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First Cuckold Experience

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Hi, I'm new here
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Default First Cuckold Experience

This is about my first time being a cuckold. Since having this experience, I've seeked it out more times with varying amounts of luck. I feel like I got a great introduction to it. There's some details I left out that I could add later but this is the gist of it. I still get horny any time I think about it all.

I was with a girl named Liz. She was a fiery redhead with a bubble butt and big tits (for her size anyway). I knew she had a reputation as being a slut when I got with her but I thought of that as a plus.

After going on several dates with her I tried going from making out to fingering her but she stopped me. I was kind of confused with her reputation and all but didn't think much of it. On one occasion she was upfront and told me if I can't satisfy her we could still be together but she'd bang other guys.

Anyways after a couple months she invited me over to meet more of her friends. I came over, and there were a couple girls there, and a few black guys. Liz got pretty drunk that night. She made a few comments about needing a good black dick which were pretty embarrassing to me but I thought nothing of it. That and I noticed she hanged around one of the guys pretty much the whole time. Eventually they disappeared and I was left with one of her friends who was teasing the other guys there. When she finally came back out, everyone was leaving. She was completely messed up and told me to go to bed with her. I got on top of her, ready to bang her, but she pushed me between her legs. She had a skirt on but no panties, and so I stuck my head up close in there and started licking. I tasted cum in her, but I was too embarrassed to say anything. I just kept going at it until she got off and went to sleep. I was pretty jealous, but at the same time I had the urge to masturbate while thinking about her tight little pussy full of cum.

The next day out of jealousy I went through her cell phone. I saw she had sent photos of herself nude to this guy. I didn't want to mention it to her that I looked at her cell phone so I just asked "how about you send me a sexy photo of yourself on your cell?" And she sent me a photo of a guy's dick with a message "lol". I asked her who that was and she told me it was an ex. I asked why she still had that picture of him and she said, "any time I'm trying to get off I think of him. Don't be jealous, it's not like I'm actually fucking him."

So sometime I went by and she had a friend come over that she said needed to get away from his wife. He was a tall, skinny guy. I objected at first, but she insisted I relax. I came over the first evening he was there. She had him stay in her spare bedroom. She told me to watch tv while they talk for a little while. She went into the bedroom with him while I watched tv in the living room. I could hear her run the shower in the bedroom and everything. Eventually she came out and asked "why are you still here?" I told her I was waiting for her, and she said she fell asleep accidently.

On day two she did the same thing, but this time I could hear them. I waited for her to leave the room and asked her about it, and she said "whatever, you know you like the abuse."

He ended up staying there for around a week. On the last day he was there or so I was at her house and she had a friend there too. Her friend kept talking in private with her obviously trying to hide something. She wanted me to leave so I did. I went home picturing them having a threesome or something.

This was when myspace was big, by the way. She posted pictures of herself making out with that guy on myspace, among other sexual suggestive things. I asked her what all she did with him, and she replied "why would you want to know? You know you're not going to want to hear it." I told her I just do. She replied by describing her sex with him in detail, and ended with a big "are you happy now?" My heart kind of sunk even though I already knew it was true, hearing her admit it was different. I was so turned on at the same time though, I didn't want the relationship to end.

All these experiences were kind of awkward for me still, but I was so turned on by them. I tried to open up to Liz by telling her I don't mind her banging other guys, and she responded "no shit!"

Then next thing was, I came over to her house. But she had company, a guy named Chris. This was the first time I ever saw this guy but they seemed to know each other quite well and so I didn't ask. Chris hanged around her a lot but he'd always leave when I came home.

Out of no where when Chris had just left Liz was feeling especially dominate. She said "you want to do something kinky?" Of course I went along with it. She asked if I like dick or not, and I replied "no". She told me she could make me change my mind. I didn't want to admit it but I think she was right. We got to the bed and she sat on my face, and then she pulled out a dildo and slid it down my throat. She made me suck it for a few minutes and then stopped without saying a word.

Either Chris dared her to do that, or at least she told him about it because the next day he said, "Liz told me you're into sucking dick, but please don't try sucking mine." Liz quickly jumped in and said "hey that's my job" and they laughed.

Once in a while she'd have me eat her all out and sometimes I'd eat her ass. I ate cum out of her ass one time, when she came home and told me some guy was showing her around a construction site. She rubbed in "you like the taste don't you?" and grabbed my head and had me lick the cum off the panties too.

I walked in on her giving Chris a blowjob one time. He saw me but I kept watching anyway. I started rubbing my dick until they were nearly finished, and then I went somewhere and masturbated real quick. Chris eventually approached me and asked if I really do like sucking dick. I told him I want to try it. He pulled it out right there, and I took that as my cue to get on my knees. I started bobbing my head on his dick until he came.

We did this several times secretly. It went the same way each time pretty much. But finally she caught us, and she got pissed off and told me "if you were really into that you should have told me and I'd have let you suck all the dick you want." Since I did it behind her back though, she broke up with me.
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Thumbs up secrets

Secrets can be a bad thing. At least you got a lot of experience. Did you like it?
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Hi, I'm new here
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Age: 32
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At first I didn't like it, but I grew to love it. I'm glad I did it particularly because I've had several more gay/bi, cuckold and femdom experiences since, which otherwise I might never have tried.
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