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My sister-in-law at our party

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Talking My sister-in-law at our party

Here’s a true story. One of those once or twice in a lifetime things.
I’m married. Happily so. My wife is year older and has a few extra pounds, as do I, but she is very shapely. In fact, even though her skin is quite white and somewhat freckled, she has some Spanish heritage on her mother’s side. This comes through in her body shape, which is quite curvaceous (i.e., she has an amazing ass; big tits too). But this is not about her.

She has a brother, who is a bit of an annoying character, though he means well. He is a couple of years younger than us, probably 35 or 36. He and his wife, Anita, have a somewhat strained relationship. Mike has recently become quite physically fit, having decided to join the National Guard and gone through boot camp. His wife is a bit heavy, yet one of those people who doesn’t look like she should be heavy. Anita is also, like my wife, very white and freckly, with red hair. She has very large tits, which is curious when one considers that a few years ago she actually had them reduced. Maybe they grow back or something. I don’t know.

Anyway, as I was saying, Mike and Anita’s relationship is somewhat strained. In fact, it’s a safe bet to say he joined the National Guard so as to get time away from his wife. They are the kind of couple who profess undying love to each other anytime someone is around, or all over Facebook, but you can guess what that means. In private, they are surely miserable. Mike confides to his sister, my wife, quite often to this effect.

So this all starts when, after being gone to boot camp for the better part of 5 months, Mike comes home and we throw him a party. Now Anita, though she is psychotically jealous and protective of her husband, who himself practically lives in fear of being caught glancing in another woman’s direction, is herself something of a flirt. I guess Mike’s confidence level allows him to brush this off. Honestly, I can remember years ago watching her make out with another girl at a club. But that seems like a lifetime ago.

The party was at our house. We have a 3-level house with a basement that opens out to a large back yard, where we had built a bonfire. Plenty of people were there for the event, but only a few remained late in the evening. Not one for a lot of socializing, I spent some time in the basement of the house at my computer, where I sit at this moment, surfing the web and playing games, sipping a beer. Earlier in the evening, when plenty of folks were still at the house, Anita had come downstairs sipping a beer and came over to talk to me. She was wearing her hair in a very unusual way that night - in pigtails out on to each side. In fact, I had been teasingly calling her “Heidi” and “Pippi” and “Swiss Miss” all night. Asking her for a cup of cocoa. Ha ha. She had had a few beers and she asked me to do something or other … I honestly can’t remember what right now. Probably download something for her, maybe some music. I don’t know. I remember using one of my classic (lame) flirt lines, like “what are ya gonna do for me?” I never really expect much of a response to that, but hey sometimes you get lucky. Honestly, a guy like me, happily married but still horny as well, well, I just like to get a flash of tit once in a while.

As I said, Anita is one of those people who, to me, always seemed to have something of what I like to call “a dark side.” She always wore tank tops or low cut shirts that revealed a lot of cleavage. This is not to imply that she dressed in poor taste. Honestly, her tits are just so big that unless she were to wear a zipped-up windbreaker, well, you’re gonna see cleavage. I think that part of her “dark side” might be that, realizing that her boobs draw attention, she will use them for that purpose.

So I was not terribly surprised when her response to my line was, “I’ll show you my tits. They’re pretty spectacular.” Swear to God. She said those words exactly. Now when I sense an opening like this, my instinct is to take it as far as I can. But because the house was swarmed with people, I sort of just laughed it off and did whatever computer-related thing she had asked.

The night went by. When the time came that most people had left, those who remained were far out in the back yard at the fire. I went inside and went back downstairs to my computer. I locked the back door that led out to the yard as I didn’t want anyone to come in and surprise me. I mean, ya never know, I might have decided to look at some porn or something. I heard the door upstairs open and feet coming down the steps. Looking over, it was Anita, pigtails and tits and all, toting a beer bottle. She walked over to me again. I asked what was going on, and she said that my wife and her brother and someone else had ridden to buy some more beer. Since we live a bit off the beaten path, I knew this would take at least 15 or 20 minutes.

