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Mexican Maid Story

Job Related: Co-workers / Masseuse / Nurse / Pool Boy / Maid Stories

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Default Mexican Maid Story

This occurred on the job. I used to work part time for a local physician and he would have me do all sorts of things. One of the things was change the air filters and clean his pool of leaves. I loved the freedom of the job--but even better, I would really enjoy the maid who cleaned on Tuesdays and Thursdays. She was Mexican and didn't speak much English, so we would practice Spanish whenever I saw her. Eventually I got the nerve to take a dip in the pool. She had suggested it a few times when she told me she didn't know how to swim. At her prodding, I took off my shorts, shirt, and jumped in with my underwear. I was very turned on to jump in with a woman much older than me watching. I hid myself from view for the most part, swimming in the cool water and enjoying the break from the Florida heat. I finished swimming and noticed she had started to watch me more intently as I swam to invite her in the pool. She claimed not to know how to swim, and I said "Even if I take these off?" and removed my boxers and placed them on the edge of the concrete. I told her I would teach her to swim, but she refused. At that point, she took my clothes went inside. I guess she didn't want to swim, but this event got my dick rock hard, since it meant I had to ask her for my clothes.

Contemplating my next step in the pool, buck naked, I wasn't sure whether to wait or chase after her. Having been aroused from swimming in the nude as the maid watched, I was thinking mostly with my dick and climbed out of the water, erection bouncing. As I walked inside, I scanned the house for her, she had retreated to the kitchen. I chased after her, my penis still erect and a bit embarrassed as she knew I had a girlfriend and I knew she was married and had a couple of kids, though she said they were in Mexico. In any case, she ran to the laundry room screaming as I tailed her in the nude. She grabbed a towel and gave it to me. I thanked her and dried off, found my clothes nearby, and begrudgingly put them on, making a slight show for her, letting my member linger and flexing the muscle to make it bounce a few times. Finally, I was dressed. I finished my work and told her goodbye. I went to the door, hesitated, and found my nerve. I went back to the kitchen and greeted her very close, I embraced her and put my hands on her ass, she looked up into my face and I kissed her for the first time. My cock grew so fast as the electricity of our first kiss ran through us, I pushed it against her hips and really dug my tongue in her mouth. We kissed for almost two minutes as I slowly pressed my rock hard cock against her pussy. I could feel the pre-cum leaking out as I ran my hands up and down her body, holding her tits, ass, and rubbing her back. I humped her and placed my hand underneath her shirt, groping her tits and placing one in my mouth.

Finally, I withdrew, always striving to leave her wanting more, and returned to the office without putting my underwear back on (it was wet). I rubbed myself the whole way back and leaked another half ounce of cum. When I finally got to the office I immediately went to the bathroom to masturbate. I thought back to the encounter and rubbed out a huge load of creamy white stuff that I wish had been on the maid. My mind raced at the new possibilities since I'd broken the ice with this new partner. I couldn't wait to get home and destroy my girlfriend's sweet pussy. We were never hurting for a sex life, but this had invigorated me.

Upon arriving at the apartment, I immediately attacked my girlfriend. I ate her pussy like there was no tomorrow and after she had cum all over my fingers, I crept up to her mouth and fed her my cock. I face fucked her loudly and finished my second load of the day on her bare chest. She rubbed it on her nipples and I told her I'd be right back. I had to put a load of laundry in, and we lived at a place that had a washer/drier room just outside our apartment. As I loaded the washer, our new neighbor came to the laundry room and asked for a couple of quarters. I obliged and introduced myself, her name was Jennifer and she was recently separated. She was a half black, half white hottie with two kids (but not living with her), again a bit older than me (mid 30's). We briefly chatted and I told her she was welcome to use anything of mine and to just knock if she needed anything. We gave each other a few suggestive glances and I returned inside to my girlfriend. I fucked Courtney for a solid three hours as soon as I got inside, starting again in the kitchen. She made so much noise, I was sure that Jennifer heard through our windows. I stopped briefly after cumming in her in the kitchen, we moved to the couch where she came twice and I finally rested for a half hour. Once I was back in the game, I carried her to our bed, finishing her punishment as she screamed very audibly, her fourth orgasm draining the last of the cum in me. I couldn't wait to fuck the maid. That story as well as many more, to come..

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