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Tricked into being a whore.

General Sex Stories (Written By WOMEN)

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Default Tricked into being a whore.

Hello all, my name is Cindy and this happened to me.

I was in my senior year in college when I was invited to a party off campus. Im not a big party girl nor am I a big drinker so I had to think about it, after some coaxing by my girlfreind Debbie, I decided to go, as designated driver. The night of the party arrives, we drive aboout 30 min or so and arrive at this very nice house around 9:30pm, there were lots of cars in driveway and street and I could see people in the house, the party was already on. As I walked in, I notice, right away, something was wrong, there were people naked in the house, porn on a tv, it was quite obvious that I walked in to a swing party. There was an open bar, lots of food and naked and half naked people everywhere, I also noticed that they ranged in age from young (like me, I was 21) to people in their 40's.
It was apparent that my girlfriend had tricked me, and i was not happy about it, I looked at my freind Debbie and said "WTF Deb" she said " Relax, have fun, you dont have to participate, just watch", I wanted to leave but being the dd, i didn't want to be a party pooper, so i said that i'de stay, I lived on campus and it was weekend so i could stay, and, quite honestly, being a closet whore, i was a bit intrigued. About 5 minutes later this very attractive woman in her late 30's came over to me, she was topless, and said " Hi, I'm Nancy, welcome. Feel free to walk around around, observe and have fun, the food and drinks are free, so make yourself at home". The house was very big, lots of rooms and finished basement with big screen tv.
As I walked around awhile, I noticed there was LOTS of sex going on, you could hear it and see it. Only rules were doors must remain open and condoms must be used. People were everywhere, on floor, on beds, one girl was on her knees giving blowjobs. I am basically shy and was a little embarrased but being here, hearing and seeing was making me so horny. A bit later,I went downstairs and was amazed, there was Deb, on her back, legs wide open, getting pounded by this really hot guy. She looked at me and said "C'mon Cin, get naked, have fun".
I went back upstairs into this large bedroom with lots of people coming in and out,there was one girl, on a bed, in a threesome. I took my top off and began to watch as this girl got her brains fucked out by 2 guys, I was so horny but still shy when this man in his early 30s walked up and said "Hi". HE WAS GORGEOUS. About 6 feet tall, muscular, tanned and naked. He said "First time, huh" I said "How do you know?" he laughed and said "Well, you still have your pants on". As much as I tried. i couldn't take my eyes off his cock, he was rather large and it was very noticable. He said " My name is Steve, I dont want to make you uneasy, if at any time you want to participate, come find me" and left the room.
I, by that time, was getting extremely horny, I decided to get naked and explore. It sounded like porn in stereo, you could hear beds bouncing off walls, skin slapping, moaning and screaming. I walked into a bedroom and there was this girl, on the bed, riding this guy reverse cowgirl like it was the last cock on earth, I looked to my left and there was Steve, sitting in a chair, watching, with this HUGE hardon. That did it. I walked over to him and he said "Hi again". I gave him a smile , got on my knees and began sucking his cock, after a few minutes I heard very loud skin slapping and swearing "Fuck me". The girl on bed was getting hammered doggie style, Steve looked at me and said "Want to find an empty bed? I responded "Mhm". We walked down hall into this large bedroom with a canopy bed, there was a woman on it sucking some guys cock, it was the woman who greeted me, turns out it was his house and his wife. He introduced me and she said "We've met, now you two have fun"' I was a bit uncomfortable, it was, after all, his wife, and I'de never had sex in public before, but I went along.

Steve and I got on the bed, he put me on my back, and began licking my pussy, all the while his wife is on the same bed, right next to me deepthroating this guy, about a minute later she gets up, puts a condom on him and starts riding him. I looked at Steve and said "Please, fuck me!" I'm a little girl, about 5'2" and 110pounds and 34B. He put on a condom, grabbed my waist, straddled my knees with his elbows and began to fuck me....HARD, pulling me forward with every thrust, my head exploding every time. His wife, still riding, looks down and says "Yeah, fuck her baby, fuck that little whore" This guy was damn near breaking me in half, my ass was bouncing off the bed, the headboard was slamming against the wall,then he started doing pushups, thrusting so deep I could barely take it. My body shuttered and shook from a massive orgasm. "OH GOD" I moaned. Then he grabbed me, flipped me over, and put me flat on the bed with a pillow under my hips. His wife was on her back getting ripped apart by this young guy in his 20s, screaming and swearing. Just then I noticed that we had an audience, about 6 other people in the room, including my friend Deb who was giving this guy a real rough handjob as she watched, grinning.
Steve put his cock in me, pushed me flat on the bed and began to damn near fuck me into a coma , the weight of his body and his cock making my eyes bulge with every thrust, he was tearing me up. I kept cumming and shaking. Then he grabbed my hips, pulled them up, pushed my upper body on the bed and began to pound me. It was the loudest skin slapping I had ever heard, that, in combination with the other people in the room, well...made me lose it " FUUUCK MEEEEEE!!!" I screamed "You like that baby" he said. I yelled, at the top of my lungs, "YES, DONT STOP" . He was fucking me so hard my body was actually moving forward and, I swear, the bed was moving." IM...GONNA... CUM" I screamed, as i went into convulsions, he just kept pounding and pounding, with this evil laugh. A few moments later he turned me over, pulled off his condom, let out a loud moan and shot the largest load I ever saw all over my chest. I noticed I was soaked in sweat. I sat up and said "WOW" looked up and notiiced Deb getting fucked hard up against the wall.
Well, I ended up fucking 2 other guys, and giving a 50 yr old man a blowjob that night, it was, one of the best nights of my life. The night I became a whore. He holds these parties bi monthly and Deb and I, we attend on occasion. God, I'm so wet just remembering that night, gotta go.
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awesome story I absolutely loved it. The whole story was real hot welcome to the swinger scene me and my bf Dave have been into it for a little now, it is a lot of fun being a closet whore hahaha. Have fun be safe.
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Wow. Sounds great fun.
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Thumbs up Holy fuck

Girl you literally got me jerking off your story... So intense and full of pleasure. Please grace us with another one of your experiences, I beg you. OMG I'm loving it.
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Wink Good Time

Your not a whore. Your our kind of sex loving woman.

Mark and Ann
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