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Watching my wife be seduced

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Old 07-27-2011, 08:10 PM   #1
Hi, I'm new here
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Default Watching my wife be seduced

This is a true story I decided to share. At the time of this incident, my wife and I had been married for about 20 years. My wife, Susan is an attractive blond of 44, about 5’5” and 135 pounds. She has managed to keep herself in pretty nice shape. About 9 months before this recent incident my wife had something that could be termed a midlife crisis. She started making comments about our sex life and how she was not fulfilled. She mentioned was that I was her first and only and that it would be nice to have had played the field. This comment really stuck in my craw.

Over the next six months, I had plenty of time to think about all that happened with my spouse. What really bothered me was her comment about never having been able to play the field. In other words, in my mind, what she was really saying was, I want to fuck other men. Of course she never came out and said that after her initial comments. One of the side effects of all this jealousy was I would become incredibly horny. It was weird in that the thought of my wife with another man was making me both angry and very horny.
I had a convention to attend with one of my co-worker from another office. This guy happened to be very good looking, about six foot tall and dark. I started to wonder, would my wife, if she had the chance, succumb to a man like Craig? I had to find out. I invited my wife to attend the conference with us.

To make it more interesting, I made sure to not have sex with Susan over the three weeks prior to the trip. This was not an easy thing to do since she is used to a good sex session at least once a week. Each day that passed I could tell she was getting more tense. To top it off, the night before our flight, I gave her a long massage and spent a lot of time kissing and some petting and just as she was getting ready for the act, I fake an excuse that I had to run to the office for some paperwork.

The next day we flew to Las Vegas and checked in to our room. We got settled in and then cleaned up and dressed before meeting Craig in the hotel bar. Our plan was to have a drink, some supper and then turn in. I though, had other ideas. We got to the bar and ordered a drink. Just then I saw Craig come in. He was staying at a hotel down the road. I introduced Craig to Susan and I could tell there was an instant attraction. Susan could not keep her eyes off of him and I noticed quite a few times that Craig would sneak a peek at Susan’s ass when she would excuse herself to go to the ladies room.

I’m not much of a drinker so I had a plan where I would fake that I had way too much to drink, invite Craig up to our room and then “pass out” and see what would happen. After dinner I suggested we go back to the bar. We all ordered drinks but I made sure to swap mine out with plain soda. The drinks were going down easy for Craig and Susan and we all had lots of laughs. I noticed a lot of light flirting and some minor touching between the two of them. Throughout the night I made sure I was looking like I had way too much to drink. Around 11:00 pm, I told Craig and Susan I was too drunk and needed to go to the room. We all agreed to go together.
When we got to the room, I collapsed on the bed and watched the interactions between my wife and Craig. Nothing much happened but they did continue the party with more drinks. I eventually feigned sleep. After about a half an hour, Susan said she was tired and lay on the bed next to me. Craig was clearly too drunk to drive back to his hotel. Susan told him he could sleep the night in our room. He took the couch.

All was quiet for at least an hour and I started to think, you dummy, Susan would never cheat you. I felt bad in that we could have had a romantic weekend without the kids but I had to blow it. Just then there was stirring and I felt Susan get up and go to the bath room. I was facing that way and I could see her tight ass cheeks thru her panties and the thin robe she wore.

After a couple minutes in the bath room I heard a stirring as Craig got up and went to the bath room door. He opened the door and there was Susan standing there looking at him. He went inside and moved behind Susan. He put his hands on her shoulders and began to lightly kiss her neck. She said,‘what are you doing” and told him to stop. But Craig was not going to quit that easily. One of the ways to turn on my wife is to gently rub her shoulders and kiss her neck lightly. I could tell Susan was enjoying it but at the same time, she was telling Craig to stop. Craig kept kissing Susan and began running his hand down her body. Susan mouth was saying no but her movements were saying “maybe”. I could tell by her grunts and groans that she was getting turned on. “Ahh, ooh, no we can’t”. She moved away from Craig but she was trapped between the sink and Craig. Craig stopped and let her move out of the bathroom. She walked into the other room of our hotel room and stood by the window with her back facing Craig and me. She was about 20 feet from me but I had a great view of her body due to the lights from the city making a back drop. I watched as Craig came up behind Susan and begin running his hands over her upper back and then down her sides. Susan was enjoying it but again she was say “agg, oooh, ohhhh no, we can’t” and “no were both married”. Craig started kissing her neck and Susan was moving her head to gain maximum pleasure from his kisses even while saying “no Craig, ohh no please stop”.

By this time I was getting worried. Would she succumb to the likes of Craig? In her heightened state of horniness, could she say no?. She again pushed Craig away but he was having no part of that. I could tell he was a master at seducing women and he had Susan very turned on. But the real telltale sign was soon to emerge. One of the things I have noticed about Susan through the years is, if you come on to her from behind, eventually, if sex is to happen, she invariably will push her ass back in to your crotch with a slight grind. Until she does this, sex is not going to happen. Would she go this far. From my vantage point I had a perfect view and could see there still was light coming from between their bodies. In other words, no contact had been made.
While Craig continued to stroke Susan, I noticed she made a couple glances over my way. Was it guilt or was she checking if I was still sleeping. My eyes were like slits and I had a sheet covering most of my face so I’m sure she could not tell. Of course, my earlier inebriated state told her I was out cold. Craig continued his work and started to be more aggressive. He ran his hand around and lightly stroked my wife’s breasts. He stopped and focused on her nipples. I could tell she didn’t have her bra on. She enjoyed the attention and then pushed Craig’s hands away. He now moved them down to her hips and then back up again. I could hear Susan’s breathing and it was heavy and full of sighs. Periodically she would look over in my direction to see if I was still asleep.