And so I began with: “You still owe me a view of those spectacular tits.” I was sitting in my chair and she was standing sort of behind me. I turned around a kind of smiled as I said this. I was already hard, but didn’t really expect to see more than a 2 or 3 second flash of tit from this flirt. My plan was to jerk off later, thinking about the experience. Oh, the sad life of the married.

She set the beer bottle down on my desk and said, “ok.” When I turned around again, her arms were crossed and her hands grabbing the bottom of her tank top. She took one quick look behind her, at the locked door (whether or not she knew it was locked, I have no idea), and pulled that shirt completely up to her neck. Not 8 inches from my face were these two massive white tits, still bouncing from having been lifted by the shirt. There’s something I love about pale skin, and her tits were pale as cream. I had sort of imagined her having those wide nipples that some big-titted women have but, though they were wider than average, they were proportionate. There was a thick knot at the center of each that stuck out invitingly. A stream of freckles went down into the valley between her tits. She put her hands on each of them and pushed them together. I thought, any second now, she’s going to pull that shirt back down and just smile at me. My plan was still to jerk off later … and boy would I have a great strokin’ session thinking about this. I mean, at this point, no harm done, right? I just gazed upon another woman’s tits. Yeah, it was my sister-in-law, but so what.

I don’t know how many seconds went by, but it seemed that she enjoyed playing with her tits. She would push them together and release so that they would bounce apart. She did that at least twice before, unable to help myself, I said “God I’d like to fuck those tits.”

I’m not sure if she had come downstairs planning something like this, but we both sensed that no one was around for at least a little while and that we shouldn’t waste time. She actually got down on her knees, right there on the concrete floor, and said “let’s see whatcha got.” I stood up and unzipped my shorts. I was obviously rock hard. Throwing caution to the wind, I dropped my shorts and underwear down to my shoes and sat back down, my stiff 6-inch dick bouncing much as her tits had only moments ago. She had a hand on the outside of each of her huge boobs, waiting. I slid toward the front of the chair and she moved forward and positioned herself so that she could wrap her tits around my cock. For several minutes she pushed her tits up and down with my cock between them, staring down at it. At this point I was thinking I’d love a blowjob, but I would be equally happy just to shoot off all over those fucking beautiful tits.

Then she stopped. She stood up and took my hand. “Over here,” she said, and let me to an old leather couch on the other side of the room. She pulled her shirt completely off of her head and stood there topless. God, I couldn’t take my eyes off those tits. I was starting to get a little soft, with nervousness, thinking she was going to want me to fuck her. I knew we wouldn’t have time for that, and was afraid we’d get caught. Not to mention, fucking your sister-in-law, just a little weird.

But she laid down on the couch and held those huge fucking milky tits, one in each hand, her fingers spread to reveal the stiff nipple poking through, and said “you do it.” I wasted no time, but climbed onto her and slapped my dick between those tits. I started fucking back and forth, getting as much of my dick on as much of those tits as I possibly could, praying all the while that I wouldn’t hear the door upstairs. I sat up as much as possible, as I wanted to see everything. I noticed that she was staring right at my cock head as it would pop out between the top of her tits with every stroke, only an inch, maybe less, from her mouth. With one stroke, I felt a flash of wetness at the tip of my dick. A few strokes later, and I felt it again. Looking down, she was meeting my cock head with her tongue every time I thrust forward. I started to pause with each thrust, giving her opportunity to lick my head as long as she wanted. She did it for as long as I would hold it there, and as I pulled back, she held her mouth open, waiting for the next time my dick would get close to her tongue. One time, she moved her head up to meet my dick and licked around the ridge of my cock head. I’m sure I was groaning and murmuring something all this time, but I don’t remember. As much as I wanted it to last, I knew we had to wrap this up. She seemed to like my dick in her mouth, so, taking a chance, I got up on my knees, moved forward a bit, and slid my dick just an inch or two into her mouth. She sucked firmly on the head, but then pushed me away completely. For a second, I was massively disappointed, thinking that she was just sober enough to realize that this had gotten out of hand. She sat up and pushed me completely away from her. I was prepared to head to the bathroom, thinking I would have to jerk off after all. But after she rearranged herself and sat up on the edge of the couch, she pulled me back toward her. She took my cock in one hand and, with her other hand on my ass, pulled me toward her. I was still rock hard, and I noticed that her nipples were hard as hell too. She lowered her head onto my dick in that wonderful way women do and started sucking. No more pretense of just licking or teasing. I mean, she was sucking cock for all it was worth.

