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Really Taboo?

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Default Really Taboo?

Hi, this story took place about 6 yrs ago. At that time I was 45 and lived with a 44yr old woman named Kathy, her and I had lived together in her house for about 3 years, She had 3 kids, 2 were Ok but her oldest, Susan (24) was a problem. An alcoholic, she had numerous OUI's and had been arrested for various minor offenses, she also moved from guy to guy.
One night Kathy received a frantic call from Susan, she had been homeless for 2 mos, tired of the party girl life and wanted to come home. Kathy and I lived alone in a 1 bedroom house, we had a quiet life, but this was her daughter, so we decided she could move in if she went to rehab and stayed sober. Kathy had a finished basement so we put a cot down there for Sue. When she finally moved in things went well, she stayed sober, got a part time job and helped around house, we all got along well.
I worked days 7 to 5, Kathy was in receptionist at a hospital and every other weekend, worked overnight 10-4. It was a sunday night in summer, i had to work next morning and went to bed around 10pm. I was woken up around 12:15 by Sue coming in from a date, I got up , asked her how it went, she said "Ok i guess, I dont think I'll see him again". We said goodnight to each other and I went to bed. About an hour later, i was still up, so i decided to put tv on for a bit. About 20 min Sue knocked on my door, I said " Whats up" She said "I cant sleep either, can i join you" I said yes and she sat on couch next to me. Sue was cute, About 5' 4, a bit chubby but not fat. She had on pajama bottoms and a t-shirt.
About 5 min later we were talking and i smelled beer on her and noticed that she seemed a little giddy. I told her I knew that she had been drinking lately but promised not to tell her mother. She asked about what time kathy was getting home, I told her "About 4:30, why?" Suddenly, she straddled my lap, looked me in the eyes and said "Because I am so fucking horny". I struggled to get away but shes about 150 pounds, she takes her top off and starts kissing me, grinding on my lap, Im fighting but aroused, suddenly she noticed i had a hardon. "Hmm, someones excited" She said, pulling her pj bottom off 1 leg, she reaches into my sweatpants, starts stroking my cock and says "I wanna fuck!"
She slides down on her knees and starts sucking me, after about 2 or 3 minutes i couldnt help myself, I put her on her back on the floor, got on my knees, spead her legs open and stuck it in. She was a good fuck, her ass bouncing of the floor with every thrust, she looked at me and said "Yes, fuck me", after a few minutes she said "Do me from behind" She turned over, got on her knees with her tits on the floor, I grabbed her by her waist and started pounding away. I look down and a wve of guilt comes over me as i realize im banging my girlfriends daughter. Just then she says in a relatively loud voice " FUCK ME HARD". I oblige her, we have a hard, skin slapping fuck talking dirty to each other, pounding away for about 5 minutes or so then she says loud " MAKE ME CUM" About 30 seconds later she says, in this really deep voice "OH GOD, I'M GONNA CUM", her body starts shaking and she lets out a deep moan, I feel my cock starting to fill up "Im gonna cum too baby" and shoot a huge load on her back.
Afterwards we talked, she told me she hadnt had sex in months, and apologized, I told her that what we did was wrong and we had to keep it a secret. She agreed. Kathy and I broke up about 3 years ago, it just didnt work. Sue and I kept our little secret and Kathy never knew. I havent heard from Either in about 2 years but will always remember my taboo night with Sue
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Good story!
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I am so sorry. The big girl over powered little you. Don't kid us. You wanted an excuse to fuck her. We all would have done the same thing.

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