that one habit I have that she does not like is my looking at women in public. I was quite surprised and we have had an ongoing discussion about this topic.
My position is that I fully agree that it is disrespectful and unacceptable for the male partner to “ogle”, “leer”, “gawk” or excessively “check out” another female. However I maintain it is only human (male?) nature to notice, and appreciate, an attractive female, and neither harmful nor a major transgression.
My wife agrees with that general premise, the disagreement lies in what constitutes excessive looking. We can agree on the extremes, say turning your head to follow a girl walking by, but not on a grey area between acceptable and not. Her acceptable definition is something like-
“The look should look like you haven’t looked”
Typical female logic, but worst yet really doesn’t help me understand what I am doing which she doesn’t like. As part of our ongoing discussion on this issue she would draw my attention to occasions when I might in her mind have overstepped the line, but usually I still didn’t understand how I had.
Then one day my wife presented me with her solution to our inability to understand each other on this issue. She had gone on the net, using search terms related to “training men”, which while it primarily turned up extreme femdom sites did eventually result in finding an interesting idea, the use of an electronic dog collar to train males. Further searching resulted in her ordering such a collar intended for very small (under 10 lb.) lap dogs, and this is what she now suggested we try out.
Initially quite shocked (no pun intended), I was a little curious and we started experimenting. We first tried out the effect on our arms and progressed to strapping it around my genitals to carefully test.
The devise has a receiving unit that is quite small about 2 in. x 1 in. x ¾ in., and only weighs 2ounces, so was not uncomfortable to wear. 2 small probes rested on the top of my penis, and my wife has a small hand held transmitter.
The transmitter has a button for 4 levels of electrical shock, which we tried and agreed upon what would be used.
Level 1 is quite mild, but I does get my attention.
Level 2 is definitely uncomfortable, a short sharp pain. This level we agreed she would use when she wanted me to know she disapproved of my behavior.
We only tried level 3 once and agreed she would not use it or level 4 normally, and I certainly have no intention of ever earning either of those levels.
We then went out to test some “aversion training.” We went and sat at a nice outdoor café on a beautiful sunny day in an area good for people watching. The overall results were very surprising, especially to me.
I received quite a number of jolts, and very quickly I did start to realize that I often was “looking” without really thinking about it. My wife had been right! Just as interesting, after a few jolts, I was much more conscious of what I was doing, and while I might spot an interesting looking female. I would now stop to think about how I should respond.
In the end it, in spite of the discomfort, I actually enjoyed the experience, and really was amazed by what I had learned. Of course my wife loved it and wants to do more of it.
I highly recommend this method to any women who are having problems “educating’ their partners.
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Talking Ouch!

You are a brave guy and trusting soul. Your story is a little shocking. LOL-----Ann
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