It was a thrill to watch. I actually held her pigtails in my hands and pulled them a little, which she didn’t seem to mind. She had formed a circle out of two fingers around the base of my dick and was taking it deep. Her mouth was so tight and wet, and I could feel her tongue playing along my shaft as well. A couple of times, she took it out of her mouth and looked up at me, running her tongue up and down my shaft. This brought me so close to coming. I didn’t know if she was a “swallow” girl or what, but at this point I didn’t care. She probably sensed that time was running out, and one time when she took my dick out, she looked up at me and said “you gonna come?” I took that as permission to blow my load wherever I wanted. She stared at my cock for about 10 long seconds, stroking it slowly, considering it. Then she wrapped her lips around the head and started sucking again, going deep every third or fourth stroke. I groaned out, “I’m gonna come.” She took the cock from my mouth, and in one of the most beautiful sights I’ve ever seen, looked up at me, eyes wide open. Her lips were parted wide, her tongue sticking out. I grabbed my cock, and she grabbed those huge white tits. She pushed them together, lifted them up, played with them while I took a step back. I knew this was going to be explosive. I couldn’t take my eyes away, but I stroked my cock only another 3 or 4 times before I started to come. I swear to God, the first thick jet hit her across the nose. She absolutely did not budge. Seeing her tongue wiggle a bit, I took aim (I mean, as much as a guy can aim while coming). The next thick wad landed squarely on that tongue, and she lapped at it, another shot hitting her while her mouth was closed. She licked that off of her lips while I continued to jizz, smaller shots now coming with less force and falling down on those fucking incredible tits. After I was completely finished, feeling absolutely in control as a man does when he shoots off all over a woman, I actually put my hand behind her head and forced her back onto my dick. She eagerly took it back in her mouth. There was thick spunk down at the base of my shaft. Unable to get her mouth down that far (I mean, my dick’s not all that big, but I guess she wasn’t one for deep throat at all), she forced her head off my dick and bent down. She literally licked all the cum from my dick, then put it back in her mouth and sucked on it again. She actually made “hmmm” sounds. I was thinking that this was better than any porn I’d ever seen and could hardly believe my luck. She looked up at me and smiled, showing me the cum still in her mouth and pushing out her tongue, licking it from her lips. I offered her my jerk-off hand, which had quite a bit of semen on it, and she took it by the wrist and spent 30 seconds or more licking it clean as well.

The awkwardness surely would have set in, but she simply got up and said “we’d better get cleaned up.” She grabbed her shirt and headed quickly up the steps, to the bathroom I was sure. I was left standing there with a semi-hard dick, shining with her spit, still unable to believe what had just happened. I quickly got dressed. It was less than 5 minutes later when I heard my wife and her brother come in the front door upstairs. I simply sat at my computer, acting as if I’d been downstairs the whole time they were gone. I could hear Anita talking to them upstairs. Everything seemed normal.

Out by the fire later, she did smile and wink at me a couple of times, but in a way that she might have on any other occasion. Nothing like that ever happened again, and nothing ever came of it. But if the opportunity presents itself again, I will be all over it. My next opening line will be “I would love to eat out your fucking red-headed pussy.” Man, I dream about it sometimes.
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Great story. When I was in my 30s, I used to fuck my wife's brother's wife. It all started with a demo ride in my TR3 sports car. If anyone is interested , I will post the details. I hope you get more sex of any kind from her. Sounds like a fun time. You are a lucky man. Ann knew about this but her brother never did. ( As far as I know )

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