Craig began kissing Susan’s neck again while he placed his hands on her hips. Susan was moaning and saying “ohh that feels so good”. She was twisting her neck around soaking up the attention from Craig’s lips. After a few minutes of that I noticed Craig’s swelled crotch (from the tent in his pants he was apparently very turned on). As I was noticing Craig’s pants I detected a slight movement in Susan’s stance. I had noticed, ever so slightly, she moved her ass back and up. I thought oh-oh. Sure enough, while the first time she moved back she did not close the gap, the second time she surely did. As I was watching, I noticed her look my way and then, push her ass back and up and gave Craig a light grind. I knew it was all but over now. Craig ran his hands up her sides and then back down and as he reached her hips, Susan did her little grind again only this time a bit more obvious. I watched as Craig took the cue and met Susan’s ass and he too did a light grind into her, all the while letting out a low grunting sound. The next second they both pulled away only too again grind into each other. They coutinued this for some time, increasing the pressure and tempo. There was no doubt about it now, my wife was enjoying the feel of another man’s hard cock pushing against her ass. She was grinding back with gusto and clearly enjoying it. Now I began to wonder, just how far would they take it with me in the same room.

As the grinding continued, Craig began running his hands up and down my wife’s hips. Each time Susan pulled away, he pulled her back into him. He also began roaming his hands toward the front of her hips. Soon he was running his fingertips very near to her pubic mound. I could hear Susan’s ohhss and ahhsss. After a few more strokes, Craig reached down and pulled up Susan’s nightgown. He quickly ran his hands up to Susan’s panty line and slid his fingers underneath. He softly stroked her mound. Soon he had his fingers buried in the folds of Susan’s wet pussy. I knew she was wet because I could hear soft sloshing noises. It would have continued except I had a sudden need to sneeze. It hit me so fast I could not stop it. After my sneeze, they both froze. As quickly as it all started, Susan pulled away and made a beeline to the bed. Craig, figuring it was all over, walked back to the couch. They both settled down and began to snooze. I was so turned on as well as disappointed.

It was quiet for at least 10 minutes and I was starting to drift off to sleep when I felt the bed move. Susan got up and went over to the couch where Craig was laying. She grabbed him by the hand and led him to the other room. Susan looked over at me once and, assured I was asleep, gave Craig a deep and long French kiss. Then she reached down and undid his pants. She slipped her hand into his boxers and pulled out Craig’s large and very hard cock. He was huge, at least 8 inches and he was very hard and large around the base. She knelt down and began to lick and suck his cock. I knew she was terribly turned on because she seldom shows such gusto unless she is really worked up. She pulled Craig deep into her mouth and I could hear lots of slurping and moaning. She ran her hands up and down the length and stroked has balls. After a couple minutes, she stood up, pushed Craig to the floor on his back. Susan was in control now. She got on her knees and straddled his legs. I saw her look over my way one last time and then she pulled her panties to the side, grasped Craig’s cock and moved it to her soaked pussy. She ran the head over and back along the length of her lips. Then she arched her back and in one motion, slowly plunged down upon Craig’s cock, just a little bit at a time. She was clearly going to enjoy every inch of this man. She finally worked it in fully and then they both began a slow rocking motion. They were both very quiet, so quiet in fact I could hear the sounds of squishing as she drove up and down on his huge penis. After a couple minutes, I saw Susan’s pace increase and her breathing became labored. She whisper “ahhh, ohhhh, oh god it feels so good. Plunge that big cock in me”. Soon she tightened up and ground down for one last time. Craig tightened up too and they began coming together. Soon the motion stopped, they parted and Susan ran to the bathroom to clean up. Soon after they came to bed, the deed done.

The next evening was the last day of the convention. Suffice it to say, I never fucked Susan so hard in my life. I think she was well satisfied.
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Thumbs up Wow

My hand is full. Thanks----Mark
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Old 07-28-2011, 08:25 AM   #3
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Great story! Excellent!
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Old 07-29-2011, 11:23 AM   #4
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great story and well told. did your wife ever 'confess'?
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This is a great story!
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This is undoubtedly my favorite story on this site thus far. So hot, I fantasize myself in your position, as well as Craig's. This is such a turn on. Wish you had more to tell us.
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Hi, I'm new here
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Default Thank you for all the compliments

I do plan to write more soon. Glad you enjoyed it and no, she never did confess.
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Good, I can't wait! I read this story once a week. The whole seduction is so hot.
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Such a good story! I hope y'all talked about it later and did more, only with you involved .
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Old 04-22-2012, 09:25 AM   #10
Hi, I'm new here
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Wow!! You did well, you opened the box of lust. now you have a hot wife and you are a complacent husband , please let me know more. Enjoy sex, sex is Life.
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seduced cheating

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