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My first gangbang!

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Default My first gangbang!

This is the story of my first gangbang. It was a couple of years ago, right at the start of my freshman year and i've had quite a few since then but this one stands out for being the first.

I was at a frat party with a couple of the guys from my swim team and we got talking to this chick. She was pretty drunk but seemed kinda cute. Later in the evening I saw my buddy Aaron making out with her for a while, then he comes over to me and Tre and says "she is a real slut - she wants to fuck all of us". Well, that's not an invitation I could let slip by! We went upstairs and found a free room and as soon as we were in the door she was grabbing at our belts to get to our cocks. Tre and I got naked pretty quick while Aaron starts undressing her while she is getting our cocks hard. Soon we are all naked with her giving me a hand job while she sucks Tre and Aaron is fingering her shaved pussy. Next thing she lies on her back so Tre can fuck her and he goes at her missionary. Aaron sticks his cock in her mouth and I didn't know what to do so i just jerked off to keep hard. After a bit I swapped with Tre and started to fuck her. She was moaning and groaning and loving the feeling of a couple of cocks in her pussy. After a while I got off and let Aaron have a go - he fucked her from behind so Tre and I knelt facing each other at her head so she could suck both of our dicks. Aaron didn't last long and soon he gave a groan and came in her pussy. As soon as he got out I stuck my cock up her and kept fucking her hard - making her come. I swapped with Tre and whispered in her ear that I wanted to fuck her ass. She waved towards her bag and said there was some lube inside, so i got it out and lubed up her asshole. I'm pretty well hung and I had to ease my head into her ass gently but when it was in i started to pound her. At this point she was sat on top of Tre riding him while I bent her forwards and fucked her ass. I could actually feel Tre's cock thrusting inside her and I came in a few minutes, feeling my spunk drip out of her ass back onto me. A minute later Tre came as well and we all just laughed at how much we were enjoying fucking this little slut while she lay on the bed with spunk dripping out her pussy and ass.

A few minutes later we were going again and I was fucking her while she took turns sucking the other two. She was on top of me and I found it a turn on seeing all the spunk drip out down from her pussy around my shaved cock. We kept going until we all came again, then I just got dressed and walked out - I never even knew her name!
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Good story. I never considered three guys fucking me a gang bang.(now six guys, that's another story ) I never had to get drunk to get fucked. I always wanted to enjoy it to the fullest. When three old guys ( my age ) fuck me today, I look at it as helping some friends stay young. Oh! , I almost forgot, it does wonders to ease up my arthritis pain. Never quit having fun.----Ann
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